Ebola outbreak in Koinadugu, Sierra Leone, prompts call for help from chief

November 2014AFRICA The leader of a remote chiefdom in Sierra Leone has called for urgent help to contain Ebola, which is causing fear and panic in his community. The fresh outbreak of Ebola in Koinadugu, a district previously unaffected by the virus, has affected more than 60 people in a small chiefdom close to Guinea, the Red Cross has said. The head of Sierra Leone’s Red Cross team, John Mara, told the Guardian that at least 25 people had died and 38 people were believed to be infected after lab results proved positive for 15 more patients. Two of those buried had died on Tuesday, including a seven-year-old girl. Koinadugu had prided itself on being the only district in Sierra Leone to have been Ebola-free after local chiefs imposed a quarantine, barring travel and creating a system of official distribution vans and trucks to help farmers and traders get their product to neighboring markets. However, after two unexplained deaths in October were investigated, it emerged that Ebola had reached the chiefdom of Nenei and its three villages of Fankuya, Sumbaria and Kumala. The Red Cross met chief Foday Jalloh, the paramount or head chief of Nenei, to get his permission to enter the region to help the community, where traditional burial practices and medical therapies may have contributed to the spread of the virus. Jalloh said: “Please help us, we need your help and support.”
Mara, who is from the area, said: “We discovered there had been 25 deaths already, some of them unexplained. Prior to this, the district went six months without Ebola. On 15 October there were two cases of unidentified deaths. The situation is not really good because we have just got the results that show there are 15 new cases, on top of 23 we already knew about.” A Red Cross spokesman said it sent two burial teams to help local volunteers. However, the rugged terrain is making access difficult. “It’s about five hours’ drive to the district Kabala and then another five hours to the Nenie chiefdom. Our Toyota Land Cruiser got stuck twice yesterday on creeks and streams. Sometimes the bridge is just two logs for the right-hand and left-hand-side wheels,” he said. He said there was evidence the infection rate had dropped significantly in Kailahun, where the burial teams had come from. It was at the centre of the first outbreak in June and the site of the first field hospital erected by Médecins sans Frontières. “There were about 400 new cases a week in the peak in August. It has come down to five or 10 in the last few days,” said the spokesman. An estimated 50-70% of infections emanate from funerals, when highly contagious corpses have been washed in a traditional manner by friends and family. The Red Cross said education and community training about the dangers of traditional burial practices in Kailahun and Kenema, a nearby commercial hub, appeared to be paying off. “But we need to have zero new cases for 21 days before we can say it is clear of Ebola and all it takes is one case for it to start again,” said the spokesman. –Guardian
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6 Responses to Ebola outbreak in Koinadugu, Sierra Leone, prompts call for help from chief

  1. Judy Clarke says:

    This is happening because thoughtless, stupid, selfish individuals are still traveling from infected area’s to a safe one, while infecting the entire city because of their own thoughtless action. These small communities must be put in ‘lock down’ to prevent incoming infection. If someone living a clean area wishes to leave, fine, but they cannot come back in again, with a possible infection. What are these people’s thinking?


  2. Luther DeHaven says:

    okay you know I am a fan but frankly your obsession with Ebola is really showing. Do you realize that there was just a “Y-flare” (spaceweather.com) that topped out the X range, and that the responsible AR has just turned the corner. Kinda HUGE UNBELIEVABLY BIG WHOLLY SHIT NEWS, no?


  3. My sense is that the Obama administration has put a gag order on the media – because there are few to no reports coming out about Ebola in the United States at this point. What’s up with that? I have a feeling there are Ebola infection cases happening all around us, people could be dying in the U.S. in large numbers – but we’re not being told about them. So what do we do? We might never be told anything remotely close to the truth. Ebola could be a silent pandemic. The government will continue to tell us no one is sick with it while people are dying everywhere. Apparently this same type of deception was practiced by the U.S. government during the 1918 Spanish flu. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/11/american-government-lied-1918-spanish-flu-pandemic.html Infuriating! I want to know what’s really happening grr.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      you will better hear what is actually happening through unmuzzled indy sources, especially those reporting from ‘high-risk’ regions, and social reporting sites for individuals posting tweets. bring hip boots tho.


  4. Yellow Bird says:

    …despite all media sponsored panicky rumors toward the worst:

    November 10, 2014 5:18 PM
    “5:00 p.m. Good news! There are no more Ebola patients in the United States.”
    By Chelsea Rice / Boston.com Staff

    nor can i find news on new outbreaks anywhere else around the world. exclusively to the initially affected region are new cases continuing to be reported.

    while absolutely devastating within West Africa, this plague has been nowhere near as contagious outside its geographic borders as expected… predicted… (or politically exploited)…

    there seem to be a number of interesting reasons for this whole “event” unfolding as it has.
    Some are detailed in this lovely informational piece from MAINSTREAM media:

    i would encourage all to read the entire article carefully, with a discerning eye toward broader implications.


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