WHO calls Ebola modern world’s worst health crisis

October 2014HEALTHThe World Health Organization says the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is “the most severe, acute health emergency seen in modern times” but adds that economic disruptions can be curbed if people are adequately informed to avoid irrational moves to dodge infection. World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan, citing World Bank figures, today said that 90 per cent of economic costs of any outbreak “come from irrational and disorganized efforts of the public to avoid infection.” In her statement to a regional health conference in Manila, which was read by a WHO official, Chan said educating the public about any disease outbreak is a “good defense strategy.” She praised the Philippines for holding an anti-Ebola summit last week. The Ebola epidemic has killed more than 4,000 people. –Zee News
Inadequate protection against Ebola: The newest case of Ebola to reach the United States raises questions about the effectiveness of the protective gear health care workers wear when treating patients. A hospital worker in Dallas tested positive for the disease Sunday. The nurse treated Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola patient to die in this country. One doctor in Southern Colorado believes it’s possible the nurse was taking off protective gear at the time of infection. “The problem is when you use those you have to take them off in very deliberate fashion,” Dr. John Torres said. “You have to take the suits off in reverse order, somebody helps you take them off, you wash constantly while you’re taking them off so nothing gets transmitted. If a person takes their gloves off and hasn’t washed their hands, rubs their nose, rubs her eye, if the gloves are off and they’re taking the gown off and they peel it back and the outside of the gown touches the skin, it can get on the skin that way.”
Doctors and nurses treating the disease stateside use gear that provides enough protection from bodily fluids, not full hazmat suits. “It’s obviously not being protective enough in certain instances,” Torres said. “I think we need to look at what they’re using in Africa, maybe full body protection.” Torres stressed the transmission of Ebola is not airborne and the risk of the disease spreading to Colorado is extremely low. The latest Ebola’ victim’s identity has not been released. The Center for Disease Control Director Thomas Frieden believes we could see more cases in the coming days as everyone who treated Duncan is now considered to be potentially exposed to the virus. –KRDO
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31 Responses to WHO calls Ebola modern world’s worst health crisis

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Gee……….I could had a V-8 too…………

    Sorry…………….Really not my style, but some things……….


  2. daphne says:

    photos.videOs of otjers without protective gear give credibility to the fact that things jst don’t add up w/this ebola crisis.
    while not being callous,how many deaths annually in these nations where it is endemic ?
    Are people aware that in the USA,flu outbreaks claim as many as 35000 deaths a year ?
    and the CDC and WHO have promoted scatology,fear,hysteria and hype on the flu every year ?
    so what IS the baseline in these nations to begin with for ebola ?


  3. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    I am only going to ask this as a question …I have read that the virus has been detected in the sweat of patients as well as the other fluids the exhibit themselves through orifices and open wounds etc. during the time this disease is contagious. Also, that the virus can live “dry” on non organic materials for a significant amount of time. If this is all true; then it shows the virus is capable of exiting a body through the pores but that would show that the virus can also ENTER a body through the pores as well as any membranes not covered by skin, such as eyes, ears, nasal, etc. So is it possible that the CDC is being deceitful through telling a partial truth? Amazing how much extreme disinfecting is going on even days after Duncan left the place he was staying before going to the hospital. Do they really think that the virus would be in that place that long after he left? Or is it a dog and pony show to make us feel better that something was done after Duncan left?


  4. Wiseguy says:

    Hi Alvin, I know you’re a lot on Ebola’s case lately but this news confirm your work about the earth’s changes and not about human global warming hoax : http://www.sott.net/article/287209-West-Antarctics-Thwaites-glacier-likely-melting-from-geothermal-heat-below-not-from-so-called-global-warming


  5. Judy Clarke says:

    Has anyone thought of testing the air / gases surrounding the body before and after it dies, are they in fact breathing in Ebola in a gaseous form. Remember, this disease mutates, its survival depends upon gaining entry to another host any way it can, so it adapts, its appearing to have intelligence – IT IS MAN MADE YOU KNOW?


  6. Danny Straw says:

    Why is there a guy following the pack with NO protection???


  7. Judy Clarke says:

    At what stage is it called a PANDEMIC? It is already in half a dozen countries within the African continent, plus its in Italy, UK and USA. ITS ALREADY PANDEMIC, and still no country in the world is ready for it. You need trained staff willing to be shut away in quarantine with their patients, you need fenced off quarantine stations housing thousands NOW, well away from general hospitals and built up areas, you need coveralls and suitable clothing. So start building and planning and stop just looking at the paper and talking about how much its spreading, MOVE.


