Dempo volcano (Sumatra, Indonesia): seismic unrest, alert level raised – La Réunion volcano eruption warning

 A Dempo Volcano Indonesia Change
April 2015 INDONESIA – PVMBG raised the alert level of Indonesia’s Dempo volcano to 2 (waspada, “watch” on a scale of 1-4) because of increased seismic activity (mainly tremor and volcanic-tectonic earthquakes). It is recommended not to approach the crater within 1 km. The volcano’s crater contains a large acid lake and a very active hydrothermal system. Phreatic or phreatomagmatic explosions could occur any time and would pose a significant risk. The last eruptions in 2006 and 2009 were both phreatic. –Volcano Discovery
Piton de la Fournaise volcano (La Réunion) activity update: unrest, eruption warning
A new eruption could be on its way at the volcano. A sharp increase in volcanic CO2 emissions, significant deformation of the Dolomieu crater, and a migration of earthquakes from deep to shallow (7 km) levels, as well as earthquakes near the surface itself that have appeared over the past weekend suggest new magma is on its rise to a possible new eruption, which would be the second in 2015. The prefecture raised the alert to level 1 (“eruption likely”) and closed access to the Enclos Fouqué this morning.
The volcano observatory considered two scenarios most likely: – Magma has risen from a deep source and is now close to the surface, ready to produce a new eruption. Or – Magma has risen from a deep source but stopped at approx. 2 km depth, but destabilizes pockets of older magma in shallower areas, which creates the observed seismic activity. The next days will probably give an answer to what is happening. –Volcano Discovery
Dukono volcano (Halmahera, Indonesia) activity update
The volcano continues to produce significant ash emissions – a plume extending 20 nautical miles E was observed Saturday (Darwin VAAC).
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4 Responses to Dempo volcano (Sumatra, Indonesia): seismic unrest, alert level raised – La Réunion volcano eruption warning

  1. Judy says:

    Lets hope that PM Widodo in INdonesia, finds out what hard times and hard work is all about. This is probably Gods will coming down on him for his egotist decision of the MURDER of two men at least, a few days ago that did not deserve to die.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      well in that case, any hot rocks or fireballs that come spewing out ought to be landing square on just his house…

      unfortunately whenever ma terra goes thru another paroxysm, its all her tenants sharing right along in the misery


  2. Dennis E. says:

    In my opinion is a warning that for a period of time, we are going to see
    much colder winters that are perhaps slightly longer than we are used to and shorter growing seasons. The amount of ash being put in the air from erupting volcanoes has to effect the sunlight reaching the earth and its falling onto the earth damages fields that are usually used for planting.


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