CDC admits droplets from a sneeze could spread Ebola

October 2014 HEALTH Ebola is a lot easier to catch than health officials have admitted — and can be contracted by contact with a doorknob contaminated by a sneeze from an infected person an hour or more before, experts told The Post Tuesday. “If you are sniffling and sneezing, you produce microorganisms that can get on stuff in a room. If people touch them, they could be” infected, said Dr. Meryl Nass, of the Institute for Public Accuracy in Washington, DC. Nass pointed to a poster the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly released on its Web site saying the deadly virus can be spread through “droplets.” “Droplet spread happens when germs traveling inside droplets that are coughed or sneezed from a sick person enter the eyes, nose or mouth of another person,” the poster states. Nass slammed the contradiction.
“The CDC said it doesn’t spread at all by air, then Friday they came out with this poster,” she said. “They admit that these particles or droplets may land on objects such as doorknobs and that Ebola can be transmitted that way.” Dr. Rossi Hassad, a professor of epidemiology at Mercy College, said droplets could remain active for up to a day. “A shorter duration for dry surfaces like a table or doorknob, and longer durations in a moist, damp environment,” Hassad said. –NY Post
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28 Responses to CDC admits droplets from a sneeze could spread Ebola

  1. Lorra B. says:

    It’s about time! How could it not? The virus lives on surfaces for up to 50 days…. UGH!


  2. I just posted the following to Twitter: CDC admits airbrne @Ebola & expands atrisk criteria 4 mandatory mvement restrction/quarantine

    But did the CDC make these major updates without notifying the media? Or the president? Did anyone other than ‘get the memo’? Apparently not.

    Or rather, it’s probable others don’t dare to draw attention to these substantial changes (in airborne & asymptomatic Ebola transmission) as it looks like the same old bogus song and dance is being tweeted this morning. Erm, if I get d*sap*e*red lolz my loudmouthed tweets are probably why!


  3. kitty bhagat says:

    Since the beginning, they have been telling a half truth: it is true that Ebola is not air borne, but they have remained silent about anther method of transfer, leaving the deceptive assumption that air poses no problem. There have been incidents, such as the one in Rest on, Virginia, that indicate the disease is AEROSOL borne. This means the virus can survive in droplets so small that they form a light mist…so light that it can be carried by the air: defacto airborne, even if not literally so.



    Dr. Rossi Hassad, a professor of epidemiology at Mercy College, said droplets could remain active for up to a day. “A shorter duration for dry surfaces like a table or doorknob, and longer durations in a moist, damp environment,” Hassad said. –NY Post

    Is a shorter duration fifty days then ? fifty minutes are a short duration , are the doctors still trying to calm and reassure the populace ???


  5. Rick says:

    Not good news for those who were told otherwise as part of their safety strategy.
    Very concerned at the contradicting versions of supposed facts of transmission.
    Starting to think things are being covered up to prevent panic
    This thing is going to spread far and wide,
    I am in the UK with no confirmed active infection however I think that may change soon


  6. Rosa Lopes says:

    That is it! I am going to be moving into a cave where I have no contact with humans at all.!


  7. Judy Clarke says:

    If this affects the lungs, which it does, and if this affected bodily fluids, which is proven, then of course it can be caught by droplet infection. So the patient must immediately put a mask on and they should be changed every 20minutes (even though the mask is saturated inside 7 minutes) But a mask will slow the spread when (s)he talks, coughs, sneezes. Also gloves on them, as the human being touches his face thousands of times a day and the sweat, nasal mucus and saliva that goes onto the hands causes greater spread. Gloves should be changed hourly – costly but effective. Not to mention all the safety attire the staff have to wear. All surfaces surrounding the patient should be wiped down morning and night and staff should not be allowed home, they must remain in quarantine too, with the patient – In a different room, but not out of the complex. Do the job properly or not at all. Just because they have DR or NURSE before their name does not exempt them from being in quarantine too.


