Nepal quake aftermath: at least 200 Buddhist nuns and monks dead, 1,000 monasteries flattened

Buddah Nepal
May 2015 NEPAL An estimated 200 Buddhist nuns and monks died after more than 1,000 monasteries collapsed in the 14 districts hit hardest by the earthquake s, according to the Buddhist Philosophy Promotion and Monastery Development Committee (BPPMDC). The committee, under the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, said that all 215 monasteries in Sindhupalchok district were flattened by the April 25 earthquake and its aftershocks. Six monks have been reported dead in the district so far. A total of 150 Buddhist monasteries collapsed in Gorkha, 105 in Dhading, 60 in Rasuwa and 60 in Solukhumbu. There are reports of them destroyed in Nuwakot, Dolakha, Ramechhap, Okhaldhunga, Makwanpur, Lamjung and Syangja as well. “What we have is a preliminary report of damages caused by the quake,” said Bhadra Bahadur Golay, under-secretary at the BPPMDC.
The devastating earthquake has destroyed many well-known monasteries including Seto Gumba in Ramkot; Rato Gumba in Sitapaila; Khumchey Gumba in Gorkha; Chrighyang  Gumba in Dolakha and Chirite Gumba in Sindhupalchok. Karma Tsering Tashi Lama, president of the BPPMDC who recently visited many of the earthquake -affected areas in Sindhupalchok and Rasuwa with an inspection team, said he did not see a monastery that stands straight. “The monasteries we visited had either fallen or were on the verge of collapse,” said Lama. “Of those that remain, there is eerie silence.” With the collapse of monasteries along with their houses in the area, most Buddhist disciples said they feel helpless. “If only the monastery had remained, people would have gone to pray for the departed souls,” said Udar Man Tamang, 37, of Baskharka Village Development Committee. All the eight monasteries in the VDCs have been destroyed by the quake. “People here have nowhere to go,” he said.
The Buddhist committee said it has deployed teams to the districts for a survey of the monasteries . The teams have been collecting the details of destruction in coordination with the local authorities. “Since monasteries are often built on hilltops, landslide has cut off the way for rescue,” said Lama. A total of 2,200 monasteries have been registered with the committee but officials say there are about 5,000 in the country. “The death toll could rise as we have been collecting data only from the registered monasteries,” said Lama. –Ekantipur
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14 Responses to Nepal quake aftermath: at least 200 Buddhist nuns and monks dead, 1,000 monasteries flattened

  1. Mary Carmel says:

    So sad,,, there is activity everywhere, and I suspect not by accident.


  2. skywalker says:

    such a spiritual setback on planet earth , interesting that this attack on the spiritual stronghold of humanity was done at a time of spiritual masters congregating to celebrate the wesak moon ( Buddha’s birthday ) which this year coincided with Beltane , a lot of the quakes were at the same depth which is a strong indicator that this disaster was orchestrated by HARRP , and it was in an area where many holy people from around the world gather at this time of year to perform sacred prayers. very sad days will follow this event for all of earths children.


  3. Rose G. says:

    God is rocking the false gods. He did it with Babylon, and he will do it were they worship other gods.


  4. AND STILL they have not learned! Look at them carrying their gold god and people around them starve while they harbor a HUGE golden idol…this is so wrong on so many levels! If they do not turn from these false idols this will continue. Jesus is the way, the truth and the light.


  5. skywalker says:

    just to quickly point out that Buddha and Jesus were both fully enlightened beings who both spread the exact same teachings to humanity so we may all become one with ourselves. its not about worshiping something on the outside its about recognising the divine in ourselves . please remove your bigoted blinkers and follow the way you speak of…… know thyself truly, or, to know the truth of thyself. jesus travelled extensively in india and Nepal and learned the teachings of the Buddha and became recognised as a holy man there and was called ” sananda ” long before he was called ” Christ” he then travelled back to his people and shared his collective wisdom and knowledge so that all may benefit . please open your heart to the truth that resides within.
    blessed be


    • Do your research better. Sanada is a demon, not Jesus. Demons lie. The spirit behind Buddah is also a demon and you are being greatly deceived. Collective “wisdom” as you call it is nothing more than the hive mind. Clear your mind, let it all go, empty your thoughts…thats what they tell you for your meditations. Makes it super easy for them to step in and take control, its exactly what they want. This is not about knowing “thyself” this is about knowing Jesus and having a relationship with Him…the REAL Him, not Sanada an imposter. There are no records of Jesus traveling to India where they pray to and honor false idols. There is nothing in the bible about any of that or about knowing “thyself” but there is a lot about putting down the flesh and being apart from the world and its deceptions. You tell me to remove my “bigoted blinkers” whilst you are wearing blinders. Quit falling hook, line and sinker for every false teaching there is and research for yourself. Jesus resides within IF you invite Him and turn your life over to Him and He IS the way, the truth and the light.

      By the way, you are apparently into Wicca as well, “blessed be” speaks volumes. Witchcraft is rife with demonic activity, the gods and goddesses are nothing more than the Nephilim of old. These forces will use mankind for their own agenda and once they reach a position of power they will destroy every human that helped them and any others that they are able to. Don’t be apart of that, its going to be the worst time that mankind has EVER known because of the demonic forces that will be released on this Earth. Don’t let them trick you…seek the TRUE Jesus who WILL save you from destruction. I pray that you see the truth soon.


      • Chris says:

        God bless you Sharon. Thank you for speaking truth to power 🙂 I pray God continues to let your light shine through the darkness!!


      • Yellow Bird says:

        yes, i also agree with Sharon…
        skywalker, i do urge you to Seek TRUTH and so KNOW THE TRUE ONE…
        HE is All That Matters…
        and your Sanada- IS NOT HIM. Please beware the Serpent’s Sting!


  6. skywalker says:

    please know that all the ascended masters sit beneath the great tree of wisdom and they are all the same being who have graced this world throughout time in many different forms to suit the many different epochs that humans have lived through . when you open your heart to the divine love and allow your chalice to overflow with this cosmic vibration you will see that truth in all of its beauty and grace, I do not follow any one religion I have accepted all of them as facets of the whole . to say that only one of them is the only way is to have failed the test . religion is the blinkers that keep all people blind,when you have understood all of the teachings from all the religions you will not follow any and find your own true path, this is the way to your own self love.
    serpents speak with fork tongue and have a poisonous bite and strangle the life force from you they mesmerise you into disbelief . beware false profits
    inside all of us is a divine spark, a singularity, god spark, this resides in every human and every living creation, you do not need to invite anything ” in to you ” only demons need to be invited into your house / temple / heart / mind. to know the truth of thyself is to know this divinity within. evict the false profits and set yourself free from bondage.
    I pray for you that one day you will understand these words

    be blessed


    • The ascended masters are demons in disguise to deceive you and get you to trust them and follow the teachings of Satan, which contain 99% truth and 1% LIE that will send you straight to the pits of hell. To say that we are gods or speak of the singularity (also spoken of by CERN) is a complete lie as well.

      I do NOT follow ANY religion, I follow Jesus Christ and the Bible…period. Jesus said there is but ONE way, the straight and narrow path, that leads to Him and life everlasting! Few there be that find it and fewer still that can and will remain on it. I will have to ask you politely, to not pray for me and if you do I must respectfully send those prayers back to you seven fold in Jesus name. It does not matter if you change the order “Blessed be or Be Blessed” the spirit of witchcraft is present and remains. You are being deceived and time is extremely short. Jesus is returning soon and HE is the ONLY safety you will find in the darkness and evil that will be present when He removes His Bride and lifts His hand that now restrains the evil.


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