No threat to Yellowstone super volcano after Russian analyst threat

YellowStn TEP
April 2015YELLOWSTONEImagine a scenario where Russia tried to launch nuclear bombs into America hoping to trigger a tsunami or eruption of the Yellowstone National Park super-volcano. That’s exactly what one Russian military analyst is suggesting if tensions between Russia and NATO continue to grow. KPVI spoke to Idaho State university geosciences professor Shannon Kobs-Nawotniak about if this threat is possible, or just something you would see in a movie. Kobs-Nawotniak says the only thing we would need to worry about in that scenario, is the nuclear explosion itself.
“I think it would make an awesome movie because it has no basis in science,” said Kobs-Nawotniak. Konstantin Sivkov wrote in the Russian newspaper, VPK News, that Russia needs to be more aggressive in its military strategies against the West by attacking us where we are most vulnerable. In his scenario, dropping a nuclear bomb on Yellowstone National park could cause the super volcano to erupt. Something that Kobs-Nawotniak says just isn’t possible. “A lot of energy is blasting upwards and we get a lot energy blasting on the surface of the ground,” said Kobs-Nawotniak. “It’s not necessarily sending huge amounts of energy down deep into the ground.” Kobs-Nawotniak explained that the magma in the Yellowstone caldera is three to seven miles deep and a nuclear bomb wouldn’t cause a reaction as the force of the explosion would be going upward.
“It would be a little more plausible if he could drill a giant hole and burry a whole lot of nukes in these more vulnerable fault movements,” says Kobs-Nawotniak. Sivkov goes on to say that the Yellowstone super volcano could erupt at any moment and would be catastrophic for the United States. Kobs-Nawotniak agrees that when the caldera does erupt, it will cover the U.S. in a blanket of ash, kill thousands, and bury our agriculture but…”We do not have any reason to believe it will be erupting anytime soon,” says Kobs-Nawotniak. Sivkov also claim that dropping a nuclear warhead on the San Andreas fault would trigger major tsunamis on the West Coast. Something that Kobs-Nawotniak dispels because the faults run side-by-side and not up-and-down. “This is completely sci-fi movie,” laughed Kobs-Nawotniak. It’s important to remember that Sivkov made this threat on his own and doesn’t have any backing from the Russian government. –KPVI
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10 Responses to No threat to Yellowstone super volcano after Russian analyst threat

  1. Janet Heinen says:

    Natasha, I guess they have decided not to throw a nuke at us!!!!!!!!!!! Janet Heinen, RL, MBA720.690.1703Heinen Land & Capital Management,

    “Solutions that work for your Business”

    From: The Extinction Protocol To: Sent: Saturday, April 4, 2015 1:57 PM Subject: [New post] No threat to Yellowstone super volcano after Russian scientist threat #yiv8196934317 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv8196934317 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv8196934317 a.yiv8196934317primaryactionlink:link, #yiv8196934317 a.yiv8196934317primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv8196934317 a.yiv8196934317primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv8196934317 a.yiv8196934317primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv8196934317 | The Extinction Protocol posted: “April 2015 – YELLOWSTONE – Imagine a scenario where Russia tried to launch nuclear bombs into America hoping to trigger a tsunami or eruption of the Yellowstone National Park super-volcano. What’s exactly what one Russian military analyst is suggesting ” | |


  2. Jock Collee says:

    I just read a book where a terr walked out onto the caldera dome with a backpack sized one and lit it off…nowhere in these rebuttals do they address this,only say “drop it”….huh


  3. Jerry Waverly says:

    I seem to remember the Great Miscalculation H Bomb on Bikini,when the power was miscalculated,made a hole only 200 ft deep on the NW edge of the reef.
    Evean allowing for someone to actually hand place a Bucket of Sunshine directly on top of the caldera dome,it just wouldn’t blow deep enough.


  4. Steve says:

    If Russia really wanted to do maximum damage to the US with minimum damage to Russia, then they would follow a different plan. Blowing up Yellowstone would send ash into Russia and cool down temps there and shorten their growing season. A different tactic, that wouldn’t harm Russia in any way, would be to set a nuke off in the Canary Islands. More specifically blowing up Cumbre Vieja would create a massive tsunami that would take out the entire east coast of the US, including Washington, DC. They could set a nuke off there much more easily than Yellowstone as it’s a sparsely populated island and the US doesn’t oversee it. Trying to sneak a nuke into the US and Yellowstone would almost be impossible, but the Canary Islands would be quite easy. Nobody is there guarding it from such attack.


  5. Patty says:

    When I read this news item, I really understood how evil humans are. Before the days of Noah, God saw how evil hearts were – they devised evil. Now when He looks, he sees how evil minds are – they are only devising evil things against one another – everywhere to everyone. I don’t want to imagine an evil “scenario” of anything or anyone…so for people just to sit and think evil destruction FOR OTHERS OF COURSE- to me the end is already here. How sad and moribund.


  6. kathy says:

    A nuke can’t do it but the other kinds of energy weapons they have can!


    • Scalar and microwave weapons using focused energy beams can cook anything underground or cause it to boil – including magma pockets and underground bunkers. This is why defense analysts submerge key military installations under mountains.

      As I said before, we know not the danger of the times that are almost upon us.


  7. Jacquelope says:

    It’s rare that you see someone so high up fail physics on such an epic level.


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