Major volcanic eruption could make Japan ‘extinct,’ study warns

October 2014EARTH One major volcanic eruption could make Japan “extinct,” a study by experts at Kobe University warns, although the chances of that happening are relatively slim. The study, by Prof. Yoshiyuki Tatsumi and Associate Prof. Keiko Suzuki, concludes that the chance of a big eruption that would disrupt the lives of everyone in Japan are about 1% over the next 100 years. The researchers based their findings on the cycles and impacts of major eruptions in Japan on the study of the Aira Caldera near what is now the city of Kagoshima on southern Kyushu island. The caldera was created 28,000 years ago and has a diameter of 20 kilometers. If a similar eruption were to take place in the area today, within about two hours the flow of molten rock, lava and ash would cover an area in which seven million now live. A large amount of ash would be carried across the country, shutting down transportation and other key systems, disrupting the lives of nearly 120 million people, or almost everyone in Japan.
“We should be aware,” the researchers warn in their report to be published in November. “It wouldn’t be a surprise if such gigantic eruption were to take place at any moment.” The study pointed out that following the eruption of the Kikai Caldera over 7,000 years ago off what is now the southern tip of Kyushu, it took 1,000 years for human settlement in the area to recover. The study also said approximately 7% of all volcanoes that have erupted over the past 10,000 years are located in Japan. The professors warned that volcanic activity, especially in Kyushu, should be closely studied and monitored. The eruption of Mount Ontake in central Japan in September killed 56 people and left seven still missing. It was the first fatal eruption in 14 years in Japan. –WSJ
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8 Responses to Major volcanic eruption could make Japan ‘extinct,’ study warns

  1. John says:

    I wonder if the Japanese leaders have ever considered looking for a small country where their race could slowly immigrate and then in time become the majority in that country and then take over the government by demographic demand. Maybe they could start with Hawaii. They tried to claim a lot more territory during WW II, but they were to greedy. If they had just stopped with Korea, then they probably could have taken over that land mass and today it would be part of Japan. Just like Hitler, he should have stopped with Austria, Czechloslovakia, and the Saarland. Greed will do a dictator in every time. Putin is taking it slow. He has Georgia, and Crimea in the bag, and soon he’ll have Ukraine. I think he will stop with Ukraine and call it quits.


  2. Irene C says:

    Definitely would not be a good day for Japan or the surrounding area. Big boom, ash cloud, and possible tsunami.


  3. I went to a spiritual venue in the year 2011.. And one of the things which was channelled there then was the destruction of the Island of Japan. I had thought it may come from the Nuclear disaster of Fukushima. The Volcanic activity is certainly on the increase around the ring of fire. And our Earth Mother I feel will be heard by us ALL..

    Thank you for all you do Alvin.. Enjoy your week.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    This is a subject well discussed after the 2011 earthquake and mentioned in Alvins first book.

    Alvin, if I remember, since I’ve been visiting this site for over four or so years, you have warned us
    “To watch the Far East in regard to significant earth change/land deformation and that it would began there and then the rest of the world”.

    It probably would be a good idea to revisit the archives from that time.

    One interest fact is that and some people may disregard this, the earthquake occurred exactly
    one year to the date that The Government of Japan severely admonished Israel for new settlements in East Jerusalem to the point that a person might think they were going to withdraw their ambassador and declare war.
    Nevertheless, this is one area many people are ignoring in my opinion and that are the forthcoming earth changes in the mist of other events.

    We also live in a world that is changing under our feet .


  5. Deirdre says:

    Dear Alvin,
    Are there any mass evac plans by their govt; some pre-warnings, so these folks can get out of there? I can’t imagine millions of people just perishing, if some scientists know this could end Japan. How sad.


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