Mass beaching fuels ‘unscientific’ Japan earthquake fears

Japan Beaching
April 2015Tokyo, JAPANThe mass beaching of more than 150 melon-headed whales on Japan’s shores has fuelled fears of a repeat of a seemingly unrelated event in the country — the devastating 2011 undersea earthquake that killed around 19,000 people. Despite a lack of scientific evidence linking the two events, a flurry of online commentators have pointed to the appearance of around 50 melon-headed whales — a species that is a member of the dolphin family — on Japan’s beaches six days prior to the monster quake, which unleashed a towering tsunami and triggered a nuclear disaster. Scientists were on Saturday dissecting the bodies of the whales, 156 of which were found on two beaches on Japan’s Pacific coast a day earlier, but could not say what caused the beachings. “We don’t see any immediate signs of diseases on their bodies, such as cancer. We want to figure out what killed these animals,” Tadasu Yamada, a senior researcher at National Museum of Nature and Science, told public broadcaster NHK.
Despite the lack of any clear link between the beachings and earthquakes — and comments from local officials downplaying such a connection — many took to social media to point to the link. Another Twitter user wrote simply: “We might have a big one on the 12th (of April).” The 2011 Japan earthquake is not the only instance of beached whales closely preceding a massive tremor. More than 100 pilot whales died in a mass stranding on a remote New Zealand beach on February 20, 2011, two days before a large quake struck the country’s second-largest city Christchurch. Japanese officials have nevertheless tried to calm fears, and have insisted there is no scientific data to prove the link.
Scientists are meanwhile unclear as to why the marine animals strand themselves in large groups, with some speculating healthy whales beach themselves while trying to help sick or disorientated family members that are stranded. Others believe the topography of certain places somehow scrambles the whales’ sonar navigation, causing them to beach. Once stranded, the whales are vulnerable to dehydration and sunburn until rescuers can use the high tide to move their massive weight back into deeper water. –Yahoo
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31 Responses to Mass beaching fuels ‘unscientific’ Japan earthquake fears

  1. omanuel says:

    I have absolutely no idea if beachings indicate an impending earthquake, but I know – beyond any reasonable doubt – governments worldwide used science for public deception after WWII.

    After 1945, National Academies of Sciences worldwide were used to hide evidence of creation by:

    1. Changing astronomy textbooks that showed the interior of the Sun was mostly iron (Fe) in 1945 into mostly hydrogen (H) in 1946

    2. Changing nuclear textbooks that used Aston’s “nuclear packing fraction” to indicate nuclear stability before WWII to Weizsacker’s flawed concept of “nuclear binding energy” after WWII.

    These changes in the foundations of solar and nuclear physics hid from the public the fact that the Sun’s pulsar core:

    1. Made our chemical elements
    2. Birthed the entire solar system
    3. Sustained the origin and evolution of life on Earth
    4. Still controls every atom, life and world in the solar system, and the climate of each planet, in a volume of space that is now greater than that of 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 Earth’s!

    “Teacher’s Supplement to Solar Energy”

    The figure on p. 13 of the manuscript depicts the FORCE at the core of the Sun that will restore sanity to society and humility to our currently mis-guided world leaders.

    It is intriguing that the flag of Japan was changed after WWII to remove force fields emerging from the core of the rising Sun.


  2. Yellow Bird says:

    oh my… when the Dolphins start committing suicide, something is gone terribly wrong 😦


