The Tetrad: does this weekend’s ‘Blood Moon’ herald the end of the world?

Blood Moon
April 2015SPACE – According to one American pastor, four blood moons is a biblical sign that an imminent world-changing event is on the way. Pastor John Hagee told the Daily Mirror: ‘It just says “when you see these signs – and four blood moons is a very significant one – the end of this age is coming” The King James Bible states: ‘The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord comes.” This phenomenon is known as a Tetrad and is four successive lunar eclipses where the Moon has a reddish hue each followed by six full moons. The Tetrad has only occurred three times in the last 500 years. NASA, unsurprisingly, disagrees with Pastor Hagee and has stated: ‘During the eclipse, the moon often looks reddish because sunlight has passed through Earth’s atmosphere, which filters out most of its blue light.
‘This eerie, harmless effect has earned the tongue-in-cheek nickname Blood Moon.’ The fourth and last blood moon is set to occur on September 28… could we be a few months away from the apocalypse or something worse, like Harry Styles leaving One Direction? –Metro UK
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19 Responses to The Tetrad: does this weekend’s ‘Blood Moon’ herald the end of the world?

  1. Irene C says:

    I have to shake my head whenever I hear a pastor say this. This “blood” moon is an eclipse, and nothing more. If one reads the verse, when The Blood Moon happens, the sun will have gone dark, hence it won’t be an eclipse, it will be something unexplainable. So for now, kick back, relax, and enjoy the eclipse.


    • claudiaishis says:

      I figure the sun will be dark, and the moon red when the wars break out over in the middle east. The moon eclipses and solar eclipses could be for signs of appointed times running out.


    • Wethaman12 says:

      Also, the Christian Bible even says that there will be no indications of the exact time/date God will “come home”. There won’t even be an approximate time/date because it will be completely random!


      • Hi Wethaman12!
        Even though I am rather exhausted from working all night I will try to explain some basics regarding the terad lunar eclipses that all fell on the Jewish holy days of Passover and Sukkot.
        Though there is nothing in the Bible that states that this would be a particular sign to watch for the Bible advises us and Jesus specifically instructs us to read the signs of the coming times. He said there will be strange signs in the heavens. He mentioned that there would be wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes everywhere and pestilence and famine. He also said, but this is not the end but is like a mother’s birth pangs that increase in frequency and severity.
        There are some people that noticed the incidences of the four lunar eclipses happening on the four consecutive occurrences of Passover and Sukkot were going to happen soon and when they began to study this tetrad situation realized that it was not a common occurrence and that significant things happened to the Jews each time it has occurred like this latest tetrad event.
        The people that investigated these things NEVER mentioned it to be the end of the world. Only that it may be a sign that something big could be happening soon to or for the Jewish people. Unfortunately, people on the fringe, including many Christians, made up their own stories regarding this tetrad event, mostly in saying that it meant the END of the world was here and non believers really bent over hard laughing at the idea. the rest of us Christians just cringed every time we heard another Christian say END of the world!..ESPECIALLY if it was a ” preacher”.
        First I am going to give you a reason [ or two ] as to why I am seething at this whole take on the tetrad events. We are so hell bent on everything happening instantaneously that as soon as something a little unusual or strange happens we claim the end has to happen NOW or it meant nothing. That does not even line up with God’s spirit! God continually gives us signs and admonition both individually as well as collectively that we would have a chance to repent, which brings me to another reason why I am seething regarding peoples thinking that since the world did not explode into a billion pieces at the time of the last lunar eclipse of the terad that it was just another interesting but meaningless event. Most of these people do not STUDY the Bible..some read it but few of these end of world now or else people actually study it and will always take a common verse of scripture and pound it into submission until it finally says what they want it to say instead of comparing it to all the other verses throughout the Bible to learn what GOD wants to say.
        The last lunar eclipse of this rare tetrad just occurred less than two months ago! Did the world explode into a billion pieces? No.Probably a good thing to because some of them that stated the world was expected to end at that moment still needed some repenting to do! However, let’s look at what HAS happened in the last two months…There is ongoing discussions still going on regarding the splitting of Israel into two states.[ That is MAJOR news..]..Russia is getting squeezed by mercenaries built by USA and with their back to the wall is fighting USA back by attacking the USA mercenaries[ ISIS etc. ].. You see I hope that USA and Russia are already involved in WWIII now over the last two months but each is only moving pawns [ rebel mercenaries ] to attack each others pawns. Eventually one side or the other is going to have to move a major piece and then the direct war will start. Israel is going to be very vulnerable and that may make the two state appeasement happen to avoid internal conflict. In the meantime many more large earthquakes have been occurring all around the globe, volcanoes both on land and under icecaps and oceans are erupting more frequently and Ebola is back. The multiple stories this weekend of young children being left alone all night KILLING each other. Fathers and mothers killing their own infants[ let alone the abortions! ] Murder everywhere!
        So you see my friends….That special Tetrad that just finished may indeed have been a sign for all of us but God in his incredible mercy is using it as a sign to come back to him… Before it IS too late.


