Series of five earthquakes strike off Oregon coast

Oregon Quakes
June 2015OREGON A series of earthquakes struck off the Oregon coast early Monday, but scientists said they weren’t strong enough to trigger tsunamis. The first came at magnitude 5.8. It struck about midnight Sunday and was followed by three quakes early Monday. They were of magnitude 4.3, 5 and 4.4. A fifth struck around 1:13 p.m. and registered at a 5.9 magnitude. A ground motion sensor near Mt. Hood picked up all of the ocean quake activity, highlighted by red indicators on screens at the U.S. Geological Survey offices in Vancouver. They struck at a fault nearly 300 miles west of Coos Bay, Oregon. They were relatively shallow, at 6 miles deep. KOIN 6 News wanted to know if these quakes could mean we’re closer to a big offshore quake, like the one that rattled the region more than 300 years ago.
“These earthquakes are happening in a totally different part of the system and aren’t really relevant in a physical way,” USGS seismologist Seth Moran said. According to Moran, Monday’s quakes are on a fault line farther out to sea than the much more dangerous fault line right off the Oregon coast. That closer fault line — the Cascadia-Subduction Zone — has caused huge quakes in the past and is currently building up pressure.
“The area where it’s stuck is roughly like this and if that entire patch were to go all at once, that’s the magnitude 9,” Moran said. “It’s a long fault, it’s a wide fault.” Scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey said it usually takes an earthquake of magnitude 7 or better to trigger a tsunami. They say the fault that produced them generates frequent earthquakes, but it isn’t the type of fault that produces the most violent quakes. Scientists told KOIN 6 News the action off the coast is an “earthquake swarm,” but they are not connected to the fault line that worries experts. –KOIN
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9 Responses to Series of five earthquakes strike off Oregon coast

  1. Living here in Oregon the words from the USGS do not do much to calm my feelings about the quakes that are taking place off the Southern Oregon coast. I agree they are in a different place but I am not sure that a magnitude 7.0 on one fault could not trigger another one. These quakes were easy to pick up ahead of time.
    If you are a biological sensitive, known or unknown, the last few days, over the weekend, you likely have had a strange migraine type headache. Mostly over the eyes but also at the base of the back of the skull.. You might have had some strange chest pains/pressure, did not last long but do not ignore chest pains of any kind unless you are sure you are healthy heart wise.. the next symptom is/was vertigo or slight dizziness.. like being seasick.

    Bumping into things, dropping things.. had to keep balance. Disorientation and feeling kind of spacey are also common. Then if you have cats, they were likely throwing up, not necessarily a fur ball, but just vomiting. If you see ants and they were invading the last couple of days, then they totally disappeared without being killed.. this is a big precursor.. once the ants disappear, or you have the symptoms for 12-48 hours they tend to ease off.. then the quake hits within 12-24 hours.
    There has been 7 quakes so far largest was 6.0 and there has been a 5.8 and 5.5 what concerns me is they are getting larger, not smaller so unless the 6.0 was the main shock, this is not over.
    Whatever is happening should show up within 3 days.
    I will end by mentioning something that a former head of a Emergency Offices Manager told me.
    He said ” If you are ever at the coast and you find you are losing your balance, or you can’t stand up, DO NOT WAIT FOR A TSUNAMI WARNING, get out of the area, cross highway 101 and head for higher ground, if there are Tsunami signs, follow them to safety. You may only have 15 minutes to get to high ground. And finally the one very important thing to do to be prepared for any emergency, quake, fire, weather related events etc., Make sure you get your OUT OF STATE CONTACT set up before you need it. In a actual emergency, you likely can’t get your cell phone to work calling for friends and or family but when you place a long distance call, most times the call will go through since it uses different cell towers. If each member of your family all have the same contact number each of you call that number as you can, and inform your contact that you are fine or injured etc., and where you are. Then you can leave a message for someone else in the family. When anyone calls in, they will be given the same information so even if you are not with your family you can find out that they are all ok.. and get messages where to meet or what you might need to know and or leave a message. This is as important as any thing you may have in a Earthquake, emergency kit.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      good emergency advice!

      yes, i did have a frontal “pressure” headache for 2 days prior, and a “knot” in my chest bones that night.

      there have been 2 more so far (3.9 & 4.2) so count is up to 7 now..
      oregon is not an area prone to a lot of quakes… although that region off Coos Bay probly does get the most “big-ish” ones. but months or even years typically go by in between.

      tsunami is always a concern, anytime there’s significant offshore movement!


      • Being born in Oregon 69 years ago I have a pretty good memory of the earthquakes here. I remember the one in the 50’s where our sofa slid across the living room this was before 1958, I do not remember the name of the quake, and then we had the 1964 March 27, Great Alaska/ Good Friday Quake and this one I was walking downstairs with a friend, and that one knocked us off our feet.. and then we had the Spring Break Quake March 25, 1993 and that was a real shaker.. our patio dropped 3 inches. All the nails popped out of one side of the house siding, and the gutters as well. It jarred the all weather windows enough for the gas to escape.. and then this one shook for about 1:56 seconds.
        I also had the frontal headache and the chest pressure *knot * this is due to the EMF that went/goes with the quakes in Oregon affecting the heart.. Mostly persons experience vision issues, you can see ok but you can’t focus.. also you might be really clumsy and bump into things, drop things etc, can cause vertigo and and nausea.
        Your ears might be bothering you and mid upper back pains, at chest level are also painful.
        So its pretty easy to know when an Oregon quake is coming.
        Watch the cats and the ants and for Oregon events, that will be affecting us.