  3. I feel a need to respond to the Japan quake concern. Back in June 1979 in Oregon we had a pod of 41 massive Sperm Whales that beached in Florence Oregon on the Central Oregon Coast. At that time, I was not getting a lot of symptoms. St Helens had not began to rumble. I had sound, lots of sound and some headaches and earaches and heart pains. I immediately knew the sound changed, it was abrupt and loud. The once low rumble of fog horns became a over powering vibration of long over lapping tones. I called the local TV station as was my practice and they assured me that nothing was happening. So I thanked them and about a hour later I felt an almost deep intense sadness. So I turned on the news and there it was, the Beaching. I immediately knew that the whales ” heard what I heard, became confused and beached ” They attempted to put them back into the water, that did not work, many they had to euthanize as out of the water, they whales were being cooked by their own body heat and weight. I called and was able to speak to a whale specialist and I passed that theory on to scientist at the scene of the beaching and they did not hold a lot of stock in my theory. So as luck would have it, the National Mammalogy Convention was meeting in Oregon and they went to the site and began to do Necropsy’s on the whales. They original thought was that the whales had followed a dominate male and beached, or had parasites in their ears and beached, or were sick in some other way. These all turned out to be false. As it turned out, they did not know why the whales beached. All I know is that 41 of GOD’s most beautiful and peaceful creatures were dead. Then 3 days 72 hours after the beaching there were 3 moderate quakes in Big Bear CA… then I knew.. The whales were picking up the sound through the ocean water and became confused and beached.. they wanted out of the water because it hurt.. again, I contacted specialist, the media and shared my ideas. Finally I called the Cetacean Institute in Mass.. I spoke to one of the whale specialist and they said that ” My theory seemed to make a lot of sense. In Oregon the fault lines run perpendicular to the beach, so the sound would be trapped and could cause the whales to come in ” So we talked awhile and then hung up. I called the local specialist and media again. They were not interested moving on to different stories. So in August of 79 I was expecting a quake in N CA over a 4.5+ and then there was a beaching of whales on the East Coast and 3 days later there was a quake near Hollister over 5.9… So I began to monitor beaching’s as well as quakes. Before the major quakes, there were almost without fail large beaching’s of Pilot Whales and or Dolphins. So this was the case before Indonesia, 2004, Chile 2010, and especially Japan 2011. But the Japan instance was a bit different, being that I had already put the word out for a possible major quake in Japan. I was watching for the beaching as they are one of my 3 observations I monitor. I did not hear anything, I was able to send out my warning the morning of the quake Friday about 7:30 AM there was no doubt in my mind that a major quake would hit. So after 3 days on the following Monday, after the quake, I had been looking on line and finally found what I was looking for.. a farmer on a mostly deserted island in Oceania, either the Kermadec’s or New Zealand, had been walking his dog along the beach and came upon the decomposing bodies of by his count over 400 Pilot Whales. They determined that the beaching based on the condition of the bodies, had happened the day before the major quake stuck Japan. That was my confirmation. Once more my theory was shown to be accurate. I have found that many times the quakes happening here or in other countries, the beachings happen in Oceania.. perhaps its because that is where that species of whales and dolphins are in the highest numbers. But that’s where most of them beach. I have subscribers to my emails who live in AU and NZ and I have contacted them to watch for and immediately contact me if they hear of another beaching. The symptoms for Japan are L shoulder blade pains which can be intense. Then the sharp heart pains, jabby in the L side of the chest, and that is only if the quake is 6.0 or greater.. and finally earaches which happens with quakes over 6.0 in the water.
    Now the beachings in Japan. Melon Nose Whale beachings are a go on alert status but the other 2 precursors I watch for have not happened as yet. Ant Invasions and hundreds of Earthworms coming out of the ground and laying on the pavement and just dying the day before the quake. This has not happened. So watch for intense L side shoulder blade pains, earaches and invasions or reactions of insects etc.. Cats will throw up if there is a quake over 6.0 building. Hope this helps. I am available. I tried to call Japan before several major quakes, which happened by the way and they were not interested. So I did not call them before the major 9.0 quake. I wanted to but no way to contact them.

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    • omanuel says:

      Thank you Charlotte for your insight.

      There is absolutely no doubt the entire solar system is still connected and controlled by the pulsar in the core of the Sun that birthed the solar system five billion years (5 Ga) ago.

      World tyrants tried to hide the FORCE after WWII and rule the world by deceit, exactly as George Orwell warned would happen in a book he started writing in 1946: “NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR”


    • wayne pearson says:

      Hello Charlotte King. That is so interesting. Do you have a Facebook account and name that I can become your friend with and can I please have your email address. Thank you so much Charlotte and many blessings to you. Cheers!!!


      • Wayne thanks for your kind remarks. I really do not do much on FB but I do have a website, although its in need or redoing and I also have a free email subscription service for My Earthquake forecasts and what I am feeling and based on past experience, what this is telling me. My only requirement is that 1. you do not repost to other lists and or copy in any form of media without permission and 2. I am not a medical doctor and what may be a EQ symptom for me, may be a life threatening event for you, so you are responsible for your own actions or non actions as the case may be. I do not want to frighten people so I am careful where I put my information. The people on this group seem to be able to ascertain what is what so I am trying to be as open as possible.
        My email address is
        My phone is always open for feedback, questions and or comments.
        503-999-5745 (* my phone number is all over the internet so I openly list it )


    • Glenn A. Mettlen says:

      Trust in Jesus no matter what happens in the future. I have proof that He is real. On more than one occasion. Jesus is real and the day of God’s judgment is very close now.


