Migration beginning out of West African countries hit by Ebola epidemic – as I predicted

October 2014AFRICA As the world panics over the Ebola outbreak, West Africans are reportedly fleeing their countries in a bid to outrun the virus – some even headed overland for South Africa. According to the Sunday Independent, this could place South Africa at considerable risk. Johannesburg-based members of the immigrant communities from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, told the newspaper that there is a considerable number of people attempting to reach SA, most trying to reach it overland – a 5,000km trek. One man said he alone knew of at least five people who were on their way. The newspaper reports that it would just take one carrier to change the situation in SA – particularly in a community that is largely housed in the densely populated city centre of Johannesburg – an ideal breeding ground for a communicable virus such as Ebola. In addition, these often undocumented migrants also enter the country through the porous border at Beitbridge in northern Limpopo – an entry point that has no measures such as temperature radars in place to check visitors who could be carriers.
However, Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba and Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi have stated that although caution needs to be exercised, it cannot be done at the expense of fuelling xenophobia. Motsoaledi said that he feels SA is too far away for most people to reach by land and if they were carrying the disease, the chances are they would not make it to the border alive, reported the newspaper. Meanwhile, as reported by News24 on Saturday, the UN special envoy on Ebola says the number of cases is probably doubling every three to four weeks and the response needs to be 20 times greater than it was at the beginning of October. David Nabarro warned the UN General Assembly on Friday that without the mass mobilization of the world to support the affected countries in West Africa, “it will be impossible to get this disease quickly under control, and the world will have to live with the Ebola virus forever.” –AFK Insider
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14 Responses to Migration beginning out of West African countries hit by Ebola epidemic – as I predicted

  1. Dennis E. says:

    They will be stopped by force. We could see a great slaughter of men,women and children.
    I hope those who may have had a hand in this are happy…………with innocent blood on their hands.
    I just want to put three off-post comments out today, if I might, because this one has been on my heart for over a week for some reason. Everybody pretty much has heard about the Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse and perhaps has read the account of each one in The Book of Revelations. I want to talk about the Pale Horse Rider.
    When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.

    — Revelation 6:7-8˄ NASB
    I posted this past weekend in response to “Yellow Bird” The internet location of the video taken of The Pale Horse and Rider seen In Cairo Egypt which is on youtube.com 1.25 into the video Fourth Horseman(death, Egyptian Riots ) you can see this rider and horse and it looks almost just like the pic on Wilipeki.

    If this is true, and I believe it so, then we should prepare to see 2 Billion People Die in the future.
    I have no clue of any time line. I do not know when the fourth seal was broken? But he is here.
    On the other hand, food for thought: Perhaps The Fourth Seal was Broken hundreds of years ago
    but as God’s time line for prophecy fulfillment comes into play, he has loosen the leash he has had on them. This has been on my heart, for no reason at all. It has been something I needed to get out.

    2) There is a report on the internet, and some are shooting it down that the Atlantic Gulf stream is acting up and a portion of it is cooler than the other parts and that Europe and The UK is going to see a terrible, terrible winter as in 1962/63.

    3) UK Prime Minister plans to stamp out Bible Prophecy and compares it to the KKK and Nazi’s.
    He won’t be Prime Minister long……. God will not let him hinder……..

    Have a blessed day……..


    • Yellow Bird says:

      Dennis E, thank you for your Good Insight–
      1) i have seen the footage, and it is hair raising. Its accepted the image is genuine but no one can agree on how it was formed. Tho it seems to me that Whether reflection or what, doesn’t matter half so much as IS THIS ONE OF THE GIVEN SIGNS. something in me has to feel it very well may be!
      2) if those weather predictions come true… oh. yikes.
      3) the Darkness will have its Day, which to those who love the Light will be the Darkest Night. that is coming and in many places is allready here. BUT the Day-of-Deepest-Darkness will be shortened by the Returning of The ONE Who Is The Light. Then the TRUE DAY will forever dawn. The first part, HE has Warned– the second, HE has Promised!


