Mudslide in Peru highlands kills at least 7, destroys homes

Peru Mudslide
March 2015 PERUA mud-heavy torrent has sent auto-sized rocks crashing into a highlands town along Peru’s main east-west highway and national civil defense chief Carlos Castro says it killed at least seven people and destroyed 65 homes. The central highway remained blocked by debris on Tuesday from the previous night’s catastrophe.
Boulders loosed by two hours of heavy rains smashed through brick walls and floodwaters carried cars, animals and furniture through Chosica’s streets. Televised images showed police breaking through the wall of one home to recover the bodies of 23-year-old Ana Marino and her 3-year-old son, Stefano. Mother was clutching child. Residents asked authorities to send heavy equipment to clear the wreckage. A 1987 mudslide in Chosica killed 64 people. Peru’s weather service predicts heavy coastal rains through the rest of March. –Yahoo News
contribution Teresa
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3 Responses to Mudslide in Peru highlands kills at least 7, destroys homes

  1. soldier4yeshua says:

    Thank you for all your news articles, it keep me informed and alert as to what is happening in the world today. It is heart breaking because most of the times it is the poor who are getting caught / dying in these disasters. — My prayers go for these people.


  2. Renee Esposito says:

    Rose is away in MA. at a workshop for her being a widwife assistant, and Amy is at work till 4:00 but I will email them cause ya just never know.


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