Mysterious blazing sinkhole shocks Chinese village

China Fire Sinkhole
April 2015 CHINAA blazing sinkhole in northwest China terrified locals, attracting tourists as well as researchers and prompting questions about its origin. The temperature on top of the burning crater was estimated to be 792 degrees Celsius (1,457 degrees Fahrenheit). Due to the deadly heat, scientists have been unable to come close enough to the crater to measure how deep it really is. Located in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, near Urumqi, in northwest China, the sinkhole is 0.9 meters (3 feet) wide.
It is hot enough to light up branches and other objects placed next to it. Various tourist videos show people setting things on fire.  Locals have dubbed it a “gateway to hell.” Many have told the Chinese media that the ground in the area has been hot for some time now. There is no volcanic activity in the region, which led scientists from the Xinjiang Meitian Geological Bureau to believe that the sinkhole was created out of coal seam spontaneously combusting. The area was reportedly used for mining in the 1970s, China Central TV cited a supervisor from Xinjiang Meitian Fire Engineering Bureau, Chen Long, as saying, the Daily Mail reported.
“Primitive mining and extinguishing techniques caused coal to burn deep under the ground,” Chen said. “Operators didn’t seal the mines properly after business discontinued and this leads the underground fire to burn towards the surface of the earth.” Similar phenomena on a larger scale were spotted in Turkmenistan and America’s Pennsylvania. The former, referred to as the “the door to hell,” is a gas crater that has been burning in a Turkmen desert for more than 40 years. The one in Pennsylvania is a coal mine fire that has been burning since May 1962. –RT News
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6 Responses to Mysterious blazing sinkhole shocks Chinese village

  1. Georgianna Myers says:

    These sinkholes especially the ones that have fire are going to be part of the Tribulation and punishment from God. Read it in Revelation. Hell is opening up and that is when the demons will be let loose on earth to torture the unbelievers. All part of His plan.


  2. gaiamethod says:

    Eh…and that guy is standing beside it? Is he nuts? I imagine the sinkhole opening is only tiny compared to what lies beneath!!!


  3. Yellow Bird says:

    well this is even wierder than burning soil in Detroit, or a burning river in Cleveland


  4. Christopher says:

    could be volcano, though underground inferno sound right. eather way not good


  5. mommabhappy says:

    Scientist can’t get close enough but there is a man in the picture.. Ok then..
    Other than that… No way would I be standing there.. Who’s to say it won’t decide to open up more?


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