Liberia: 41 UN staffers under observation for Ebola

UN Staffer
October 2014AFRICALiberia’s United Nations peacekeeping mission has placed 41 staff members, including 20 military personnel, under “close medical observation” after an international member of its medical team was diagnosed with Ebola this week — the second mission member to test positive for the deadly disease. “This measure is precautionary and meant to ensure no possible further transmission of the disease,” the mission said in a statement Friday. “None of the personnel who are contacts have shown any symptoms but will be observed for the full 21-day possible incubation period.” The World Health Organization says 21 days is the maximum incubation period for Ebola, which is spread via the bodily fluids of infected people. The 41 staffers were identified as having possibly come into contact with the member of the medical team, whose name and nationality have not been disclosed.
The patient tested positive Monday and arrived in Germany Thursday for treatment — the third Ebola patient to be flown there. The St. Georg Hospital in Leipzig said this week the patient would be placed in a special isolation unit. The first U.N. staffer in Liberia to come down with Ebola died Sept. 26. The mission is implementing additional measures to avoid more cases, including daily temperature checks and screening at a military facility where 209 people work, Friday’s statement said. Liberia has recorded 2,316 confirmed, suspected and probable Ebola deaths — far more than any other country touched by the current outbreak, according to the latest World Health Organization figures released Friday. The outbreak has now killed more than 4,000 people in total, the WHO said. More than 400 health care workers have contracted Ebola, and 233 of those have died, according to the WHO. Liberia and Sierra Leone have both recorded 95 health worker deaths. –ABC News
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9 Responses to Liberia: 41 UN staffers under observation for Ebola

  1. Shepherd says:

    U.S. soldiers DO NOT belong in West Africa fighting bugs!

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  2. Judy Clarke says:

    If what is being forced into our ears is true – Ebola can only be caught via bodily fluids, then what the hell are these guards touching the people for, is this not proof the disease is airborn / droplet. STOP believing everything you read. It is a virulent, airborne, body excrement and fluid caught virus, that changes (mutates) to procreate, spread itself. It sounds like an intelligent virus that has been man made to do what its doing……and then USA send its own healthy young men there? WTF????


    • Janice says:

      Have not seen this info anywhere.   As per the attached links the USAID agency has initiated a comprehensive, coordinated response to 3 African countries impacted by Ebola:  Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea.    USAID provides billions in foreign aid around the world.

      Why isn’t this info being reported.  Is it accurate?  




    • Janice says:

      Judy…am watching “Contagion” as I type. Again, your comments are worth reading.
      US medical staff wearing hazmat suits with portable oxygen respirator packs & masks, goggles/shields are a huge red flag for me. Hermetically sealed, oxygen units used to transport US patients says extraordinarily extreme measures are needed to contain & isolate “something”. If Ebola is NOT airborne why the high tech protective gear for all involved…including the patient.

      Any idea what a US medical facility’s isolation/quarantine unit looks like?


    • aaronwt says:

      No it is not proof the aire is airborne. If anything the opposite. There are many, many things that need to be used to care for a patient with Ebola. Just one mistake with the handling or the disposal of the items can cause a person to be infected. And these items need to be handled every day. Even taking off their protective clothing wrong can allow a person to be infected. If the disease were airborne, many, many, many more people would be catching it. Instead of the tiny numbers so far that are getting Ebola.


    • Dennis E. says:

      The 2nd health care worker in Dallas is infected and that person was meeting full CDC requirements in the handling of this virus.

      I agree, it has to be airborne or the health care person was infected before decontamination procedures were carried out. From this press conference, they were very worried.
      Our lives are about to change………prepare, what ever it takes prepare for home quarantine…


  3. Alexandra says:

    This really does not seem like the Ebola virus that virologists work on in Level 4 hot zones.
    I can’t see blood in any of the pictures.
    Either this is the biggest Ebola lie ever, or it is engineered.


  4. Kali says:

    The question begs to be asked, probably not for the first time,
    What is the status of the people who were living, breathing, dining, going to the bathroom, et al, with Duncan? They weren’t wearing protective gear.


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