The Extinction Protocol Radio – Ebola: Special Report 2

“The problem with Ebola is that it is not over until the last patient is either dead or has recovered,” Prof Piot says. “Actually, I thought this outbreak was dying out in May, in Guinea. Then a famous woman, a traditional healer, died, and at her funeral hundreds of people touched the body. Then there was this explosion in three countries…Can it be stopped? It will be a bumpy ride. I am worried for West Africa. We will see a decline in cases eventually, but without a vaccine I am not sure we can stop it.” Prof Piot insists that it is still impossible to predict how bad the African epidemic will become. –Telegraph, featuring Peter Piot, Microbiologist Professor, co-discoverer of the Ebola virus

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1 Response to The Extinction Protocol Radio – Ebola: Special Report 2

  1. Judy Clarke says:

    The answer to that question is YES it could have easily been controlled if Africa would have begun quarantine immediately, sealed off areas and run it out, but the thoughtless people ran, took off and spread it from one area to now the whole of Africa and other continents. People are too pre-occupied with money instead of human life.


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