Has Marburg or Ebola made it to Kenya? Suspect case of woman who died of hemorrhagic fever awaits test

October 2014 KENYA Bungoma is a town in Bungoma County of Kenya, bordered by Uganda in the west. Bungoma town was established as a trading centre in the early 20th century. The town is the headquarters of Kenya’s Bungoma County and it hosts a municipal council. As the Ebola virus continues to shake the world, residents at the Kenya Unganda border in Busia have expressed concerns about the measures in place to screen those crossing into Kenya from neighboring countries. This coming just hour after the Marburg scare in Bungoma after a woman died of suspect symptoms. KTN’s Ian Wafula is at the border from where he filed this story. – Standard Digital
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8 Responses to Has Marburg or Ebola made it to Kenya? Suspect case of woman who died of hemorrhagic fever awaits test

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Does it matter? It is a hemorrhagic virus, named after Marburg,Germany from a1967 outbreak from imported infected Green Monkeys or their tissue. Also in Frankfurt,Germany and Belgrade.
    Host of the disease is the African fruit bat according to the CDC site.
    5-10 days after infection for symptoms to appear and they are similar to Ebola.
    Normally a person may be infected by infected bat feces or areosols and can be spread person to person…….Unknown how a person is initially infected in other cases. Both Ebola and Marburg Disease are from the virus family……..Bad family……..


  2. Yellow Bird says:

    now that journalist Ashoka Mukpo is beginning recovery, he is actively tweeting again…
    here is one of today’s observations:
    “ashoka @unkyoka · 3h 3 hours ago
    So far the only people who have contracted Ebola and who weren’t in SL, guinea, or Liberia recently are health workers. Key to remember that”

    appears he may also be wondering what the unmentioned truth might be…


  3. Yellow Bird says:

    here are a couple from before he became ill…
    ashoka @unkyoka · Sep 29
    Lots of talk about how Ebola was brought to Liberia by the West to steal oil and resources, etc. Sad thing is nobody needed Ebola to do that
    ashoka @unkyoka · Sep 29
    One dude told me on the beach last night that only “5 percent” of Ebola deaths are really from Ebola.
    ashoka @unkyoka · Sep 29
    hearing a LOT of “where did Ebola come from” talk in Monrovia.

    recommend everyone read through all his tweets for more on-the-ground insights into the situation in Liberia


  4. Yellow Bird says:

    2 more, alvin, please look at these especially:

    ashoka @unkyoka · Sep 23
    im sure the trend line is still going upwards and maybe nobody’s seeking care, but I’m yet to see this case explosion with my eyes.
    ashoka @unkyoka · Sep 23
    i think the worst case scenario #Ebola numbers are overblown. been here 3 weeks and haven’t seen any huge increase in cases

    yet– during that period the WHO announced Liberia cases had TRIPLED from a mere 694 deaths of 1378 total (Aug 28) –> to 1830 deaths of 3458 total cases (Sept 23)
    surely this journalist, who has spent time in West Africa on more than just this one occasion, is not so clueless he utterly missed it?
    seems like everywhere i look i find discrepancies to wonder about.


  5. Yellow Bird says:

    guess im blowing up the comments section tonite…
    but does this statement strike anyone else as odd?
    “…In Vinson’s case, creating a timeline is complicated because she DID NOT have the classic symptoms of the virus — headache, sore throat, muscle and joint pain, and a spiking fever — EVEN WHEN SHE WAS DIAGNOSED UPON HER RETURN TO DALLAS. “If she had some comments that she was FEELING FUNNY, does that count [as a symptom]?” Braden asked…”

    So– does she or doesnt she? she was in Cleveland for 3 days– which means, if we are to believe the official word in her case, she was symptomatic = ILL WITH EBOLA that whole time- and DIDNT KNOW IT. is that even possible? are we being told she has ebola because its the truth- or for some other reason? in some parts of the US folks are now officially close to panic. or… could that possibly be the point?

    later in the same article, another something a bit odd:
    “…transferred from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Emory successfully treated… Dr. Kent Brantley and nurse Nancy Writebol. They are also treating a third individual, a World Health Organization worker who has never been identified, who was admitted to Emory on Sept. 9.”

    Since Sept 9? Who is this mystery patient and why no press? Why is he still hospitalized 6 weeks later?
    all i could locate on him is this briefest mention from Sept 09:
    “A fourth American aid worker stricken with the Ebola virus arrived early Tuesday in Atlanta for treatment at Emory University Hospital… The patient, whose identity was not released, will be housed in a special isolation unit, according to hospital officials. No additional details were offered.”
    Nor, evidently, were any offered since then…

    here’s yet another article with newsfootage which just seems a little off, this one an update on Nurse Pham. as my post is allready super long, i’ll just add the hyperlink- but please, i hope you’ll all have a look:


  6. Yellow Bird says:

    i havent even begun looking up the new reports of “unidentified ebola/marburg-like” hemorrhagic illnesses popping up now in new regions…
    but believe me, i will


  7. Colleen says:

    When the mass panic sets in, all of the store shelves will be wiped out in less than 24 hours. This Ebola situation is beyond scary. I wonder how long it will take before the stock markets crash?


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