Chile’s Calbuco Volcano erupts again for a third time in a week

Chile Calbuco E 3
April 2015 CHILEChile’s Calbuco volcano has erupted again, spewing smoke a week after it erupted for the first time in 54 years. “As predicted, the third eruptive pulse at the Calbuco volcano has arrived. Red alert,” the National Geology and Mines Service wrote on its official Twitter account.  The volcano first erupted on April 22, spewing as much as 23 inches of ash over the area around the volcano, CNN reported. Authorities evacuated about 4,000 people from the 12-mile radius around the volcano in southern Chile. As the first eruption occurred, residents panicked. “At the beginning, it was small, and later, the cloud grew and later there was a huge cloud over you and true terror starts,” a resident of Puerto Montt told CNN.
 “It was impressive to see an enormous mushroom cloud, with the immense force of the volcano, and to see the ashes,” another person told the news organization. “At that point, there was a lot of panic, lots of chaos, traffic jams, and people going to supermarkets, everyone looking for water, trying to take out money from the ATMs.” The third eruption on Thursday was less powerful than those that occurred last week, AFP reported. The volcano is still unstable, according to a spokesperson with the National Geology and Mines Service. “This third eruption does not mean the eruptive situation of the Calbuco volcano is over,” the spokesperson told AFP. – News Max
VOLCANIC GAS CROSSES THE ATLANTIC: European MetOp satellites have been monitoring aerosols blasted into the atmosphere by Chile’s Calbuco volcano on April 22nd. A new 8-day movie shows a plume of sulfur dioxide (SO2) crossing the Atlantic from South America to Africa: South Africans should be alert for “volcanic sunsets” in the evenings ahead when the plume reaches the tip of their continent.Space Weather
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  1. dongoliveros says:

    Mt Bulusan in Bicol, Philippines small eruption. The manila times


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