Budding Nightmare: Toddler who brought Ebola virus to Mali dies – 43 people in isolation who had close contact

October 2014 BAMAKO, Mali Many people in Mali are at high risk of catching Ebola because the toddler who brought the disease to the country was bleeding from her nose as she travelled on a bus from Guinea, the World Health Organization warned Friday. The U.N. agency is treating the situation as an emergency since many people may have had “high-risk exposures” to the 2-year-old girl during her journey through several towns in Mali, including two hours in the capital, Bamako. The girl was travelling with her grandmother. The toddler died in an isolation tent at a hospital in the western city of Kayes on Friday, according to a nurse at the facility, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press. This is the first Ebola case in Mali and may expand to many more. The case highlights how quickly the virus can hop borders and even oceans, just as questions are being asked about what precautions health care workers who treat Ebola patients should take when they return home from the hot zone. Doctors Without Borders insisted Friday, after one of its doctors who worked in Guinea came down with Ebola in New York, that quarantines of returning health workers are not necessary when they do not show symptoms of the disease.
In the Mali case, however, the girl was visibly sick, WHO said, and an initial investigation has identified 43 people, including 10 health workers, she came into close contact with who are being monitored for symptoms and held in isolation. The child was confirmed to have Ebola on Thursday. “The child’s symptomatic state during the bus journey is especially concerning, as it presented multiple opportunities for exposures — including high-risk exposures — involving many people,” the agency said in a statement. The girl first went to a clinic in Mali on Monday and she was initially treated for typhoid, which she tested positive for. When she did not improve, she was tested for Ebola, and she is now being treated in isolation in the western city of Kayes. Mali has long been considered highly vulnerable to Ebola’s spread since it shares a border with the Ebola-hit countries of Guinea and Senegal, and staff from WHO and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were already there helping to prepare for a case. More WHO staff are being deployed. The Ebola outbreak began in Guinea and has since spread to five other West African countries. The virus has also been imported to Spain and the United States. On Thursday, Craig Spencer, who had been working with Doctors Without Borders in Guinea and returned home to the U.S. about a week before, reported a fever and is now being treated at a New York hospital.
Some countries have banned travelers from the three main Ebola countries — Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone — and the U.S. started health screening of travelers arriving from there. But Doctors Without Borders said having its staffers quarantine themselves after leaving a country with Ebola is going too far if no symptoms are evident. A person infected with Ebola is not contagious until he or she starts showing symptoms. “As long as a returned staff member does not experience any symptoms, normal life can proceed,” Doctors Without Borders said in a statement sent to The Associated Press on Friday. “Self-quarantine is neither warranted nor recommended when a person is not displaying Ebola-like symptoms. Extremely strict procedures are in place for staff dispatched to Ebola affected countries before, during, and after their assignments,” said Sophie Delaunay, the group’s executive director, said in a statement. “Despite the strict protocols, risk cannot be completely eliminated. However, close post-assignment monitoring allows for early detection of cases and for swift isolation and medical management.” The group is investigating how Spencer became infected, it said. –CTV News
Hundreds exposed? A two-year-old Mali girl, who became the first to die of Ebola in the country, could have exposed hundreds of people to the deadly disease. The tot, who has not been identified, had travelled hundreds of kilometers by bus with her grandmother to seek treatment. Health workers are now scrambling to trace hundreds of people she may have come into contact with. In a statement Mali’s government confirmed the death and said: “In this moment of sadness, the government would like to express its condolences to her family and reminds the population that maintain very strict hygiene rules remains the best way to contain this disease.” Ebola has killed 4,900 people mainly in nearby Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. –ITV
Contagious when trip began: On Thursday, Health Minister Ousmane Kone told state television that she had traveled from neighboring Guinea, where more than 900 people have died in an outbreak that has killed nearly 4,900 and infected more than 9,900 others. The girl was admitted to a hospital on Wednesday night, where she tested positive for Ebola. Health officials told the World Health Organization (WHO), according to a report released Friday, that she was accompanied to Mali by her grandmother. The girl’s mother was reported to have died a few weeks earlier, but WHO could not yet confirm that the grandmother went to Kissidougou, in southern Guinea, for the funeral. The pair returned to Mali by public transportation and arrived in the capital, Bamako, where they stayed for two hours before moving on to Kayes. The girl had begun bleeding from the nose before she left Guinea, the report found, “meaning that the child was symptomatic during their travels through Mali” and that “multiple opportunities for exposure occurred when the child was visibly symptomatic.” –Time
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10 Responses to Budding Nightmare: Toddler who brought Ebola virus to Mali dies – 43 people in isolation who had close contact

