The Extinction Protocol

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12 Responses to The Extinction Protocol

  1. Jacqueline Nevinger says:

    I tried from Canada



  2. Marilyn Colyer says:

    Extinction Protocol is very informative and useful. Thank you for producing this.


  3. June Rain says:

    If I wish to – how to mail? “Thank you for all you do” | |


  4. Tim says:

    Something is wrong with your link to paypal


  5. The ramping of magma emission from the core puts me in mind of testing nuclear devices underground I think a slow fission chain reaction in Basalt is underway and will cause the planet to explode. We did this by proceeding without due calculation and this time we lose. Last time was Pacific testing an H bomb that nearly caused the Oxygen in the air to go into chain reaction which would have burnt the whole surface of the Earth. Testing underground ignores the mildly radioactive property of Basalt and if you use enough neutr0ns anything whatsoever has a critical mass. I am guessing about 20 years and we ought to start evacuating the planet Earth immediately.


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