Ebola: ‘We’re at an absolute tipping point,’ warns former UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband

October 2014 AFRICA David Miliband, the former British foreign secretary, warned that the Ebola outbreak means that years of social and economic progress in Sierra Leone was at risk, as he visited the country’s capital Freetown. Miliband, who is now the head of the International Rescue Committee which has about 500 staff working in Liberia and Sierra Leone to combat Ebola, told the Guardian that this was a crucial moment and that treatment alone would not stop the death toll. He was in Freetown to thank and support the 330 staff there, he said, and to advocate for the people. “After 10 years of pretty sustained progress, all that progress is now at stake,” he told the Guardian. “One of the things that have become starkly clear to me in my visit is that there’s no grey area here between controlling the disease on the one hand and widespread disaster on the other. We’re at an absolute tipping point where either the disease is contained to the low tens of thousands, or it becomes an epidemic of a very serious kind.” Miliband was speaking as anxiety in the UK mounted over the possibility that there could be cases in the country. Asked if he felt brave for flying into the outbreak, he said: “I don’t think the leader of an NGO can call himself brave for going somewhere when 300 staff of his organization is working here every day. If it’s safe enough for my staff, it’s safe enough for me. “There are no grounds for panic,” he added. “This is a hard disease to catch. It requires the exchange of body fluids. But there’s no reason not to take sensible precautions.”
In West Africa, there were three steps to controlling Ebola, he said. The first was prompt identification of people who have the disease. Some who have symptoms will have malaria or other diseases instead. The second is isolation and safe treatment for those who have the virus – safe for the health workers. One of the tragedies was that they had lost a higher proportion of health workers than civilians. The third, he said, is the quick and safe disposal of the dead. His organization has been leading the nine-partner Ebola Response Consortium in Sierra Leone and supporting surveillance teams and working with community leaders. It will open a 100-bed treatment centre in Liberia in November. However, treatment alone is not the answer, he said. “One of the things that I think is very important is that, although there’s been a lot of international attention on the number of treatment beds, we will never catch up with the disease simply by focusing on treatment beds. The absolute key is to stop the chain of transmission, which means local engagement, house by house, community by community, street by street, explaining to local people what the dangers are and how they can mitigate them. That’s an absolute priority if this disease is not to get out of control.”
There needs to be a clear plan now that all organizations involved can support, Miliband said. “John Kerry said we need a global plan to a global crisis. He’s right but without a local response that is community led and that is trusted by the local people, then however much money we throw at treatment centers, we’re not going to be able to get hold of the disease. At the moment the spread of the disease is outstripping the expansion of the treatment.” –Guardian
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5 Responses to Ebola: ‘We’re at an absolute tipping point,’ warns former UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband

  1. I wonder why we don’t hear anything about suspected cases in China. According to German News a while ago, China has big business communities in West Africa, especially construction businesses. With the raising epidemic, business went down, and Chinese people left the countries one by one. There must be suspected cases!


  2. Dennis E. says:

    On this posting there is a pic of a rider on a horse, light green.

    This rider has been here on planet earth since the Arab spring in Tahrir Square,Cario Egypt when Mubarck was over thrown by the Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

    I personally saw this as did millions upon millions via TV. But, he appeared as a light type fluorescent green figure on a same color horse. Ah, an example would be a fluorescent night stick used by the military. The TV person described this as a refection of some sort. The best description would be a persons encounter with a “ghost” or “spirit” that can pass through physical objects.

    I happened to see the ED show on MSNBC and while he narrated, MSNBC ran the same footage
    and the moving image was clearly seen passing through the crowd and as if it was about to climb, it disappeared. More than once.
    Evrin Baxter, on his program. ran the same footage and elaborated about this same footage.
    I am not a supporter of his ministry, but he made a point…………… That this was one of the four horses of the Apocalypse.

    So, the pale horse, if this is true, and I am inclined based on what I saw in Egypt, biblical references is in operation on planet earth.

    That is my opinion……….


    • Yellow Bird says:

      DennisE, can this footage still be viewed? i would like to see it…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dennis E. says:

        Yes, Youtube.com
        Fourth Horseman (death,Egyptian riots,)
        full original video
        1:25 into video
        There is a caption saying that something like this is all Ron paul needs to see or something like that.
        Video search on Yahoo…….


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