Ebola Crisis: NJ Gov. Christie predicts quarantine will soon become ‘national policy’

October 2014 WASHINGTONNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he has no second thoughts about enacting a 21-day medical quarantine on medical workers returning from treating Ebola patients in West Africa. “I think this is a policy that will become a national policy sooner rather than later,” the Republican governor said on “Fox News Sunday,” emphasizing the population density of his state and the New York metropolitan area. “The fact of the matter is that the CDC protocol, is as Dr. [Anthony] Fauci admitted himself, had been a moving target,” Christi added, referring to an earlier interview on the same show by the director of the Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
“It was my conclusion that we needed to do this to protect the public health of the people of New Jersey,” Christie said.” [New York] Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo agreed, and now [Chicago] Mayor [Rahm] Emanuel agrees, and I think the CDC eventually will come around to our point of view on this. This is government’s job,” Christie said. “We have taken this action, and I have no second thoughts about it.” –Politico
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7 Responses to Ebola Crisis: NJ Gov. Christie predicts quarantine will soon become ‘national policy’

  1. Janice says:

    I applaud NY, NJ, Ill. & Fla.  for their new airport quarantine policy.  The only “right” a returning Ebola Zone traveler of ANY TYPE has… is to verify an Ebola-free health status.

    Ms. Hickox can spare me her theatrics.   Again the entitlement syndrome  shown by “Doctors Without Borders” is astounding.  This nurse most likely has NO problem with official quarantine orders  for African travelers like the recent 6 in Connecticut.

    Her experiences were typical of hospital ER waiting rooms.   She was asked lots of questions, got no answers, was clueless, frightened & sat for hours with no one uttering a word.   Callous, abrupt, ill-tempered, overworked, non-communicative staff can be the norm.  At least she got a granola bar, water & then special, private accommodations.  Has she not kept abreast of the absolute chaos that’s occurred over the past 3-4 weeks in America?   Or is it all about her heroic sacrifice & inconvenience?   

    There’s no doubt in my husbands military mind that Nurse Hickox would have gone about her normal routine as “advised” by DWB.  She would have done as she damn well pleased with no regard for the public. She would not have self-isolated because DWB says that’s unnecessary.
    She would have wandered through some city until, maybe like Dr. Snyder, SHE exhibited symptoms & was in distress.  

    Do all returning healthcare workers feel a sense of entitlement & superiority for having served in Africa? THEY not the public take the risk of working in the Hot Zone. Hands-on, direct care of or close contact exposure with Ebola patients should result in an automatic, immediate, full 21 day quarantine period.

    What an arrogant  disregard for the PUBLIC’S need/right to be assured of Ebola-Free travelers.   

    It took just 2 cases….Duncan & Dr. Spencer, to shatter our illusions about healthcare worker risk factors.   Ms. Hickox  can blissfully resume her normal life if she is Ebola-Free  after her 21 days isolation.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Don’t let a good crisis go to waste.

    Can anyone say medical martial law………

    In my opinion, people need to have a least 30 days or more of supplies within their home.
    If you are awaiting for the signs to do that, this is one and you are way behind……..

    In my opinion, you may need to defend it because the hearts of men(women) are getting more evil now. If you don’t believe that, then you will be just bait.

    it is terrible to write of these things, but all areas of our society is falling into chaos and confusion it seems.


  3. Judy Clarke says:

    As a Nurse I must say that this protocol should have been put in place from day 1, however I must add, that the previous nurse who’s experience was disgusting, where she was treated like a criminal by the guards and staff and her days were filled with fear, boredom and feeling less than human. They should be allowed their personal computers, smart phones and books, journals etc on the proviso they are all destroyed if she is found to be infected, but at least their days will be filled. This is precautionary, they are not criminals, in fact they are the opposite – hero’s and should be treated with respect and a little more understanding.


  4. TexasRedNeck says:

    Christie is the same as Obama, the Ebola scare is nothing but a tactic used to condition people to get used to the idea of being ” quarantined ” for the safety of everyone only to find out too late what the real goal is for the NWO. They want all of us locked up in FEMA CAMPS so they can dispose of us when they feel the need to do so.


  5. 'ter says:

    Given not only the virulent nature of ebola but the fact that, at this time, we don’t have a known cure and the resultant obvious devastating effects that could follow an outbreak spread by even only one infected person: EVERY person who returns from known ebola infected areas, (currently west Africa), should be quarantined on their return arrival point – regardless of the numbers involved and regardless of their apparent medical status.

    And the way CNN are sensationally and thus harmfully talking about current decisions being taken by Christie, good decisions taken by Christie, if you lot don’t follow rigorous quarantining procedures, regardless of whether or not people returning are displaying an illness, we might soon have to consider the USA an ebola infected area and as a result, lock you lot up whenever you leave American territorial lands ~ not such a bad thing really when you think about it and let’s face it, only about 74 Americans have passports, don’t they????


  6. niebo says:

    OK dudes, like, I must admit, cynicist that I am, that, you know, this particular turn of events, or POTENTIATED turn of events, is, like, no surprise to me whatsoever. I mean, when you considerate that FAA has not instituted a ban on flights from West African countries (because the admin has not instructed them to), and when you pontificate that our southern border is, like, open to everybody who can wade across the Rio Grande (because the same admin has done nothing to stop it), and when you thimk about the “observation as opposed to quarantine” practices of the CDC, not to MENTIONIFY that they have for months now NOT being obeying their own protocols (because the, again, SAME admin has not smacked them on the hand to do otherwise), then even a bonger (blurble, blurble, blurble) like me can deductify that, IF there is an outbreak of Ebola in THESE United States, it’s because this admin has allowed it to happen. Whether it’s due to inaction, ignorance, laziness, or preoccupation with Scottish sports, we have a series of excuses that amount to, at the very least, careless endangerment of the population. So, now, we have states of emergency in Connecticut (did I spel that rite?) and threats of quarantine in NJ, which is, like, the governor people saying “OK, Dudes and Dudettes, cuz WE screwed up repeatedly, YOU guys, like, you know, have to be punished for it. And maybe killed in the process. Ooops.”

    Do I agree that quarantine is a solution? Of course. But if ANYBODY had done any number of other things to keep Ebola out, first, or second (or third or fourth), quarantine would be A solution, rather than THE solution that it seems to be metamorphising, er, metamorphisising, er, metastasizing into.




  7. Bruce Wayne says:

    yes, it will once it doesn’t matter anyway. Once enough people have the disease it will be ok to quarantine anyway


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