Hawaii’s Big Island shaken by twin earthquakes – volcanic lake hit record levels

 Hawaii Quake 1
May 2015 HAWAII A pair of temblors rocked the Big Island early Saturday morning (May 9). At 2:17 a.m. a 3.1 magnitude quake struck the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park area while a second quake of 4.5 magnitude shook a minute later at 2:18 a.m. west of Pahala. The quakes were felt across the island. –Hawaii 24/7
No changes were detected in Kilauea Volcano’s ongoing eruptions or any of the other active volcanoes on the Big Island after a 4.5 magnitude earthquake was reported north of Naalehu Saturday morning, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said. The quake was reported at 2:18 a.m. and centered about five miles north of Naalehu in the Kau District and six miles deep, according to Wes Thelen, the observatory’s Seismic Network Manager. Three aftershocks, magnitudes 1.6, 1.5, 1.4, were recorded at 3:30 a.m.
The depth, location, and recorded seismic waves of the earthquake suggest a source on the large fault plane between the old ocean floor and overlying volcanic crust, a common source for earthquakes in this area, scientists said. –Star Advertiser
Hawaii Quake 3
Lava lake rises to record levels: The lava lake at a popular Hawaii tourist destination is rising to record heights. The latest eruption occurred at the Kilauea summit lava lake across from a visitors center. But never fear, said Janet Babb with the U.S. Geological Survey. The overlook at the Jaggar Museum at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is more than a mile away from the crater and officials don’t believe visitors are in danger.
Gas building up inside the crater’s lava bed caused the dramatic eruption, which hurled molten lava and rock fragments 285 feet to the top of the rim, she said. “When a rock falls into that lake, it causes a reaction,” Babb said, “much like if you were to uncork a bottle of champagne by hitting the top off with a hammer.” –CNN
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9 Responses to Hawaii’s Big Island shaken by twin earthquakes – volcanic lake hit record levels

  1. Judy says:

    I would like to know why America goes into panic mode at after shocks of 1.6, etc and earthquakes up to 4.0, when the world is experiencing 6s,7s and 8s and it doesn’t even touch the news. Why only in America do we see little tremors on headlines?

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    • Dennis E. says:

      Judy: Dennis E. Here: Most Americans, except those on the West Coast, have limited
      experience in regard to earthquakes: And perhaps there is something that is unsettling to the human nature when the very ground you stand on becomes unstable and there is no where to run to or hide.

      And of course, some Americans have been so pampered that when their world is interrupted, they are unable to cope with an abrupt change in their daily lives.
      Imagine the suicide/murder rate if the economy was to crash.


    • Brett says:

      Even small earthquakes cause concern when you have a crater filled to the brim with molten lava and can see wave motion in the lava pool. We were watching this crater Halemauma’u in the above mentioned article 3 times over the last week and had we been there during even small earthquakes it would have caused concern.


    • Chris says:

      Because we Americans think we’re privileged? Every little disruption to our sedate lives is big news.


      • Chris says:

        … And that is saying that most Americans are so isolated from their natural environment that they find it is hard to cope when that environment intrudes on their contrived surroundings.


  2. UNPRECEDENTED SOLAR EXPLOSION! Massive Explosion on the Sun Captured by NASA’s SDO


  3. Dennis E. says:

    Also, do remember, this island a potential volcano.


    • Surveyor says:

      Dennis E. says:
      May 11, 2015 at 11:19 am

      Also, do remember, this island a potential volcano.
      Dennis, the entire Hawaiian Island chain are volcanos–the ones to the west are dormant, as the lava migrates eastward.

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  4. Kathy says:

    The earth is sure rocking!


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