‘Warm blob’ in Pacific Ocean linked to weird weather across the U.S.

Blob TEP
April 2015CALIFORNIAA mysterious “warm blob” in the Pacific Ocean could be the reason why US West coast states like California are experiencing their worst ever drought, a new study says. The blob in the ocean was discovered last year, with temperatures one to four degrees Celsius (two to seven degrees Fahrenheit) above surrounding ‘normal’ water, causing havoc to West Coast marine ecosystem and led species to seek refuge elsewhere. The blob extends about 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) offshore, from Mexico up to Alaska, and was 300 feet (90 meters) deep.
A study by the University of Washington found that a high-pressure ridge could be causing the blob, by trapping heat in the water. Dr. Nick Bond, a climate scientist at the University of Washington, coined the term ‘the blob’ in June. Researchers said it may have contributed to the state of Washington’s mild 2014 winter and might signal a warmer summer. It is still unclear how this area of warmer water has formed, or how long it will stay. One thing scientists can be studied is its effects. As air passes over warmer water and reaches the coast it brings more heat and less snow, which the scientists say helped cause current drought conditions in California, Oregon and Washington. Bond says all the models point to it continuing through the end of this year.
The new study explores the blob’s origins. It finds that it relates to a persistent high-pressure ridge that caused a calmer ocean during the past two winters, so less heat was lost to cold air above. The warmer temperatures we see now aren’t due to more heating, but less winter cooling. The researchers said that it might not only be causing warmer temperatures on the West coast, but also cooler temperatures on the East coast. It could also be playing a part in circulating cold and wet air to the central and eastern states of the US. The study also found the blob has an effect on marine life. Fish have been spotted in places where they normally belong and the warmer, less nutrient-rich water is disrupting the food web.
These findings coincide with a report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released last month, which said that West Coast waters are becoming less biologically productive as they become warmer. The report attributed the stranded 1,500 starving sea lion pups, the decline in tiny crustaceans, and other environmental shifts to the expanding “blob.” Bond noted that, while this phenomenon likely wasn’t caused by global warming, it could be a sign of similar weather to come.  –American Register
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20 Responses to ‘Warm blob’ in Pacific Ocean linked to weird weather across the U.S.

  1. omanuel says:

    The warm blob is heat rising unexpectedly from the interior of the Earth.

    This is a very bad omen [1,2].

    1. “The xenon record of extinct radioactivities in the Earth,” Science 174, 1334-1336 (1971): http://www.omatumr.com/archive/XenonRecord.pdf

    2. “The noble gas record of the terrestrial planets”, Geochemical Journal 15, 247-267 (1981): http://www.omatumr.com/archive/NobleGas.pdf

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  2. davidh7426 says:

    And by curious coincidence, the ‘blob’ just happens to coincide with the location of all that radioactive water, debris and other assorted nuclear nasties that have been meandering across the Pacific from the Fukushima NPP.


  3. Dana Hall says:

    I think there is under sea volcano around that area or earth cracked open. Who knows lol


  4. Kay says:

    Connect the dots…food supply and water.



    In 1928 Diverting water to the new desert town of Los

    Vegas via Hover Dam, left Oklahomians without water, by

    1930 is was a dust bowl……causing a large increase in

    the monthly food cost per US family.



    Around 2004 Arnold Swartzeneger diverted the water from

    Glendora Ca, ie the largest producing nursery in the

    US…(Kind of like Oklahoma used to be for grains)…to

    the Pacific Ocean.

    With both of the USA’s most productive food growers out

    of the way…food becomes more expensive monthly than

    most mortgages and rent, juxtaposed against pre in 30’s

    being about 10% of mortagages and rent.



    Write up on a farmer in Oregon arrested for catching

    rainwater on his own land.

    In the 1980’s the banks misused the demand clause in the

    Farmers of Indiana’s mortgages to steal their land and

    sell to forieng investors. Remember Farm Aid?


    As a historic note, land was taken in the 1880’s.See




    Of the farmers left here is a story on a rd generation

    farmer battling Monsanto.

    From 1890, The Cultivator and Country Gentleman’s 55th

    Volume can be found below. Note the reference to Hemp

    and Flax crops…The Volume also addresses the huge

    excess of food driving the cost to eat down.








    A good story for a journalist who will do a litle

    research into the past.

    Global warming verses screwing with Mother earth and our

    should be — abundant food supply.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      i live in the PacNW yet hadnt heard that Oregon story before (fox rules)… yr link was broke so i looked it up and found another writeup here:

      “…once upon a time, the state did indeed allow Harrington — code name: “Rain Man” — to collect water in his reservoirs. However, officials reversed their decision the same year, 2003, that the three permits were issued, citing a 1925 law that states the city of Medford holds all exclusive rights to “core sources of water” in the Big Butte Creek watershed and its tributaries.
      “Despite withdrawal of the permits, Harrington kept on defiantly collectin’ under the belief that the laws did not apply to his situation, adamant that the water was coming strictly from rain and snow melt and not from tributaries flowing into the Big Butte River as officials had claimed. Harrington tells CNSNews.com: “They issued me my permits. I had my permits in hand and they retracted them just arbitrarily, basically. They took them back and said, ‘No, you can’t have them.’ So I’ve been fighting it ever since….”

      here’s the part that really takes the cake:

      “Oregon Water Resources Department Deputy Director Tom Paul tells the Medford Mail Tribune: “… What we’re after is compliance with Oregon water law, regardless of what the public thinks of Mr. Harrington.”

      well, i am appalled. perhaps Mr Deputy Director could go jump in a lake.


  5. It is probably where the chemtrail matter falls and collects making sunlight reflect on it more, therefore warming the water like an oven or crock pot.


  6. Blackbird780 says:

    You think this “warm blob” has anything to do with that massive magma chamber they were talking about?


  7. Water temps rising.. Seems we are getting weird weather all over lately.. Wishing you a Good week Alvin.


  8. pac says:

    What are the chances this blob is caused by methane gas coming up out of the sea bed?

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  9. Nick says:

    HAARP anyone?


  10. pac says:

    This is an extra FYI to add to the body of the subject matter; see text below images.


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