  2. niebo says:

    “. . . Harry Styles leaving One Direction?” Oh my GAWD we are ALL gonna DIE!!!

    All things being equal, the timing is interesting BUT the tetrads and blood moons are not THAT rare (regardless of what Hagee might say):

    Personally, I wonder if there might not be a truly unprecedented event to herald the Day, something like “the sky’s gone out”. No stars, no moon, no blue sky, no sun . . . that might get our attention. And then we will probably set fire to the entire planet.


  3. JLBLmc says:

    I did not understand the ” Harry Styles” one direction remark. I looked him up but … Still nothing, other than being a kid singer.


    • niebo says:

      Hey JL . . . For humor, I will oversimplify: To some people, life revolves around pop culture. They are concerned with those Kardashian butt people, the twitter-verse, facebook (“I burped today!!”) etc., and they tend to hop from one vapid, vacuous trend to another because they follow what “society” deems to be “cool”; they are not, in general, concerned with, oh, (play along here) . . . non-trendy, boring, and uncool stuff like that Bible book-thing and prophectical what-evers, because that’s, just, you know, SO unimportant, like, who cares, you know?

      HS may be a kid singer and all, but if he ever leaves One Direction, the hollow “cool” world will implode and like will not be worth living. The apocalypse, on the other hand . . . “Er, like, what’s an apoctaclypse? Oh, right! That’s the zombie-thingy!”

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  4. Dennis E. says:

    No, not end of world, but a change is coming. Blood moons on specific feast days as this being the fourth one since 1493 is a sign from heaven to the jewish people/Israel that something is afoot. The rest of the world won’t be left out………


    • Betsy Weggesser says:

      Nothing in this World Happens By Coincidence …God is in Control…For He Knows All…I do believe we are living during the end of times…as we have known them…It going to be A Wake Up Moment For Those Who Scoff …


  5. pure superstition.


  6. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    Although a tetrad is not incredibly rare; It is extremely rare to have each one land on a major Jewish holiday. It is not a sign of the end of the world but it does seem to be a sign that this world is going to be stirred up and not just by man being cruel to man but also God shaking the world so that people might wake up to His reality. Jesus said there would be strange signs in the sky and wars and rumors of war but the end is not yet. However the birthing pains have started and just like when a mother is feeling the first pangs of discomfort alerting her to what she knows is imminent; no one can really tell her exactly when the child will be born but it will be born so continue preparations mom. That is what the pains are for! Attention grabber so that mom and dad will be ready for that most important event! Don’t wait for the intense actual labor pains to get ready…Who could get ready for anything during the torture of delivery? The time to get ready is now! Jesus went through incredible agony to allow us to be reborn in the Holy Spirit. It was from His labor of love that we have been freed from sin. let us not be asleep with the world as all this unfolds.

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  7. dongoliveros says:

    Just watching the eclipse here in leyte the moon starts to appear again and its a bit reddish.


  8. vigyanayak says:

    Stories passed since ages, are not superstitions… These are eye openers for us as humanity from our ancestors, to be prepared for what’s expected, we just need to open our eyes and mind to cycles.. What if Mayan calendar, did signify something. We could not understand it, including us Hindus who boast about ourselves being followers of astrology. What if, Mayan Calendar was based on Jupiter’s revolution around Sun, rather than anything else? Astrology’s base lies on Jupiter’s revolution only. And it takes 12 years for Jupiter to go around Sun, hence Maha Kumbha festival in India after every 12 years. Even if world is stirred, what does it means (We humans are like ants in front of Gigantic bodies like planets)..


  9. Yellow Bird says:

    >> In all its glory <<

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  10. I would like to add one more comment to this subject… I recently was trying to get to sleep one day before heading into work for that night but just could not sleep. The idea of the lunar eclipse blood moon tetrad was on my mind.. I asked God, I know it is some sort of sign in general but is there anything specific to look for? Jesus answered…What holy days did I choose for this? I said Passover and tabernacles [Sukkot ] He said correct. What it is with these he prodded me… I said Passover, many non believers died. but your angel passed over the homes that had the blood of the sacrifice and Sukkot celebrates how you took care of your people in the desert for forty years!
    He said, correct now put two and two together. ….Many will die.. I will save many who love me..I will take care of my own through the tribulation even as many more fall away…This was the feeling of the message I had from Him… Not exact quote.Peace.


  11. Kathlene says:

    Last night I dreamt of many batches of a colorful circle up in the sky with colorful elegant birds inside the circle but they aren’t swinging their wings. Their eyes sparkle in purple color everytime the circle regions was showered with red light. Each batch comes on one by one like they are straightly aline with a huge distance from batch to batch. Then after a while, i saw an airplane behind them.. Arriving. What does it mean?


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