Giant asteroid to skim pass Earth – how long will planet’s lucky streak of near misses hold?

May 2015 SPACEAn asteroid that is approximately one-mile wide will come very close to the Earth on May 14, according to NASA’s Near Earth Object watch.  While an asteroid of this size would be cataclysmic if it hit the Earth, this one will pass safely by. The asteroid, designated 1999 FN53, is the largest object currently being tracked on NASA’s near Earth radar.  It was first discovered in March 1999 as is on course to fly past Earth at a speed of almost 14 kilometers per second or about twice the speed of a rocket at liftoff at a distance of 26.4 lunar distances, or about 10 million kilometers. While there are other objects that come even closer to the Earth than 1999 FN53, none are as large.  This has prompted speculation as to what would happen if an asteroid did, in fact, hit our planet.
“It would undoubtedly lead to the deaths of around 1.5 billion people, we are looking at a mass extinction of humanity,” says Bill Napier, professor of astronomy at the University of Buckinghamshire. He also said that these immediate deaths wouldn’t be the end of it.  “If it were to strike the sea it would send a plume of halogen gasses into the stratosphere destroying the ozone layer. This would allow unrestricted sunlight to hit the Earth, the sky would heat up becoming strong enough to burn vegetation.”  However, despite these predictions, currently there is no need to panic.  There is no indication that 1999 FN53 will hit Earth or even come close enough to affect it in any way.  It is also not even on NASA’s Near Earth Objects risk table, which lists objects with impact probably as low as one in 9 million.
This asteroid isn’t the only one to come close to the Earth this year.  Next month, an asteroid codenamed Icarus, which is one-kilometer wide and flies almost three times faster than FN53, will pass even closer to the Earth at only 21 lunar distances. Then an even larger asteroid, whose diameter measures between 1 and 2.3 kilometers is expected to pass by the Earth at only 18.8 lunar distances from us at a speed of 20 kilometers a second.  None of these bodies are expected to affect the Earth in any way. If you are wondering what would happen, an indication of what would happen occurred in February 2015, when a bolide just 20 meters across exploded in the atmosphere above a Russian city.  The blast was 500 kilotons strong, which is 20 to 30 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.  While no one was killed, the shockwave shattered windows and damaged buildings causing injuries to 1,500 people. –Science Times
February 2013 – Meteor crashes over Russia
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29 Responses to Giant asteroid to skim pass Earth – how long will planet’s lucky streak of near misses hold?

  1. Clint Hunter says:

    + like I & eye keep telling the dinosaurs , ” look lizards, not only would that spell you extinction , butt the really f*+ up thingy , if only you had done your serving life threw heaven program and began to migrate and terra form new worlds ,serving life threw heaven and had the works and ways fund themselves once start , but it doing so would not only make you all prosperous beyond measure, but it would also have allowed you to mine that iridium bollide plunge ship hull left over for metallic hydrogen mining on Jupiter and prevent you phenotype’s needless mass extinction


  2. Judy says:

    Dont you just love the way that we get less than 24 hours notice of this possible, although unlikely CATASTROPHIC EVENT? WTF

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    • aaronwt says:

      24 hours notice? We knew this years ago. They have a running list of monitored rocks and the dates and distance they will come close to earth.


  3. Dennis E. says:

    Not long. According to Nasa Info posted on this site it could happen anytime without warning in that our solar system has it moves through the milky way Galaxy, is moving through an area that is littered with rocks and rogue planets? I am always under the opinion the government knows more than it allows media to know.

    A hit by one like this would make one think it would be an extinction level event.


    • Judy says:

      What a perfect day to take us out, its crisp, clear blue sky and there is definitely something hurtling toward us, as the volcano’s globally are going ‘apeshit’ as with quakes. The weather is so good lately I believe HAARP workers are having time off with the polluting of our skies (annual leave), or else they have gone to their bunkers knowing that extinction is around the corner It this big baby did hit us, it would be pretty quick, like something out of “Knowing”


  4. karbar77 says:

    I wonder if the CERN collider which is creating the magnetosphere around the earth to be 100,000 times stronger would affect things like this to bring it into our atmosphere?

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  5. Wiseguy says:

    The only warning we will have if something big like an E.L.E. happens, will be to watch when the Elite will be missing or disappearing all at once. It would be very, very naive to believe they would tell us in advance, anyway, there’s nothing they could do… Right now, most of them knows what is going on, but they’re making money with Carbon Taxes and other stupid lies from Al Gore… Money, money, money till the last minute… So sad…

    Stop believing what you’re seeing in Hollywood movies, Army helping people to escape till the end… Get real!!! First thing an officer, a policeman, a doctor, a nurse would do is going back with his/her beloved one to spend the last moment with them.

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    • Dennis E. says:

      Very insightful,thoughtful,informative spot on, post.
      and so true……keep prepping


    • Sunflower says:

      “Get real!!! First thing an officer, a policeman, a doctor, a nurse would do is going back with his/her beloved one to spend the last moment with them.”

      Or to loot walmart…lol


  6. Yellow Bird says:

    i thought “Melancholia” told the story well… horribly depressingly- but well.


    • Morgean23 says:

      Ah. Yes. Melancholia was a great movie on many, many levels. Beautiful photography. Beautiful acting. Probably my favorite all time end of the world movie.


  7. Why is it that the American embassies are closed for May 14/ 2015
    Is there some sort of reason be hide it?


  8. karbar77 says:

    you are very welcome Yellow Bird!


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