60: Japan’s Mount Shindake volcano erupts without warning on Kuchinoerabu Island; evacuation underway

 Japan Volcano Shindake 2
May 2015 JAPAN A volcano exploded into life Friday morning on lightly populated Kuchinoerabu Island in Kagoshima Prefecture, sending smoke and ash soaring into the sky. Authorities ordered residents and visitors to evacuate. The 9:59 a.m. “explosive” eruption of the 650-meter Mount Shindake, the main peak on the island, resulted in a plume over 9 km high and a pyroclastic flow which reached the coast, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. All 137 islanders were confirmed safe, including a 72-year-old man who received a burn to his forehead but was able to walk unaided, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency and local authorities said. Residents and visitors on Kuchinoerabu were expected to be evacuated by ferry and coast guard vessel to the nearby island of Yakushima by Friday evening, Yakushima town office said. The island 100 km south of Kyushu is usually reachable only by two ferry routes. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters, “I have instructed the relevant personnel to do all they can to ensure the safety of islanders.”
A weather agency official told a news conference that there is a risk of a second eruption and associated pyroclastic flows. So far, he said, the pyroclastic flows had not struck the populated Maeda district. Located about 100 km south of the southern tip of Kyushu, Kuchinoerabu has only about 100 full-time residents. Some of those believed to have been present at the time were short-term visitors. The prefectural government said 141 people in all, from 78 families, were required to evacuate. The evacuation warning came after the weather agency upgraded its alert for the island to the highest level of 5, up from the previous level of 3, which imposed limits on climbing the volcano. The prime minister’s office in Tokyo set up a response team at its crisis management center, and the Japan Coast Guard dispatched a large patrol ship to the area. Kuchinoerabu has repeatedly witnessed eruptions and earthquakes, some of them deadly. Mount Shindake erupted in 1841, destroying villages and claiming many lives, while a series of eruptions from late 1933 to early 1934 left eight people dead and 26 injured.
Until Friday, the volcano’s most recent eruption had been on Aug. 3 last year. That eruption prompted 87 people, including some individuals visiting on business, to leave the island the following day. Experts had recorded unusual activity for about a decade leading up to last year’s eruption, and the latest blast could be a relatively large, prolonged one, said Associate Professor Ryusuke Imura of Kagoshima University. Meanwhile, the eruption on Sept. 27 last year of Mount Ontake in central Japan was the nation’s worst postwar volcanic disaster, claiming the lives of hikers near the summit. Fifty-seven people were confirmed dead, but six individuals remain missing, presumed buried under ash and rock.

The hot-spring district of Mount Hakone near Tokyo has seen its ground level rise by up to 15 cm in two weeks this month, as sulfurous steam gushes from vents in the mountain’s flank. Kagoshima Prefecture’s Mount Sakurajima erupted explosively in August 2013, unleashing a plume that reached an altitude of 5 km. The same mountain had 178 small eruptions in March alone and last week one resulted in a plume 4.3 km high.60: Japan’s Mount Shindake volcano erupts on Kuchinoerabu Island. –Japan Times
contribution Lisa M.

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16 Responses to 60: Japan’s Mount Shindake volcano erupts without warning on Kuchinoerabu Island; evacuation underway

  1. I think we need to keep our eye on Japan and USA for a major quake, I hope not, but I have an uneasy feeling that something major is about to happen in the world.. ( Call it my inner knowing ).. I have not seen this many volcanic activities in a long while, or Earthquakes.. We had one in the UK.. And that’s rare..

    Again Alvin I thank you for all the updates you bring,, You information is always read, even though I do not always comment..

    Blessings your way.


    • Thanks Sue.

      All the best

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    • Dennis E. says:

      I support your uneasy feeling………..

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      • Thank you Dennis.. I do not like spreading doom and gloom.. But each time I see another volcano explode or hear of another quake.. My Gut is telling me we have seen nothing yet.. And the catastrophe of previous disasters will be nothing in comparison.. I feel this shake up for mankind is what will set us upon our paths of learning once again what we have long forgotten… Unity in working together for the sake of All.. I hope I am wrong in this feeling.. But I know like yourself more are feeling this uneasiness within the vibrations of our Planet.
        Many thanks.. Sue

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      • sharilynne says:

        Me too!


    • Lulu says:

      Yes Sue. I too feel that something big is brewing. I keep getting pop up in my mind a thought bubble that says one day we all will be saying “Oh my goodness….” and I also feel that there will come a time where there are multiple events going off at the same time…not meaning to be depressing here, but I just can’t get those thoughts out of my mind….

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      • Likewise Lulu.. this feeling has intensified this year, as have the increased events of our Earth’s Seismic activity increased.. I just answered Dennis my thoughts on this..


  2. Richard F. says:

    It seems like more and more volcanoes are erupting near populated areas…not good.


  3. Yellow Bird says:

    “… The hot-spring district of Mount Hakone near Tokyo has seen its ground level rise by up to 15 cm in two weeks this month, as sulfurous steam gushes from vents in the mountain’s flank. …”

    Meanwhile, just for giggles
    here’s a fun little propaganda piece that was issued last Nov:

    1st half of this new article is pretty priceless as well:

    in fact, its just about all hilarious!
    just google Fukushima and click on the News tab
    better than SNL


  4. Yellow Bird says:

    then again,
    here’s one worth taking seriously

    By Arglit Boonyai
    POSTED: 11 May 2015 13:41 UPDATED: 11 May 2015 17:41
    “Nuclear fallout renders Fukushima, nearby towns uninhabitable for next few decades”

    On this week’s Danger Zone, Channel NewsAsia’s Arglit Boonyai visits Fukushima and nearby towns suffering from the nuclear fallout of the massive earthquake and resulting tsunami of March 2011.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      Also this quote from May 21 RT article released just one week prior to Official Restart:
      “TEPCO, the Fukushima plant operator, has used 16 robots to explore the crippled plant to date, from military models to radiation-resistant multi-segmented snake-like devices that can fit through a small pipe. However, even the toughest models are having trouble weathering the deadly radiation levels: the latest robot sent into Reactor-1 broke down three hours into its planned 10-hour foray.”

      BUT- as per May 27 RT press release:
      “Sendai will perform operational checks on its equipment before reactivation of reactor No.1, which is expected in late July.
      “The second reactor may be launched as early as September this year, the Asahi Shimbun paper reported.”

      hm, so when Sendai reboots Reactor No.1 “sometime in late July”… will it be ‘manned’ by disposable robots being replaced every few hours each day?


      • Yellow Bird says:

        correction… i need to correct something…
        i just mapped it
        Sendai Nuclear Power Station is actually nowhere near Sendai where the tsunami struck
        Sendai Nuclear is on the southern tip of the main island,
        nextdoor to Nagasaki

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  5. Yellow Bird says:

    (sorry A… still learning how to embed, next time will select small instead of default size)


    • jopusm says:

      Or learn to consolidate and not post many entries 🙂 still informative, quoting could happen in one post, or only quote a very small portion. This is only my second post in 3 years so I probably have no say OR lack valid grounds for criticism.


      • Yellow Bird says:

        lol… i am a very disorganized mind… my comments often reflect my stream of conciousness… a little like Columbo, perhaps? 😉
        to you, however, i would say– 2 posts in 3 years?! what are you waiting for? you’ve got valuable thoughts & insights, i’m sure…. c’mon man, we are running out of time


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