  2. Diana Shugar says:

    Something you should be aware of concerning the “vaccines” they are developing now – something you won’t hear on the evening news.
    Opinion: The subsequent hospitalization of Dr. Rick Sacra who was released as “cured” of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) by Nebraska Medical Center on 26 September 2014 has me worried. He was admitted by Worcester’s UMass Memorial Hospital on Saturday, 4 October 2014 for evaluation of a cough and low-grade fever. He was released on Monday, 6 October 2014 after a diagnosis of respiratory infection. A low-grade fever respiratory infection of often said to be viral in nature. I am worried because we know that men carry the EVD in their testicles for up to three months after they are “cured,” and they can infect those with whom they have unprotected sex during that time. If Dr. Sacra has the EVD and a viral pneumonia, then the possibility of the mixing of these two viruses could produce a strain of EVD that would be airborne. Who is on First?
    — Ann Morrison, KD0EPB
    Homeland-Defense 4 U, Inc. October 13, 2014

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    • Yellow Bird says:

      the official word as of 10/07 was that Dr Sacra has retested Negative and feeling better.
      he’s been out of the news since then


  3. Diana Shugar says:

    Opinion: Human research is already being done. Level 1 testing was done in West Africa and culminated when the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) became pandemic and infected white people. The only person to die after treatment in the United States was black. Level 2 testing is being done here in the United States. Attached is an article that says that the Liberian patient who died in Dallas was subjected to dialysis and respiratory intubation. These procedures are “new” to treating EVD. Also, the EVD patients are taking experimental drugs and plasma from “cured” patients. EVD is similar in diagnosis to HIV — HIV blood tests are taken six months after exposure, while EVD blood tests are taken up to three weeks after exposure. We still do not have a vaccine for HIV that was identified in the United States in 1969 — 45 years ago! HIV is a special type of retrovirus containing RNA, but EVD is a filovirus, so you cannot use HIV as an example of how EVD will infect the human body. Ebola research is occurring, probably at all four of the Level 4 Biohazard hospitals in the United States. Research on human primates is occurring, if surreptitiously, on the EVD patients in community hospitals!
    — Ann Morrison, KD0EPB
    Homeland-Defense 4 U, Inc. October 13, 2014

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  4. Kris says:

    And so it begins….

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  5. Alfonzo Zetina says:

    this is a nightmare .. A big one

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  6. Judy Clarke says:

    That person doing the spraying in the above picture, has exposed skin on her/his face, they need to cover all skin, so a vizor would be appropriate here. Just a spray from someone sneezing or talking could infect their skin, and it could gain entrance through the skin into the blood supply. It might very well be skin contact and not GIT or respiratory. If they don’t know how it spreads yet, then maybe that should be the first thing on their agenda. Vizors please. And start mass producing coveralls and vizors for the public, WE need to access to these please. That will give the company millionaire status for a start. Or does someone there not want the public to be able to protect themselves?


    • Diana Shugar says:

      Border patrol has said that plenty of Africans are coming into the country. After being declared “cured,” the Ebola virus remains in the body, hidden in men in the testicles. The antibodies that the body generates circulate in the blood, and that is what the medical community looks for. However, the Ebola virus is not a blood borne virus — it enters the skin, the largest organ in the body. Eventually it invades the blood where it is detected and the patient is determined to have Ebola.
      There is evidence that males can infect women with Ebola through sex even three months after they are released as “cured.” Where the virus hides in women has not yet been discovered. Dr. Frieden of the CDC is right when he says that Ebola is “like” HIV, because it also hides in the body. We know that animals, other than primates, keep the Ebola virus in their spleens. Primates have not been studied for Ebola in the spleen. I suppose that men and women also have Ebola virus in their spleens, even after death.


      • Judy Clarke says:

        So if men carry this disease in their testicles, in the seminal fluid, we have NO HOPE, other than to remove the testicular sac’s from suspected carriers, rendering them Eunuchs, which, with their rape history, might be a great idea, only one problem with that, it will knock out an entire race. But it would stop the disease. Sometimes one has to make big choices. Living without a spleen is also do-able.


  7. Peter says:

    Why we don’t stop all flights from the affected countries is beyond me.


    • Diana Shugar says:

      We are the only country that hasn’t. The CDC owns the patent for Ebola, plus 70 variations of it. You can’t patent something from nature; it has to be man-made. I hope they all rot in Hell for unleashing this on the masses.


  8. niebo says:

    CARRIER (as defined by Merriam-Webster): a bearer and transmitter of a causative agent of an infectious disease; especially : one who carries the causative agent of a disease systemically but is asymptomatic or immune to it.


    “The newspaper reports that it would just take one carrier to change the situation in SA. . . .”

    Or the entire world. The infections in Spain and Texas are the result of “obvious” victims, people who exhibited symptoms and subsequently died. A true “carrier”, an asymptomatic transmitter of the disease (think Typhoid Mary), would be a spark to the powderkeg.


  9. Judy Clarke says:

    STOP testing ANYTHING on monkeys (PRIMATES) you cruel bastards. You have the luxury of living at a time in history where machines and technology are at your finger tips. I am disgusted that you are using those darling little monkey’s to infect and test on them, until you decide to euthanase them. STOP IT.

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