Solar Max ending? Blank Sun goes eerily quiet – almost no sunspots seen, x-ray output flatlines

A Sun 4302015
April 2015 SPACE Everyone knows that high solar activity has a profound effect on the space around Earth. Less well known is that *low* solar activity can be equally transformative. This week, the sun is plunging into a quiet state with almost no sunspots. Only a few dark cores are peppering the face of the sun, and they are so small you might have trouble finding them in this April 30th image from the Solar Dynamics Observatory: Almost no sunspots = almost no solar activity. The sun’s X-ray output has flatlined, and NOAA forecasters estimate a scant 1% chance of strong flares in the next 24 hours. If the sunspot number continues to drop, the sun could become completely blank. The downturn is only temporary–a new batch of sunspots will probably appear by week’s end–but it is significant. Spotless suns are a sign that Solar Max is ending. –Space Weather
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17 Responses to Solar Max ending? Blank Sun goes eerily quiet – almost no sunspots seen, x-ray output flatlines

  1. Question: what is “Solar Synching”?
    Thanks to anyone who might know.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    The longest minimum on record, the Maunder Minimum of 1645-1715, lasted an incredible 70 years. Sunspots were rarely observed and the solar cycle seemed to have broken down completely. The period of quiet coincided with the Little Ice Age, a series of extraordinarily bitter winters in Earth’s northern hemisphere. Many researchers are convinced that low solar activity, acting in concert with increased volcanism and possible changes in ocean current patterns, played a role in that 17th century cooling.——From Nasa Science——

    Not saying—–but——–


  3. Dana says:

    Hi just wondering about the sun pressure building up to causes it to blowing up as the word of God said that 1/3 of sun struck in Revelation 8:12. I know its anytime sun smoten just before the Day of Lord comes


    • I think the events you describe will just happen…with no warning or precursors.

      As far as the other solar activity reference in Revelation – when this spike happens, as prophesized in the bible (Rev 16:8), I suspect it will likely occur during a period of low solar activity (like now) humanity will know this is no natural occurrence.

      “And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.” Revelation 16:8

      power was given unto him implying the Sun did not naturally possess the “strength or power” in its current state to do this on its own accord


      Ramses II to Moses, “These things (plagues) happened by themselves, and not because of any god.” – The 10 Commandments, 1956, Paramount

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      • Dennis E. says:

        Last year, 1/3 rd of the sun did go dark, well it was a dark spot because I remember Bill Hemmer on Fox News show a clip and discussing it. Well, I didn’t measure it but it looked like someone cut a piece out of a pie.


      • The darkness that fell on Egypt during the plagues is called sackcloth. Some say it was so dark, you couldn’t see your hand held up in front of your face. It wrapped around all light and lamps, virtually smothering them in impenetrable darkness. It was so thick one could feel it. The Bible says this covered the land of Egypt for three days – yet the Israelites had light. This was no ordinary darkness.

        “And the Lord said unto Moses, stretch out thine hand toward heaven that there may be darkness over the land of Egypt, even darkness which may be felt.” Exodus 10:21

        The Ninth Plague of Egypt: Darkness (Exodus 10:21-23)

        The darkness plague foretold in Revelation that falls on the world will be something eerily similar. Rev. 16:10

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  4. niebo says:

    Could this occurrence, perhaps prolonged AND combined with all of the ash-spewing volcanic eruptions, be the deathknell for global-warming?

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    • nevket240 says:

      Not a hope Niebo. The scammers will NEVER admit being wrong. Total loss of cred means the next planned PolSci fraud would be DOA.


  5. Good Alvin.. could do with a spot of Quiet time.. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.. Happy May.


  6. ENORMOUS CME Shockwave Coming Our Way
    Sunday, May 3, 2015 19:11


    • Surveyor says:

      Dennis E., the “dark spots” were probably just coronal holes, a common feature of the sun.

      Alfonso, is this the CME shockwave you refer to? Doesn’t appear to be “enormous”.

      Suspicious0bserver video below shows coronal holes and latest CME:


  7. Surveyor says:

    Apologies–that video is the entire playlist–to see the one I was referring to, click on “Playlist” on the upper left and select the May 3rd video.

    God Bless!


  8. Carson 31 says:

    Padre Pio predicted three days of darkness in 1950. There will be earthquakes, the skies will rain fire and there will be such a darkness that blessed candles will be the only ones that will burn.


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