  1. Janice says:

    So sad & disheartening. But again, if no one was in DIRECT contact w/any body fluids, why the scramble for hundreds of contact tracing? If there were no hands on contact & folks did not touch her… why are hundreds being considered for high risk exposure? Things just don’t add up. Are they afraid of air borne transmission? Do they really, truly know?

    But…NYers should not be alarmed we are told. Ebola is not transmitted through non-direct exposure or aerosol particles. You cant get it by casually touching a surface, breathing the same air space or sitting near the infected…within 3 feet. No one need Panic or be concerned.

    Why am I not feeling reassured?

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    • me either,I feel badly about this,this is just so awful.


    • I mean really, the CDC continues to tell us Ebola isn’t airborne. Yet we are told that the Ebola virus lives in all bodily fluids, even including sweat. And saliva! So does the CDC expect us to believe that when we cough and sneeze, every bit of virus contained in those saliva droplets and smaller particles suddenly and immediately dies upon exiting our bodies?

      Does the CDC also expect us to believe that the expelled fluids from coughs and sneezes, upon exiting our bodies, immediately fall to the floor like skyscrapers in demolition freefall? Um, anyone who has ever coughed or sneezed, or witnessed others cough and sneeze, KNOWS that that the expelled aerosolized fluids shoot forth at quite a distance. At least 3 feet, if not farther.

      One of the recent studies I mention below, one from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), researchers have shown that coughs and sneezes are contained within associated gas clouds that keep their potentially infectious droplets aloft over much greater distances. So the “infectious to within 3 feet” statement might be an underestimation. And these droplets and smaller particles DO NOT immediately die upon exiting our bodies, and they DO NOT do a freefall demolition-style to the floor upon exiting our bodies either. They travel aloft into the breathing space of others in our presence. Likely even others within our same room.

      And they land on surfaces. “Like cold germs, Ebola virus particles survive on dry surfaces, like doorknobs and countertops, for several hours. But unlike a cold virus, which primarily infects the respiratory tract, Ebola can also live in bodily fluids like blood and saliva for several days at room temperature.” http://www.businessinsider.com/what-makes-ebola-virus-so-deadly-2014-10 http://read.bi/1sW49Wp

      http://www.naturalnews.com/047177_Ebola_transmission_direct_contact_aerosolized_particles.html http://bit.ly/1u6P3IP



      Aerosolizing ONE DROP of EBOLA = 1/2 MILLION DEAD
      http://bit.ly/1tCk3Gg (Aerosolizing One Drop)



      http://www.wnd.com/2014/10/ebola-victims-without-symptoms-could-still-be-contagious/#E6Xbwu6c0ab5pDft.99 http://bit.ly/1unwpg1

      http://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2014/09/commentary-health-workers-need- optimal-respiratory-protection-ebola

      Also, potrblog on YouTube and at http://pissinontheroses.blogspot.com/ is an excellent source of information about viruses including Ebola as well as Fukushima. Two of his video reports which I include above do contain some startling information. But I believe it is always important to be as fully informed as possible, even if the truth is grim.


      • Yellow Bird says:

        HFH, i really appreciate you posting all these links. this further highlights what i have come to believe is a huge discrepancy between the many official statements of predicted infectiousness and simple observation that 10 months in, there still have been NO POCKETS OF PLAGUE cropping up outside of West Africa.

