Tepco may need to dump Fukushima waste water into the sea, UN says

May 2015 JAPAN Tokyo Electric Power Co. should consider discharging water contaminated by the Fukushima Daiichi reactor meltdowns into the Pacific Ocean, the International Atomic Energy Agency said. More than four years after the nuclear power-plant disaster in Japan, the United Nations agency renewed pressure for an alternative to holding the tainted water in tanks and offered to help monitor for offshore radiation. “The IAEA team believes it is necessary to find a sustainable solution to the problem of managing contaminated water,” the Vienna-based agency said in a report. “This would require considering all options, including the possible resumption of controlled discharges into the sea.’
Tepco officials are still using water to cool molten nuclear fuel from the reactors and while on-site tanks were installed to hold 800,000 cubic meters of effluent, engineers have battled leaks and groundwater contamination. The assessment, published Thursday, was based on visits by an IAEA team in February and April. The IAEA also said it would send scientists to collect water and sediment samples off the Fukushima coastline to improve data reliability. ‘‘TEPCO is advised to perform an assessment of the potential radiological impact to the population and the environment arising from the release of water containing tritium and any other residual radionuclides to the sea in order to evaluate the radiological significance,’’ the agency said. ‘‘The IAEA team recognizes the need to also consider socio-economic conditions .’’
Previous releases of Fukushima contamination into the Pacific have drawn protests by Japanese fishermen and environmental groups. Fish caught off the coast of Fukushima have been subject to testing for radiation before being sold. Contamination from Fukushima has been measured off the western coasts of the U.S. and Canada, signaling the need for more monitoring, according to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the largest private non-profit research group looking at the world’s oceans. Though contamination levels off the North American coast are ‘‘extremely low,’’ oceans need to be monitored ‘‘after what is certainly the largest accidental release of radioactive contaminants to the oceans in history,’’ Ken Buesseler, a marine chemist at Woods Hole, said last month. –Bloomberg
16 young people diagnosed with thyroid cancer in Fukushima Prefecture
Fukushima Fallout TEPSixteen young people who lived near the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, prefectural authorities said May 18, although they added it is “unlikely” a direct result of the nuclear accident. Fukushima Prefecture has been conducting thyroid tests on about 385,000 residents and others who were 18 years old or younger at the time of the onset of the March 2011 nuclear disaster caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami. A prefectural panel said the results of the first round of tests that concluded in March 2014 revealed the ratio of those diagnosed or suspected of having thyroid cancer who live near the Fukushima plant was no different than the ratio of the same age group from elsewhere in Japan. 
The 16 new cases were detected between January and March, and bring the total number of young people diagnosed with the disease in the testing program to 103. Thyroid cancer can be confirmed only after surgery. The prefecture is currently conducting its second survey of test subjects, which will be concluded in March 2016. The latest 16 include 12 individuals who were suspected of having the disease during the first study, and four who were believed to have the disease during the second study. According to prefectural officials, 112 young people were diagnosed or suspected of having thyroid cancer during the first study, with the figure at 15, thus far, in the second survey, bringing the total to date to 127 people.
Because babies and small children are particularly susceptible to the effects of radiation, many cases of thyroid cancer in infants were reported after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. However, this has not proven to be the case so far with regard to the Fukushima nuclear crisis. The prefectural panel will further study the impact of radiation exposure on the frequency of thyroid cancer cases by comparing the findings of the first survey with results of the second study and future check-ups. –Asahi
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23 Responses to Tepco may need to dump Fukushima waste water into the sea, UN says

  1. nickk0 says:

    I have always wondered, what are they going to be able to do, with all that irradiated water, anyway ?? At some point, it will enter the ecosystem… Either through spillage, or from evaporation, etc.


  2. Northwalker says:

    So the Pacific Ocean is already dying…and now they want to dump more of this into it? Where and what is the thinking on this??? Any honest truthtelling biologists speaking up about this? Where is the UN when you need them. Gods creation has to suffer..because of man? Incredible…


  3. archie1954 says:

    We are all very sorry about the resulting affect of nuclear contamination on the population of Japan but that does not mean that we wish the Japanese to make their egregious problem our problem. That is exactly what they would do if they release contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean. The waters flow Easterly to the coast of North America. No thanks, please keep the problem in Asia where it started.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    Considering what has been written regarding this this situation, I thought that was already happening.

