Dust storm, lightning kill five in UP – epidemic of suicides reported, as climate unravels

Dust Storm India
April 2015UTTAR PRADESH, IndiaFive people including a woman were killed late Friday after a dust storm and lightning hit many parts of eastern Uttar Pradesh, officials said on Saturday. While two people died in Jaunpur after being struck by lightning, two others died in Pratapgarh and a woman lost her life in Azamgarh. Police said Afroz and Preeti were struck by lightning in Jaunpur and died later on way to a local medical facility.
Heavy rainfall and lightning in Pratapgarh killed two people while a woman, identified as Ramawati was killed in Kamharia village of Azamgarh when her mud house caved in due to the dust storm. Extensive damage to vegetable yield and wheat crop has also been reported. Hailstorm has been reported from Rasra in Ballia, leading to damage of crop and many vehicles. Extensive damage to vegetable yield and wheat crop has also been reported. Unseasonal rainfall and hailstorm in the past 40 days led to crop damage in the state, leaving the farmers devastated. Hundreds of farmers have committed suicide, while many died due to shock over losing the harvest. –Zee News
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5 Responses to Dust storm, lightning kill five in UP – epidemic of suicides reported, as climate unravels

  1. ray jones says:

    this is very sad i hope god has mercy on these poor people


  2. Nam Marine says:

    God will no longer help a Country that has abandoned him !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Priya says:

      ur god differentiates and has no mercy. we are better with our Gods. If ur god is on ur side, then why the thunderstorms, cyclones and lower water tables and droughts like one in California. Let God save America…. Ask ur Ford Foundation and Joshua project evangelists to use donations for Americans reeling under 18 trillion dollars debt.


      • Yellow Bird says:

        human religions will continue to disagree to the end… because our religions are only our best human efforts to understand GOD, and to justify or to empower ourselves (often at the expense of our own brothers).
        But the Great CREATOR alone is the Author, Finisher & Savior of All… HIS is the only opinion that matters.
        seek only Truth– for the One That Is True reveals HIMSelf in Love, to the Soul that seeks HIM above all
        HIS Blessings to All who search for HIM and are determined to love one another!


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