Powerful X-Class solar flares hit Earth, cause radio blackouts – largest sunspot seen in 24 years

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October 2014SPACE At 17:09 UT (12:09 p.m. EDT) today (Saturday), active region (AR) 2192 erupted with another X-class flare directed at Earth. This is the second powerful eruption in less than 24 hours to be triggered from the large sunspot that occupies the region. Today’s flare registered at X1 on the solar flare Richter Scale, the most powerful class of flare, but weaker than Friday’s X3-class flare. Further radio black-outs have been recorded on the daytime side of the Earth, but, once again, today’s flare did not generate a significant coronal mass ejection (CME). There was already a high probability that active region (AR) 2192 was going to erupt with a powerful solar flare, so it came as little surprise when, yesterday, the huge sunspot fired a powerful X-class flare right at Earth. And we sure did feel its impact.
The sun has a myriad of effects on Earth during intense solar activity. When a flare erupts in the lower solar corona, the radiation generated can cause extreme ionization in the upper atmosphere, interfering with the propagation of high-frequency radio waves, meddling with global communications. Signals from global positioning satellites (GPS) can be interrupted, air traffic communications can get patchy and the interference can even be measured by amateur radio operators. On Friday at 21:40 UT (4:40 p.m. EDT), AR2192 erupted with an X3-class flare as the huge sunspot was facing Earth. Like looking down the barrel of a solar gun, the region crackled with X-ray and extreme-utraviolet (EUV) radiation that immediately washed over the Earth’s ionosphere. A “radio blackout” was reported across the sun-facing side of our planet, including much of the US. With the immediate effects of the X-class flare (which is the most powerful class of flare) subsiding, solar scientists monitored the region for any trace of a coronal mass ejection that may have been associated with the flare.
 Coronal mass ejections, or CMEs, are magnetic bubbles of highly-energetic particles that are hurled into space from the sun’s lower corona. They may take hours or days to reach Earth orbit, but their impact on our planet’s magnetosphere can be dramatic. However, it appears that yesterday’s flare did not launch a CME. In fact, none of the dozens of flares (all of lesser energies than yesterday’s event) AR2192 has produced have generated a CME, which is interesting. Although CMEs and flares are thought to be triggered by a common phenomenon (magnetic reconnection in the lower corona), they are not necessarily triggered at the same time. A flare may occur without a CME and vice versa. But for an active region not to generate any significant CMEs, and yet still generate a large number of flares, is rare. Needless to say, space weather forecasters will be studying this large sunspot — the largest sunspot seen on the sun for 24 years — until it rotates out of view to understand what is going on. –Discovery
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12 Responses to Powerful X-Class solar flares hit Earth, cause radio blackouts – largest sunspot seen in 24 years

  1. John says:

    I read somewhere that an X flare has to be at least an X15 type of flare before it can come to being a Carrington Effect flare. Most astronomers think that Carrington Effect flares happen around evey 500 years, but they are not 100 percent certain since the last one ever measured or ever observed was back in the 1800’s.


  2. omanuel says:

    At some point that I can’t predict the Sun’s pulsar core will reveal itself as the creator, destroyer and sustainer of every atom, life and world in the solar system [1].

    Climategate emails that surfaced in Nov 2009 – and five years of official excuses for data manipulation – have finally shown the validity of George Orwell’s warning in a book he started writing in 1946 on a new totalitarian government that would rule society by deception: “Nineteen Eighty-Four.”

    I was too caught up in self to grasp the signifance of lock-step consensus science in 1984.

    Twenty- five years later – thanks to
    Climategate – we now know why the foundations of astronomy, astro- and nuclear physics and cosmology were changed in 1946 [1] – the year George Orwell started writing “Nineteen Eighty-Four.”

    1. “Solar energy,” submitted to Advances in Astronomy, 2014


  3. Irene C says:

    I was watching the partial solar eclipse on the internet and it was fascinating seeing that sunspot on the live stream. Thankful it didn’t result with a CME and praying it won’t at least until it’s not facing our planet.


  4. Rose G says:

    We heard loud thundering sounds in Lancaster County, PA for the entire day. At times our mobile home shook. Any one near PA hear this or experience? Not sure if it is connected to micro earthquakes.


  5. Donna Seitzinger says:

    When I spoke with Dee she mentioned that she and Bob were using his telescope to see the moon and he showed her the strong possibility of a solar flare hitting earth and here it is !



  6. No wonder I had a headache for a couple of days Alvin.. Thank you 🙂


  7. Frankie says:

    seen the spots during the solar eclipse, amazing time to be alive!!


  8. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    Sorry to be a little off topic here Alvin; but with the partial solar eclipse that recently occurred, I noticed on a calendar that the Islamic new year started just two days later. I mention this for two reasons..One the sun took on the shape of a crescent [ not the moon of course.] just two days before Islamic New Year and this solar eclipse is in the middle of the four total lunar eclipses [ blood moons ] that are falling on passover and feast of tabernacles [ twice each ]. just seems too eerie for me to just pass off as total coincidence.Any thoughts on this?


  9. Robert M. says:

    I was atop Grandfather Mountain (located in East Tennessee), and lost ALL signalling with my personal GPS. The unit would literally not even power on for the remainder of the day. The next morning, it “clicked on” fine.

    I was wondering what had happened (at the moment), and was even considering buying a new one (this one is not even a year old). I came here, and now I know!

    Thanks so much Alvin!!!


    • Yellow Bird says:

      oh! our computer took a royal dump midafternoon saturday PST… also connected or simple coincidence, i wonder? will have to pay better attention


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