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    • JerseyCynic says:

      Exactly, Dennis


    • Yellow Bird says:



    • Katnea says:

      Agreed! When I got to the part that mentioned Japan would consider the possible resumption of controlled discharges into the sea… I didn’t believe one word of it. In fact as far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to learn that Japan has been secretly dumping phenomenal amounts of nuclear waste into the sea. = /

      That said however, when it comes to pointing our finger of contempt towards Japan’s disposal method, I’ve also wondered how many other countries would have reacted in the same exact manner as Japan had? And speaking of dumping, I did run across an article called: “The disposal of nuclear waste into the world’s oceans” which offered some rather interesting data to ponder as well.

      Oh and lastly I wanted to share the name of a documentary film about nuclear waste disposal that I ran across today. The name of the film is called: “Into Eternity” and you can see it via Youtube. I must add that while this documentary film is really interesting to watch, it also got pretty unnerving for me at times as well. But nevertheless I did indeed end up watching the whole film anyway. ; )


  5. niebo says:

    ‘‘TEPCO is advised to perform an assessment of the potential radiological impact to the population and the environment. . . .’’

    Oh, yeah, cuz they been so good with that so far!

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  6. Kikib says:

    Scientists, and all they can come up with is to dump it in the ocean? Till when? Till it gets to the point where everything living in the ocean starts dying and floating to the surface? Then you scientists will say stop, we can no longer dump contaminated water into the ocean, animals across the world are dying. Then it will be to late for us all.
    Usa should bomb Japan and erase these imbeciles off the planet along with their nuclear plant.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      i was with you til that last sentence…
      Someone once had sthg to say about logs in the eye
      dont believe usa powers any better or more noble than japans powers


    • archie1954 says:

      I believe that it was a US contractor that built the plant to begin with using an American design.


      • nickk0 says:

        That is correct… I understand the plant design was from General Electric.

        At the time, nobody thought that storing spent fuel rods in water, ABOVE ground, would be a problem. Well, it was not a problem…. Until the concrete spent fuel pool cracked, due to earthquake activity.
        Perhaps they thought that the concrete pool was strong enough to withstand an earthquake — But how strong a quake ??


  7. Sunflower says:

    “The IAEA team believes it is necessary to find a sustainable solution to the problem of managing contaminated water,” the Vienna-based agency said in a report. “This would require considering all options, including the possible resumption of controlled discharges into the sea.’

    Sustainable? ahhhhhh…….. The insanity is over the top these days. What a world ehh? Or what is left of it anyways.


  8. skywalker says:

    every day since this began 4 years ago there has been 400+ tons of highly irradiated water leaking into the pacific ocean. that was the official figure about 12 months ago, nothing has changed so the small amount they have in containers is irrelevant as the damage that has already been done is going to consume the entire northern hemisphere of planet earth.
    there is no good ending for this story , once upon a time there was a great flood that touched every humans life on this planet, and the story has been told ever since on every continent by every race of people that survived . in the not to distant future our children’s children will tell a similar story of when all the life slowly died on earth as a result of human greed for power and dominium , and how our crimes against life on earth were punished by ” GOD “


  9. Whyte says:

    Canada is no better, burying nuclear waste just off lake Huron. No plan no solution seems like a bad idea what a huge cost for power.


  10. Ryan Hunt says:

    Radiation affects the frontal lobe, the reasoning area of the brain where brain tumors are usually found in adults, folks. “They” don’t want us to think with reason, “they” want us to think like animals, reactionary, emotional, fight or flight, preferably flight, mind you. Microwaves…in family homes…Much easier to oppress and program people stuck in ego (limbic system) where they are separated from their own divinity, separated from The Source…


  11. Caroline says:

    So what is the answer to all of this? Remove all the people and let God suck it down into the earth!
    That is the only solution now so it is all up to God! Man has no solution to this it is killing the ocean!
    God help us all!


    • Northwalker says:

      Yes Caroline…this is the answer. It is honestly to late for us weee little humans to even try to turn this one around…only God can fix it. May God have mercy on us…may he have mercy on our children. We need God to fix it. Peace+++


  12. Shawnta says:

    Unrelated perhaps, but did you see this?
    EMP weapon is confirmed…this was on CNN


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