Japan warns of increased activity at volcano near nuclear plant

October 2014JAPAN Japan warned on Friday that a volcano in southern Japan located roughly 64 km (40 miles) from a nuclear plant was showing signs of increased activity that could possibly lead to a small-scale eruption and warned people to stay away from the summit. The warning comes nearly a month after another volcano, Mt Ontake, erupted suddenly when crowded with hikers, killing 57 people in Japan’s worst volcanic disaster in nearly 90 years. Ioyama, a mountain on the southwestern island of Kyushu, has been shaken by small tremors and other signs of rising volcanic activity recently, including a tremor lasting as long as seven minutes, an official at the Japan Meteorological Agency’s volcano division said. “There is an increase in activity that under certain circumstances could even lead to a small scale eruption, but it is not in danger of an imminent, major eruption,” the official said. The warning level on the mountain has been raised from the lowest possible level, normal, to the second lowest, which means that the area around the crater is dangerous, he added.
Ioyama lies in the volcanically active Kirishima mountain range and is roughly 64 km from the Sendai nuclear plant run by Kyushu Electric Power Co, which the Japanese government wants to restart even though the public remains opposed to nuclear power following the Fukushima crisis. Critics point out that the Sendai plant is located about 50 kms (31 miles) from Mount Sakurajima, an active volcano that erupts frequently. Five giant calderas, crater-like depressions formed by past eruptions, are also in the region, the closest one 40 kms (25 miles) away. The plant still needs to pass operational safety checks as well as gain the approval of local authorities and may not restart till next year. –Reuters
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8 Responses to Japan warns of increased activity at volcano near nuclear plant

  1. noirfifre says:

    I do not think it is a good idea to restart that nuclear plant with an active volcano in the background.


  2. Oh so much destruction ,were in for a real ride feeling bad for the next generation ,we have left them chaos , 😦

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    • Yes it appears we are leaving our younger generation our grandchildren much to contend with.. That is why its all the more important for us to change our ways and learn to live with nature.. And help them understand the importance of Self sufficiency and Eco friendly.. The Earth will always eventually regenerate and recover.. However Will the Human Species still be here? I Wonder, not if we carry on as we have done over the last 100 yrs.. As we have polluted and destroyed and made extinct so many of our precious wildlife.
      Mother Earth is perhaps saying she has had enough.. And we may all of us get a HUGE Wake up call shortly..

      Nice chatting with you Elizabeth


  3. Dennis E. says:

    It is what it is.
    How many nuclear plants are built near fault lines?
    A few.
    But on the other hand, about three years ago, after the 2011 earthquake, I remember many postings regarding the possibility of Japan or parts of it, sinking,into the ocean.
    No. It was a very serious subject regarding future earth change events……….

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  4. niebo says:

    I wonder sometimes if, like, you know, one of the requirements for nuclear reactors is to BUILD them on or geologically unstable ground. Tectonic fault: PERFECT!! Volcanic rift: WOO-HOO!!


  5. AC says:

    Do Japanese civil engineers have to take mandatory courses in poor decision making like ours presumably do in the US?


  6. Which leads me back to my last comment on your next post.


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