        Nearly a year into an out-of-control disaster that has by most recent reports infected and killed 3x as many as previous WHO tally, the only pocket thats appeared was in Lagos, begun by an infected man who allegedly spat and urinated on several people in his frantic effort to prove he was not infected. It was contained within less than 2 dozen, all either direct or secondary contacts. No one else. There was a man who went to Senegal and recovered, infecting no one. Another man went to Dallas and infected noone of his home caregivers but reportedly 2 nurses in full gear, one of whom seems to have spontaneously recovered in merely a week. One nurse also in full gear reportedly became ill in Spain and is now in recovery, but information about her case is spotty at best.
        There have been rumors galore of potential Patient Zeros here and there in many countries… yet not one has sparked an outbreak.

        But how amazing! …when tens of thousands have travelled between West African countries and other regions of the world for the whole past year. By recent US estimates, 150 travellers enter the States from West Africa every single day. Thats well over 13,000 travellers just since the beginning of August. Other nations, particularly France and those with french backgrounds, have much more commerce and traffic with West African nations than the US.

        Something hellish is occuring in West Africa, it is certain. At the same time, all reports do not add up equally about contagion in the rest of the world. Why has this thing NOT spread like wildfire far beyond West African borders, long before now??

        Now we watch New York to see what will occur now that one returned doctor went out for the evening symptom-free only to wake next morning with a moderate fever. Dr Spencer immediately sought hospital isolation and did all the right things to minimize/prevent potential exposure of anyone else. As compared to the situations presented by Patrick Sawyer and his fit of public urination, or poor Thomas Duncan who was sent back to his relatives crowded apartment for 2 more days after his initial effort to get medical care 2 days after becoming ill.
        But unless Bellevue massively screws up somehow- in some worse way than Texas Presby- there does not seem to be good reason to believe Dr Spencer will be Patient Zero to New York. Dallas should have been ground zero and wasnt. Even Lagos should have seen many more cases than it did, not to mention among the jet passengers with Patrick Sawyer..


    • aaronwt says:

      Go back and look at the Flu outbreak of 1918. Then you can see how quickly an airborne virus really spreads around the world. It spread crazy fast in 1918 and infected 20% of the worlds population in a short time period. That is what an airborne virus does. Ebola is not an airborne virus. If it were it would be spreading like wildfire.


      • Yellow Bird says:

        again, i agree with your assessment. never mind comparing it to Spanish flu of nearly a century ago, tho- how about a contemporary comparison with the travel of EV-d68? Because it is airborne and highly contagious, it has crisscrossed the US in a matter of weeks. Thankfully, except in rare cases, it is nowhere near as devastating as ebola.


  2. bunbunabun says:

    Depopulation program!


  3. Dennis E. says:

    On the edge of a global medical disaster


  4. Mongoose says:

    The doctor who toured NYC didn’t show signs of illness when he came back either.If African countries can quarantine, why can’t (won’t) we?


  5. Barb Wire says:

    Playing Russian roulette with Ebola is totally uncalled for. 13% of the infected with Ebola do not show or manifest the primary symptoms of Ebola. It only takes one infected person to infect others on contact. Then it takes off and multiplies like wild fire.

    The only way to effectively handle Ebola is to isolate it at the source and let it burn out.

    Americans are being played for stupid.

    Knowing the political motto of never letting a good crisis go to waste. My understanding from what I have seen and heard tells me that people like Obama and his cronies are going to make sure they use this crisis to the max at the expense of the African and American people.
    It appears more and more that Obama lunacy is a permeated attack to infect and kill Americans. The economy is already on a down hill slope to being broke. Ebola could well finish the job.

    What do you want to …do? Rant or seek to become united with other like minded individuals and organize? The only way to handle this is through numbers. People need to organize, only then do they have the power to demand change.

    Does anyone know right from wrong? The only way to handle Ebola is to isolate it. (Stop it before it comes into the country).
    The bottom line is that not closing the borders and allowing open flights to come into the US from countries infected with Ebola, plus risking the lives of over 4000 of our solders sending them to play nurse is not only wrong it is criminal. Risking the lives of millions of people while playing politics rather than protecting the people is wrong and criminal. I am tired of this political BS, lying to the people and will call it what it is. Wrong and criminal. These politicians need to be held accountable if there is a pandemic in this country because of their foolish games. It is time for the people to make a stand. Unless you draw a red line to stop this miss use of power these politicians will own you. When these people who run the country find out they are going to be held accountable lets see how long it takes them to do the things needed for the protection of the people


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