  8. Yellow Bird says:

    this and the previous article just reinforce my major doubts as to why the disease has not spread far and wide around the world long before now. Some things just do not add up to the Official sum.
    strongly suspecting something else going on concurrently, something devastating to West Africa but not easily transferred out of region, and as yet remaining unidentified.


  9. aaronwt says:

    Spreading by droplets is still not airborne. I thought this was already known anyway? They were talking about it weeks ago that if person with Ebola, that had enough Viral load to show up in the blood stream, that droplets from a sneeze or cough could spread it. I wouldn’t expect anyone to be surprised by this. Other diseases can spread this way too. But again that is not airborne transmission.


  10. davidh7426 says:

    Dr Craig Spencer on his return to New York from West Africa, ‘self-quarantined’ himself. And then when he developed a fever reported it. Or did he, it appears that he lied to the authorities when he reported having that fever, he said he stayed in. It was only later, when confronted with the evidence, that he came clean about his little excursions around New York.

    IF as the authorities where stating at the time, Ebola is only contagious once the symptoms start appearing. AND if the quarantine is voluntary, not mandatory, the question I have is this…

    Why lie about going out… Unless, you knew the symptoms had already started, you knew that you may very well be contagious, and you knew that you may well have started an epidemic in New York.

    How can we really trust him to have actually given the authorities the true date as to when the symptoms started, after all, he stated that he was already feeling unwell BEFORE he went out.

    And we already know that Ebola can survive in the right conditions, for up to several months out side the host, and can also be spread by sneezing or a cough. Ebola may already be setting up home in New York. And not everybody who falls ill with it will bother going to the hospital due to costs, fear etc.

    Congratulations DOCTOR Craig Spencer. Probably the worlds worst judgement call EVER!!!


  11. Dale says:

    If that is true the handling if money would also be an issue. Contaminated money can move through many hands in a day. O.O


  12. Yellow Bird says:

    UPDATE: Nurse Nina Pham, released Fri morning from Bethesda, was immediately flown to DC for official greetings, statements and well-wishings all round. In her prepared public announcement later that day, she comments that she still needs time to regain her strength and requests to be left alone by the press.
    Apparently it was a very long day in Washington… according to news reports, she finally disembarked back home in Ft Worth “shortly before midnight”.
    Although i have to say she looks quite fabulous, with no sign of recent illness or any physical weakness evident in footage, i would think Official Well-Wishers Inc might have done better to have permitted her to go straight home for the extended quiet recuperation she expressed a wish for, perhaps hosting a more intimate celebration at her discretion there in her home community.

    Instead, it appears the hoopla in DC was more for PR than for miss Pham’s actual benefit.

    this video seems to have an intermittent stream, sometimes it plays and other times a message will pop up saying the stream is removed, but if you can get it to play its a little longer than most of the Official Statement clips. This one shows her walking out to meet the press under the protective arm of… someone familiar, can’t quite place who it is.

    checked if shes commenting on facebook, naturally the first two sites are obviously bogus. what’s interesting is they were both put up in 2012, evidently by the same person, with no activity until matching comments posted 10/24 & 10/25 designed to make a casual reader think each is legit but the other is not. this sort of facebook nonsense is not unheard of. but it does seem a bit of a coincidence that 2 years ago someone randomly selected her name for a phony set up when 2 years ago she was… no one?
    here’s her actual page, most recently updated Aug 1.

    ive been hunting for info on Mystery Boyfriend, who was also allegedly quarantined. most reports are dubioius at best, but gleaning from all the hyperbolic rumor:
    according to this whistle-blower blog, he is allegedly DARREN SCHREDER, a Contract Specialist (aka field rep) for ALCON, a $10billion Nestle/Novartis-owned opthalmic pharmaceutical firm with over 23,000 employees.
    here is a photo of the internal memo Alcon sent round:

    and what appears to be a transcript:

    Assuming these are genuine articles, Alcon did indeed acknowlege an employee -unnamed- being placed in quarantine Sun 12 Oct. “This precautionary measure was taken due to the fact that the associate was in contact with the Texas Health Presbyterian health care worker who has recently tested positive for the virus”
    Others in the local community identified his name in comments somewhere else, which were then clipped & pasted into the cited blog. i have not located the original source.

