Reality Check: China to double production of Ebola hazmat suits to 6,000 a day

November 2014BEIJINGA Chinese factory in Shandong Province has increased production of hazard protection suits by 30-to-40 percent compared to a year ago, providing protection for healthcare workers who are fighting Ebola, Associated Press reports. About 100 factory workers are producing more than 6000 suits a day, according to the AP. The suits not only have to keep health workers safe from the virus — they have to be flexible. The fabric includes polyethylene — the most common plastic used in plastic bags — and polypropylene, often used in packaging, labeling and bank notes. The hazmat suits are just more than a quarter millimeter thick. They are shipped to Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, as well as to hospitals in the U.S. The number of workers in the Chinese factory and the amount of equipment used to manufacture these suits has doubled to meet the demand, AP reports.
In a CNN opinion piece, Martha Pease said the hazmat suit is a symbol of fear but it can be reintroduced as a crucial piece of the solution to the Ebola outbreak. “Here it’s a costume. There it saves lives,” said Pease, whose company, DemandWerks, advises companies on strategies for growth. An international humanitarian and medical organization with a history of advocating for vulnerable populations, MDM joined ad agency Publicis Kaplan Thaler in the U.S. to turn public fear of Ebola around by asking people to donate a hazmat suit to workers in Africa, according to CNN. Medical workers are also at risk of becoming vulnerable to stigmatization and marginalization as a result of their direct contact with Ebola at its source, Pease said. “This threat to their status comes at a time when we most urgently need doctors and caretakers on the ground in Africa,” she said. –AFK Insider
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5 Responses to Reality Check: China to double production of Ebola hazmat suits to 6,000 a day

  1. Dennis E. says:

    I would not, buy these from China. Based on some of the products such as dry wall, foot wear that come from there, the quality is suspect…… Have to find better resources.
    If these are to eventually posted on Amazon.

    Folks, the cat is out of the bag……….


  2. David G. says:


    I have followed your site for about 3 years now and make it my “news” site. It has been nearly three weeks since your last post on extinction protocol. I appreciate the content and understand the time, money and devotion you have sacrificed to do what you do. It everything okay? I for one would be willing to pay for a subscription for the content quality the Extinction Protocol provides. Kinda worried….

    Best Regards,

    Dave G


  3. Dana Hall says:

    Hi, I haven’t receiving any more email from extinction protocols lately. Isn’t there I could pray for or be of aware of something? Since I am hearing impaired and this extinction protocols helps me to be aware of what’s going on around world better than media. Thanks for the wonderful work you or group have done for past years. Please keeping the good work. Jesus still loves you all. Bro Dana


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