    • sharilynne says:

      Yesterday morning I had a terrible dream where all I saw was blackness. I had a strong, strong sinking feeling of bad things to come. I could faintly hear the word “Armageddon” being repeated over and over, and then I heard the words “prepare, prepare, prepare.” I’ve never had a dream like this before and I don’t use the word armageddon in my regular vocabulary. It freaked me out. I debated on whether to say something because it seems so outlandish. Perhaps I’m tapping into the collective consciousness or maybe this is nothing at all. .


    • Yellow Bird says:

      hi charlotte, your thoughts are very intriguing to me, i will be paying attention. i too am environmentally sensitive and often ill as a result. i can go from feeling relatively fine one day to absolutely filled with pain and severe exhaustion the next, then abruptly well again. often with little warning between episodes. because i am highly reactive to many “ordinary / household” chemicals, ive always tended to put the blame for my bad days on known or unknown exposure to some substance or another….
      but i know i am also at least somewhat emf sensitive. listening to what you & others are saying, i am thinking i’d better start paying closer watch to earth & atmospheric changes. i do understand that many animals demonstrate a sharp awareness of these events… could it be that more humans would too, if we were not so culturally attuned to ignoring our own instincts.

      one day this past week, i abruptly began another of my “episodes” of intense pain & fatigue. i’ve had some painting done off & on for several weeks, so i naturally blamed it on voc’s but thought it odd that i’d been exposed for over 2 weeks before suddenly getting slammed hard after everything was pretty much done outgassing.
      coincidentally i have noticed a few random “ant piles” on the ground here & there and thought it early as usually they swarm like that in late summer.
      also my 7 year old cat often acts like she’s in pain and goes off her food during my bad times. she is doing this now. i’ve always thought she was just sensitive & reacting to mama being sick but now i wonder if actually its more that we are both sensitive & reacting to invisible & unknown atmospheric forces or events.
      i’m going to think more on all this… and keep watch with you


    • I forgot to mention 1 year after the beaching the scientist etc had a meeting to discuss the beaching and its possible causes. Remember they said they did not believe my theory.
      So the article in the newspaper read. A year after the major beaching of the whales, on the Oregon coast, scientist meeting to discuss the beaching of the 41 Sperm Whales in June last of year still do not know what caused the beaching but their best theory is that ” the whales beached due to their sonar being jammed by Earthquakes being recorded a the same time. ” Actually a few people sent me the clipping.. with the words across the top “” You Have Been Vindicated “”

      So they took the beaching and earthquake connection and made it their own. I certainly did not see my name on any of the articles but the people who know me and some of the scientist know I put the idea out there.. I am just glad it helped to explain what had happened. The only reason I would want my name on something about this is because I would like to speak to more scientist and be available if any of them had questions.

      So NO the whales were not sick, they did not have parasites and they were not following a dominate male as near as they can tell, they were confused, started going the wrong way and then they were being affected by pain etc from the frequency and when they hit the beach, they could be pulled back out but then they would come back on the beach as the water which they always felt safe in was causing them pain.


    • Bobi Becker says:

      Yes indeed, I do believe there is a definite correlation with the beaching of marine life to the earthquakes……My kitties get ballistic right before an EQ. They don’t throw up but do get very restless and out of their normal daily routines….. Cats have sensors in their paws that can and do predict an EQ long before the seismic instruments do…… Many humans are just not in tune with what is happening around them….. They look but do not SEE…… and, of course, the scientists cannot find the true cause for the beaching’s and write it off to “other circumstances or have no reason why”…… It is way past time for we humans to take seriously the warnings of the creatures of the earth, they are more in tune than any of us will ever hope to be…..