    Miss Pham does have Darren on her friend list. A few hours ago, he changed his profile pic to one of himself and ?Nina? but it is hard to tell for sure. He has privacy settings on & his page is not loading anything before early Sept. He posted a photo of a purple nurse’s scrub on Oct 24, under which there is a single cryptic comment “Nurses who once wore purple scrubs are the best!” A definite reference to Nina. He posted it the day of her release, and the comment was placed by a very close friend of Nina’s Ashlee Mitchell (obvious from her own FB page). On Ashlee’s page, another mutual friend commented cryptically under one of the photos “Watch what you post” – I could not tell what she was referring to. However, i noticed that hers was the only friend’s page that seemed to be posting specifically about Nina’s visit to isolation. Kinda odd.

    i found his Twitter account which has no posts since Dec 2012, coincidentally just when the 2 bogus Nina Pham FB accounts were opened. He made no twitter posts of any substance whatsoever.

    And that is literally ALL there is on the fellah, other than basic People Finder type entries that do indeed place him in Texas. Evidently he is the only Darren Schreder in the entire country, if you choose to believe those type of listings.

    What does all this mean? i dunno. Nothing probably. Its just the conspicuous LACK of anything much at a community level that is troubling me. It just seems like… there should be a whole lot more than the carefully prepared press reports and approved news releases. Same goes for Amber Vinson, or for that matter, homespun local media reporting out of West Africa at a community level. Just. Not. Finding it.

    Conjecture… but if one takes the time to thoroughly investigate some of the other main characters, what would show up? More 2 dimensional visual effects? Or perhaps another fascinating background story as with Ashoka? Either way, something isnt coming across quite… real.


  13. stevenj says:

    In other words, “airborne” – which many have been saying for weeks… Which means it’s spread as easily as the flu and common cold. Wake up World – This WILL be a major pandemic, helped along by the refusal to ban travel of those in the Hot Zones and the failure to mandatorily quarantine those who may have been exposed to the virus. And, after all, any travel restrictions would hurt the bottom line of the travel industry and airlines, as well as negatively affect the economies of the Hot Zone countries. Better to kill a lot of people here in the U.S. and in the West than to “hurt” the economies of the Hot Zone countries… But that’s the official position of the morons running our country…


  14. niebo says:

    And yet this information has been “known” for . . . how long?


  15. Yellow Bird says:

    some additional for wondering about…

    Spanish Nurse Maria Teresa Romero Ramos
    Husband Javier Limon Romero

    note, Nurse Ramos is still in hospital in Madrid, latest update says she has FINALLY tested negative, 3x. Looking at photos it is evident she has lost a good deal of weight, she is quite pale and her hair also appears thin. Obvious she’s been through a physically challenging ordeal. One spanish language report from a week or so ago, tho difficult to understand using Google Translates, indicated she’d nearly died from pulmonary complications. She has not yet been released. “She received two main treatments… The first was an IV drip with the antibodies of an Ebola survivor — a Catholic nun who survived the disease in West Africa. And… an experimental anti-viral drug, favipiravir”

    Excalibur, the Spanish couple’s dog who was euthanized although he showed no symptoms.
    Bentley, Nurse Nina Pham’s dog who has also repeatedly tested negative for the virus yet remains under quarantine until Nov 1, “just in case”, per Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.