  8. dez says:

    There is no protocol for handling a level 4 contagion such as Ebola that doesn’t include utilizing BHL-4 rated medical supplies, wearing a fully enclosed environment suit and isolating infected and potentially infected persons in an air lock sealed facility. Any treatments that do not implement these precautions is in contradistinction to what the CDC mandates in the handling of such a deadly virus. That the director of the CDC has publicly stated that these procedural standards are unnecessary for hospital employees and first responders is a clear indication of either extreme negligence, or evidence of being complicit in a crime against humanity. Either way, the world is NOT ready for this, and what we are seeing are the first sparks of a global pandemic that may rival or surpass all others in history if it is not gotten under control.

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  9. PoliPsy says:

    Right now this certainly does not look like a population reduction event. It’s been building for 6 months or so and there are what, 4,000 + deaths?

    Read the online document titled, “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.” This sounds like a managed stimulus to measure both the spread of the disease and to measure the ‘fear & anxiety index’ produced by the hype surrounding this bio-weapons/social management test.

    When we start to see tens of thousands of people dying, then I might change my mind.


    • concerned says:

      They have already admitted that the ACTUAL numbers are as much as four to five times higher than what they are reporting. Not saying you are wrong, just trying to be informative.


      • Yellow Bird says:

        i think the key statement there is “Its allready been building for 6 months”
        important to recognize this plague is gaining in momentum, no evidence of burning out or even being confined. if it were a forest fire, how would these facts be perceived?


  10. niebo says:

    “I think we need to look at what they’re using in Africa, maybe full body protection.”

    Is this a joke? How many healthcare workers in Africa have died from inadequate protection?


  11. stevenj says:

    The Dallas news is reporting that for 2 days after being admitted the 2nd time, none of the health care workers wore any extra protective clothing/gear while treating Duncan at the Dallas hospital – while he was puking and having diarrhea… Only after his tests came back positive for Ebola did they do do… no wonder the nurse got it… How many more are infected is anyone’s guess.


    • Judy Clarke says:

      Steven J – For Nurses, I have to wonder where their thinking was, that is so unprofessional, irresponsible and downright stupidity not to wear protective clothing UNTIL they found out. This is bodily fluids he was losing to not barrier nurse is unthinkable. If in doubt cover yourself, regardless of anyone orders. It will do NO ONE any harm by barrier nursing, after all this is your life and also of others you may nurse or have coffee with, let alone your family and friends you go home to. Im disgusted. Im a hospital trained nurse from way back and its common sense to cover ones arse before the results are back, then slacken off after, but now these nurses have put hundreds of people at risk because their own common sense and rational thinking, past training and basic nursing went out the door.


  12. Diana Shugar says:

    I ask Ann Morrison about people who are purportedly “cured” from Ebola. This is what she told me:
    “Thank you for your insightful question. This is a question that the authorities are not answering!

    Opinion: After being declared “cured,” the Ebola virus remains in the body, hidden in men in the testicles. The antibodies that the body generates circulate in the blood, and that is what the medical community looks for. However, the Ebola virus is not a blood borne virus — it enters the skin, the largest organ in the body. Eventually it invades the blood where it is detected and the patient is determined to have Ebola.

    There is evidence that males can infect women with Ebola through sex even three months after they are released as “cured.” Where the virus hides in women has not yet been discovered. Dr. Frieden of the CDC is right when he says that Ebola is “like” HIV, because it also hides in the body. We know that animals, other than primates, keep the Ebola virus in their spleens. Primates have not been studied for Ebola in the spleen. I suppose that men and women also have Ebola virus in their spleens, even after death.

    No study has determined how long the Ebola virus stays active in the corpse, but cremation has been recommended for burial. In Africa the corpses are buried in shallow graves, which are dug up and eaten by dogs as well as other wild animals who do not die, but can spread the disease when they are eaten as bush meat.”

    Ann Morrison, KD0EPB
    Homeland-Defense 4 U, Inc. October 13, 2014


    • Joseph Sonny Skies says:

      Thank you Diana! You have confirmed what I was writing about on my post prior to this…If it can be found exiting the body through sweat pores it can enter the same portal…This is one reason it is catching the CDC and WHO off guard…i am intrigued also by what you wrote regarding the disease hibernating in the body for a time.


  13. Bobane says:

    First class false flag…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. how is the nurse in Spain doing?I have heard no more info on her.


  15. Diana Shugar says:

    …or the guy in Phoenix or the man who flew from NYC to Chile and started exhibiting symptoms 2 days after he arrived there, which means he was infected before he ever got on that plane.


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