  4. Dennis E. says:

    I can see their concern. Also, over the years on this site, it has been reported and blogged regarding the earth changes that would begin in the far east and move westward: To include comments that it is possible that parts of Japan will sink through those earth change events.
    The last major earthquake moved the Island about 63 feet north.
    We live in a world of change…………

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    • Glenn A. Mettlen says:

      In the Books of Revelation, Hebrews, Daniel, all of what is happening in our time is coming true. In the Holy Bible it describes earth quakes as birth pains. God’s day of judgment. I know it is because God has given me feelings , and back in 2001 He gave me a strong feeling that it was coming. And in May of 2013 He gave me that same feeling . It is very close now. Trust in Jesus now ask Him to forgive you of your sins. And sin no more. Stay ready because no one know when this time will come. If you trust in Jesus , you will no longer fear death, and you will be ready for God’s day of Judgment.


      • Dennis E. says:

        Regarding the March 2011 earthquake in Japan, most interesting is that the earthquake
        occurred one year to the date after japan threatened Israel over housing in East Jerusalem
        to the point it seemed like a declaration of war if they continued.


  5. davidh7426 says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I remember reading somewhere that dolphins and other related species had been found with traces of magnetite in their heads, giving them a built-in magnetic compass.

    Is it possible that they and the other sea-life that get ‘beached’ are doing so because they swim into what their internal maps say should be open water.

    Rather like you updating the maps on your cars sat-nav, only to find that the *NEW* maps incorporate changes that haven’t yet happened in the real world, so you quickly get lost, stuck and stranded.

    So is it at all possible that they’re using a ‘software update’ that was released a bit to early…

    If this is the case, wouldn’t the locations of these stranding show areas that are soon to be geologically changed, with regard to getting submerged.

    I know it sounds ridiculous, but there are far more things that we don’t know about the world, than things that we do know.

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    • charlotte King says:

      You are correct about the magnetite and since I believe that the whales/dolphins are reacting to the same thing birds and fish and I am, changes in the EMF the magnetite would be effected. Its the changes in the EMF that proceed the quakes, volcanic eruptions and solar flares that the biological sensitive’ s are reacting to. So too then are the whales and dolphins who beach. They get caught up in a area where the EMF is stronger or weaker or pooling and it confuses them and in many cases causes them pain and they just want out of the pain and confusion.. and can’t tell which way they are going.
      My personal opinion and many of the persons who worked with me back in the early 80’s.


    • Glenn A. Mettlen says:

      You have that right, about there is more that we don’t know. I know God is real. Evolution is a lie from the pit of hell. Jesus is real and the beaching of sea life is a wide spread problem, no one knows the cause. I think it is the one of many signs of the end of the world as we know it. If you trust in Jesus you can have no fear of death.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      that is also very interesting, david… i’m going to think more on this as well.


  6. wayne pearson says:

    Hello brother Alvin, how are you? I am baffled by the fact that so far this year seismic activity and including MAJOR earthquake activity is significantly lower as compared with last year and recent years in general. And so far in April there has only been 1 earthquake of magnitude 6.0 and above and that was over 10 days ago. This is highly unusual. Do you know why this is happening Alvin and is there any geological or scientific explanation for this please Alvin? I would really appreciate it if you could respond to me A.S.A.P. Thanking you brother Alvin and God bless you ALWAYS my friend. Cheers!!!


  7. Noirfifre says:

    oh boy, oh no, something is coming…


  8. niebo says:

    This is not an amusing situation by any means, but my first thought was, “Maybe the water around Japan is just that toxic.”


  9. I would have to agree with Bobbi Becker on the cats.. they are very sensitive.
    I have been using my own body and marking the observations of ants, worms, and my cats as major precursors for quakes. Between us we have not missed one major quake in 35 years and all the BIG ONES, Indonesia, Chile, Japan I had at least 3 days lead time and my feelings proved correct, I notified my group before the events as I have all of the major quakes. This is something that is not unique but I am unique in the fact I put it together and learned about it and put locations to symptoms and thus can teach others to understand what they are feeling and thus was born ” The Charlotte King Effect ”

    You might like to check out my portion of a youtube interview with me and Leonard Nimoy, done here in Salem in 1981. I have only the last portion of the video from about 7:25-9:15 * as close as I can remember *

    I have to smile when I see these events as the words of Leonard Nimoy come back to me as he said to and about me, during the filming of “ In Search Of “ which I appeared on in 1981.. “ Will we be forced to rely on Charlotte King to tell us when Mt Shasta or other Cascade Volcanoes will erupt? “ I am sorry we never met but I was pleased to have been able to speak with him by phone before the show was aired. This was one of the many television shows I was on in the early 80’s through mid 90’s.


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