  16. Yellow Bird says:

    Dr Craig Spencer,
    currently in isolation in Bellevue Hospital NYC.
    No recent updates on his condition, the Official Press seems much more interested today in lambasting him for having “lied” about whether he’d remained exclusively on what had been a voluntary quarantine post-return to the States. Although he’d not felt ill yet the night he went on the town, the press seems determined to tar & feather him. It does not seem to matter that he promptly reported fever when it finally showed some 12 hours after he’d gone back home…

    >September 16: Dr Craig Spencer flew to Guinea to treat Ebola patients as a member of the French organization Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontiers)
    >October 14: Dr Spencer departed Guinea on a flight to Brussels. He reported no symptoms.
    >October 17: He boarded a flight to the U.S. on Brussels Airlines Flight SN0501. Reported no symptoms. Arrived at JFK and was screened with no symptoms upon arrival.
    >October 21: At 7 AM, he reported fatigue and exhaustion. NO fever, vomiting, diarrhea.
    At around 3:00 PM, Dr Spencer visited The Meatball Shop for 40 minutes. The Meatball Shop is located at 64 Greenwich Avenue.
    Around 4:30 PM, he visited the High Line. Walked on High Line and stopped at the Blue Bottle Coffee stand (10th Ave & W 16th St)
    At around 5:30 PM, he got off the High Line at 34th Street and took the 1 train to the 145th Street station.
    >October 22: At around 1:00 PM, Dr Spencer went running along Riverside Drive and Westside Highway.
    Around 2:00 PM, he went to pick up Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm share at 143rd St and Amsterdam Avenue (Corbin Hill Farm) and picked up a box which he took to his apartment.
    At around 5:30 PM, Dr Spencer left for The Gutter bowling alley in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with two friends. For his arrival at Gutter, he took the A train at 145th Street and transferred at 14th Street and took the L train to Bedford Avenue.
    Around 8:30 PM, Dr Spencer left The Gutter. For his return trip, he used Uber as his means of transportation.
    >>October 23: Around 10:15AM, he first reported a fever. At this point, he called Medecins Sans Frontieres and the New York City Health Department. He was immediately taken to Bellevue by FDNY EMS.
    >>October 24: Dr Spencer is given a transfusion with blood taken from Ebola survivor Nancy Writebol after it is discovered they share a blood type ”
    >>October 28: He is reported to be in a ‘serous but stable’ condition after being treated with more blood plasma

    Nor does it matter that the Official Press Statement about the level of initial fever was blatantly erroneous:
    “Health officials initially said that Dr. Spencer had a 103-degree fever when he reported his symptoms to authorities at around 11 a.m. on Thursday. But on Friday, health officials said that was incorrect and that Dr. Spencer reported having a 100.3-degree fever. They said the mistake was because of a transcription error.”

    Good ole Transcription Errors. Gotta love those. Dallas had a couple too, i seem to recall.
    Nevertheless, let the Official Public Freaking Out begin

    But honestly what we should all expect, based on the experience of the 2 previous precedents Nina and Amber, is he should simply spontaneously recover within 7 or 8 days- after all, he received his first transfusion of survivor’s blood within approximately the first 24 hours. And the Experts have been claiming that was the magic ticket for Nurse Pham’s speedy recovery. One might even suppose he’ll be recovering all the quicker for having received not just one, but TWO transfusions- the second one just yesterday (10/28).
    I’m curious to know what the common blood type is for Dr Spencer and Nurse Writebol. so far, ive not been able to find that info published anywhere. its not possibly the same Mr Thomas the Liberian had, though he received no serum?
    just supposing, obviously… what do i know about anything.


  17. Yellow Bird says:

    and then there’s always the Situation involving NON-ebola patient Nurse Kaci Hickox, and her INvoluntary Quarantine. “Hickox insists that, from her arrival through now, she has felt fine and that she’s twice tested negative for Ebola.” At one point, a forehead thermometer allegedly read her temp at (oops, more Transcription Errors) 100.1 Or was it 101? Either way, “the fever subsided”… and Nurse Hickox insists she never had a fever at all. Maybe she too spontaneously recovered? Of course i am being fascetious.
    Nevertheless Community Freak Outs & Character Bashing abounds, and maybe that’s the whole point:

    and then there’s this:
    how very interesting. even if all in this expose is not accurate, this nurse is not just a random nobody. while i havent yet checked it all out thoroughly… Kaci Hickox is indeed an officer of the EIS, the Epidemic Intelligence Service. No wonder she’s having a cow at being singled out for a test quarantine. she is an outspoken sort… one might wonder WHO she may have gotten up the wrong side of, while out in the field.


