Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung volcano erupts again – forcing more evacuations

June 2015INDONESIAMount Sinabung blew its top Saturday sending lava and thick plumes of volcanic ash into the sky. Indonesian officials raised the alert status Friday to the highest level, urging residents who live nearby to evacuate. About 2,700 people were forced to flee their homes from the island located in the North Sumatra province. Government agencies have set up public shelters and kitchens to help those who have been evacuated.
The 2,600-metre-high volcano had been inactive for three years before showing signs of life in September, 2013. Pyroclastic flows (avalanche-like hot ash, rocks and gas) have been rushing down the sides of the mountain for the past week, Zuki told CNN. The photography student lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck the Malaysian island of Borneo, shaking the Mount Kinabalu region around 7:15 a.m. local time Friday. At least 12 people have died. Of the eleven people confirmed to have died, nine have yet to be identified by authorities. Zuki has been documenting Mount Sinabung’s activity since 2014, according to CNN. –The Weather Network
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3 Responses to Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung volcano erupts again – forcing more evacuations

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Reports nearby super volcano Toba is releasing large emissions of steam and possible gas also.


  2. Wiseguy says:

    Steam is coming out from the ground and villagers complaining about smelling odor of gas near Toba!!! Is the SUPER VOLCANO is waking up!!! That would be a major E.L.E.


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