      • sharilynne says:

        For the first time, I am experiencing pain behind my left eye. This has NEVER happened before. I’m not a biological sensitive that I’m aware of, and I rarely if ever get a headache. I guess I’ll soon find out if this is related to the quake or something else. Charlotte, I will be in touch via your email if this continues. Blessings!


      • Yellow Bird says:

        sharilynne… i don’t think most people are biologic sensitives, charlotte’s ultra-sensitive neurological wiring is really rare… but i think that environmental bombardment is increasing SO MUCH anymore, through so many factors, that more and more people with ordinary physiology are reaching tipping point… and its manifesting in a variety of ways, including the explosion of recently rare conditions like FMS, CFIDS, MCS, all the autoimmune things, EMF sickness, etc…
        ive always had a touchy system, as a kid a lot of things made me feel ill. and as i get older, more things affect me in weirder ways… ive reacted badly for years to many chemicals and now also to barometric changes… things that wouldnt phase a “normal” person. and charlotte’s system is highly reactive to far more than that, her triggers include bizarre seeming factors like earth movements and solar activity.
        charlotte’s experiences have taught me to really pay attention to messages from my body, and to keep an open mind to the possibility of patterns appearing in unexpected areas of life. i think its good that you are beginning to watch in new ways too.

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      • Thank you for the excellent write up about my sensitivity. I will only add a couple of things.
        There are far more sensitive’s than you would imagine. When all this began for me back in 1976-1979, there was no one to ask, no one to say ” what does this mean? ” I was it.. but when St Helens went active, more persons began to react to the changes in the EMF. In 1980 when I would ask ” do you feel something before the quakes or volcanic activity? ” and at that time, it was 1-2 persons out of 10, but now when I ask the same question, its 5-7 or more out of 10. Its not so much, I don’t think, but I have found that every time a major quake takes place, like the ones in CA in 89-92-93 and the ones in Indonesia, 04-Chile 10- and obviously JAPAN in 2011.. each time another major quake happens more people seem to become sensitized. I think we are all potentially sensitive but each of us seem to have a point where all the EMF bombardment will begin to affect us.. so there are triggers. I would estimate there are well over a million sensitive’s now living all over the world. The key is once they are aware they are sensitive, then they need to monitor their symptoms. For the most part, everyone will have the same symptom, at the same time, in the same part of their body no matter where they live, distance is not a factor since EMF move at the speed of light so distance is not an issue…. that is how to know if you are a sensitive. Some persons have shown they feel the same things I do, but on the opposite side of their body and I have no idea why this is so. But animals also react in the same way at the same time.
        I will notice a invading mass of ants, and sure enough I begin to receive reports of ant invasions.
        Then my cat will get sick and throw-up and others will contact me that their cats also threw up.

        As for FMS, CFIDS, MCS as well as *Gall Bladder Disease and RSDS.*. I would say I you are sensitive to the EMF you would be more likely to be affected with one of the diseases above but for me, is the not just the EMF sensitivity, but the autonomic nervous system. ANS, with such diseases as gall bladder disease, RSDS and even MVP…I found out in the early 80’s that many sensitive’s also have MVP * Mitral Valve Prolapse * a heart valve disorder, normally not dangerous but its part of the autonomic nervous system, as is gall bladder disease and RSDS/ Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.. some of the diseases you mention can be isolated as a disease but most do go with the persons who have an ultra sensitive autonomic nervous system.

        Since my sensitivity became apparent and even increased, I have become sensitive to most pollen, wood smoke, bees and especially to spiders. In fact I would say I likely draw the others to me.. I had 4 spiders either on me or next to me over night, no reason. They will drop down from the ceiling on me, show up on my arm, sit on my computer and walk along the sofa where I am sitting. Ants the same way, there will not be any in the kitchen, and once I walk in and start dinner etc they are coming out of the woodwork, normally they would run away, but they come to me.
        Perhaps its something most people don’t know.. The Charlotte King Effect which was coined for my pioneering earthquake prediction work was just that but the true Charlotte King Effect, is not only do I pick up the changes in the Earth’s Magnetic Field, I also transmit what I pick up. So I am not only a receiver, I am a transmitter and I make many persons, * likely sensitive * ill by just being near them and the worst part is if someone is not sensitive, spending time with me, I trigger them and they become sensitive and once they are triggered, their life is changed forever. This is why when I was being filmed by a TV station in CA all their batteries went dead simultaneously and two 1000 blubs burned out.. another station came and their camera would only work on brownout ….
        So there this is a gift but its also a burden and has cost me far more than money could ever make up for.. but this is what I do and hopefully it will help others to understand what is happening to their bodies and lives and they will have someone to ask. I am available 24 hours a day.. some one will say, ” but if I get sick and call you in the early morning hours, I will wake you up” I said no, because if you are sick, I am sick too and will already be up… thanks for your excellent piece on my sensitivity, it was really good.


  2. jamie s says:

    Everytime I start seeing a bunch of quakes around 5 and 6 magnitude it always seems to be a precursor to some serious activity about to happen. Has anyone every seen an explanation as to why those are normally precursor quakes?


  3. niebo says:

    “’These earthquakes are happening in a totally different part of the system and aren’t really relevant in a physical way . . .’ [to] the Cascadia-Subduction Zone . . . the fault line that worries experts.”

    Wanna bet?


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