  18. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    …Of course..We all knew that; and it has been expressed often in these posts…So is CDC stupid or just full of lies?..Then again; does it really matter? God wins… Check mate world.


  19. The late Prof Margaretha Isaacson, who was the co-discoverer of the Ebola and other haemorrhagic fever virus when she was the top virologist at the South African medical institute, frequently warned in her many reports about controlling all these haemorrhagic fever viruses – including Ebola – that she and her research teams had found countless times while being sent out to control outbreaks in the rest of Africa, that blood spattered around by such patients immersed in fine droplets which, when inhaled, would cause infection in others. The fact that her advice was so grossly disregarded by the World Health Organisations’ current claims, shows you how ill-served the world is with this body of ‘experts’ at the WHO, who seem to be controlled more by political concerns than by the concerns for the public health of all people worldwide. As a now retired SouthAfrican/Dutch medical journalist for the Sunday Times of Johannesburg, I interviewed Dr Isaacson frequently and she led active campaigns amongst the local health-carers in South Africa, especially amongst cleaning crews and medical staff, to remain alert to avoiding the blood-droplets which float around Ebola patients in closed-in spaces and also end up in air-conditioning systems. Hospitals who ignore this directive do so at their own risk. The best advice she has still given thus far to contain the epidemic, is to start at local-level by closing off the villages, by contacting the local witch-doctors and find out how many patients have really already died after visiting their witch-doctors first. That was one of the first measures her research teams always initiated because black tribal people will always first go to their own tribal witchdoctors if something ails them – and only turn to ‘Western’ science as a last resort, when it’s far too late. And due to the fact that the tribes of Africa often live in both sides of borders drawn up several centuries ago by Western powers, it’s quite natural that this process of visiting the witch-doctors first, will see the disease spread unless the local authorities close down the town and refuse to let anybody travel anywhere until the disease has raged itself out. Ebola is ‘curable’ if it’s a secondary infection caught from someone else. And many people do survive Ebola and carry valuable antibodies in their blood which can be turned into blood-plasma with which ill patients can and have been treated successfully in the past by the Isaacson research teams. It’s too bad that the advice by these pioneers from South Africa has been ignored because of political reasons. But it’s never too late. This is Margaretha Isaacson’s advice on how to avoid air-crews on aircraft from being infected by Ebola patients transported on their planes. Note her comment about the ‘blood-droplets’ . Let’s stop playing politics with Ebola. Use the expertise which has already been built up by smart and gutsy South African researchers.


  20. andy says:

    Neanderthal is standing in front of a transformer and wonders why did they build this thing to make noise?


  21. Taken as directed says:

    Does anyone know how many people have tested positive for the Ebola virus on U.S. soil (excluding the two nurses)?


  22. tonic says:

    Probably the most important revelation to date.
    Delivered by Alvin.
    Full stop.
    No opinions offered anymore, because they might be “wrong” as if the people who support this site care.
    Awareness of difficulties ahead has been pinpointed, (no).
    Disconnection from friends (easy) not so easy.
    Ignore all the science in TEP.
    Absolutely not.
    Support a site that the leader chooses to sit on the settee, that is up to him.
    Just wish he would let us know. I need to move on, but admiration and respect prevent it.

    Will this comment get posted. Nope.


  23. jpmills says:

    To the administrator…I don’t know how to contact you personally..I have heard rumors that NASA has issued a warning that the earth will experience a black out for 6 days during December due to a solar storm…is there any credibility to this story or is it a hoax?


  24. L.Edwards says:

    Snot is a bodily fluid. Typical government and media covering things up to calm the masses.
    Well, no species is immortal. Maybe our time to go has come? All these volcanoes, earthquakes, virus outbreaks and whatnot…..


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