Fear and panic grips Spain – scared medical staff refuse to treat suspected Ebola cases

October 2014MADRID Scared medical staff in Madrid refused to treat possible Ebola patients on Thursday for fear of becoming infected themselves, as the condition of the Spanish nurse who contracted the virus deteriorated further. The Carlos III hospital, where seven quarantined cases are being treated, has had to draft in extra staff after nurses there refused to turn up for shifts. “There are members of staff who are cancelling their contracts so that they don’t have to enter [rooms with possible Ebola patients],” said Elvira Gonzalez of the SAE nurses union. Although no formal absentee figures have been released, a number of nurses and health technicians have formally resigned from their posts, while others have made excuses to avoid going into work. “A lot of people are calling in sick,” one member of staff told EL PAIS newspaper. “They are saying they have period pains, or that they feel dizzy. People are anxious and can’t be expected to work like that.” Staff members who have agreed to work in the hospital’s isolation ward are receiving psychological counseling. –Telegraph
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22 Responses to Fear and panic grips Spain – scared medical staff refuse to treat suspected Ebola cases

  1. Jana says:

    The nurses at my hospital are in three camps…”what is Ebola?” “It is a nonissue, we should worry about the flu”, And “I’m not taking care of them, I will call in sick”. I take high dose vitamin D, C, and other supplements and drink elderberry tea during this season trying to keep my immunity strong. That is probably how the 50% who aren’t infected are escaping it. They have a healthy immune system. Our hospital believes and preaches what the CDC says, standard and contact precautions are all that is necessary. I don’t believe it. I believe it can also be spread by aerosol routes as well. So unless they provide me with a respirator and hazmat suit (which no hospitals in US have many of I’m sure), I will have a hard time with that decision as a nurse.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    It will happen here.
    For self and family preservation.
    Not glorifying that, but when a health care worker, fully clothed in hazmat clothing and all parts of their skin protected and they still get infected? Either they were infected before they took on the clothing or its airborne, carried by the coughing/sneezing of the infected downwind?

    Just a thought


    • Jean A. says:

      In a recent news article, two doctors who posted comments said they would never treat an Ebola patient. I would never go to a doctor that said that. God knows what other self-serving interests they would rank higher than patient care.

      Conversely, I read about Dr. Steven Hatch, an expert in infectious diseases, who volunteered to go to Liberia to treat Ebola patients – and who is, in fact, doing just that. Many thanks to him and other truly courageous, dedicated doctors who are doing the same. I hope they and their practices thrive.

      My uncle, a California judge, did not refuse to hear a case because of the defendants’ penchant for killing witnesses and judges. Even after his house was burned down by arson, he still stayed on the case. Fortunately, nobody was killed in the fire. He believed that he had a duty. The doctors who are refusing to treat Ebola patients have a duty, as well, even if only a moral one.


      • Dennis E. says:

        You have made an important point.
        Some people are beginning to believe that this outbreak is from the use of a Bio-Weapon and very well could be true.
        I think there should be “Specialty” Doctors. Doctors with the most up to date equipment and protective clothing and respirators to include locations, to treat these patients until they are well.
        But, Americans first………
        Treat them here.
        The patients in Africa, go there, contain it at the source…….
        Incinerate the dead bodies, burn the houses in the infected areas, build new houses, educate them.
        But a doctor that flatly refused to treat a patient because he/she has this virus, does have a point.
        How many are trained to treat an disease like this? How does an average doctor protect his/her other patients? But a Doctor who has experience in working with infectious diseases and refuses
        to treat, yes, I fully agree with your point.


  3. jim says:

    Don’t blame them for not wanting to be there, didn’t they take some kind of dr’s oath guess that doesn’t matter in these csases


    • Yellow Bird says:

      judge not before travelling same journey in similar shoes


      • Jean A. says:

        There are those who have traveled in similar shoes. Consider Dr. Steven Hatch who volunteered to go to Liberia and is treating Ebola patients. Sorry, but I have no use for doctors that refuse to treat an Ebola patient, or any patient for that matter based on that person’s illness,


      • Yellow Bird says:

        my comment was in response to jim’s remark. perhaps i misinterpreted it


  4. I was just talking to a relative about the power of the nurses, like when there was the big push for the H1N1 shots that were making people sick yet NYS was trying to enforce a mandatory vaccination. It was the Nurses Union that took it to court to end that. Now they need to force the government into stopping the flights without a 21 day quarantine before people travel from infected areas and secure the boarders.


  5. anon says:

    Suspected case of ebola in Brazil.


  6. Stacy Hammerle says:

    Not only are the medical professionals afraid for their health and that of their families, now they have to be concerned with the wellbeing of their furry four legged family members! The government may come into your home and murder your pets. That would be enough for me to walk…..


  7. I can not blame them,I would be scared too,this seems to more catching than they are letting on,and it also seems to be deadlier than they are claiming also.God have mercy on us all.


  8. John says:

    If doctors, nurses, and paraprofessional medical people are walking out on their jobs because of just ONE Ebola patient, what will happen when a hospital anywhere in the world has 5 ebola patients, 10 ebola patients, or 100 ebola patients? Well the answer is absolute chaos, and a total breakdown of the health care system, which means that people with broken bones, asthma, high blood pressure problems and thousands of other health issues are not going to be seen or treated at all. In other words, just a few ebola patients in a hospital will effect the health of everyone else in the community because there will be no medical people at work to see them. Amazing, just a handful of ebola patients can totally bring the health care system to a screaming halt.

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  9. niebo says:

    OK, Dudes, like, you know, as the reporter indicates, indeed, they are NOT properly trained to deal with Ebola. See page 45 (as marked in the document) for Biosafety level 4 guidelines; they are WAY above-and-beyond normal medical practices:

    Click to access bmbl5_sect_iv.pdf

    As the nurse indicates, like, Spain took great risk to “import” Ebola when they evacuated a Spanish priest from Liberia and another Spanish missionary/doctor from Sierra Leone (both stories were covered here at EP so, for brevity I’ll forego links). So, you know, now some medical-care practicipators are in a panic because one/two/six/God-only-knows-how-many of their own are infected. And why not? THIS is how Spain supposedly deals with containment:


    But, put these events in context with other events in Spain from the last four months: the sitting King abdicates the throne; the Spanish economy is arguably the worst among the “major” EU nations; there is/has been widespread civil-disobedience (and the police are “gearing up”); and Catalonia wants to secede from Spain:





    While the World Bank is screaming about the billions that this epidemic COULD cost for Africa (but, hey, economic problems are contagious, too):


    And I’m starting to see a pattern here: a widespread Ebola epidemic may well become the cause of, er, solution to, er, scapegoat for ALL the world’s problems. If nothing else, it will sure keep protesters from gathering into large, unmanageable crowds. . . .

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  10. Bill says:

    tell your government to exile all the islamics and africans they keep allowing to enter or you all we die of Ebola, blame your psychotic leaders for the mess you are in. and by the way folks, dont take any shots , because you will surely die then.


  11. novusanima says:

    Everyone is So afraid, it will get So crazy as this spreads, and spread, it will. People here cannot comprehend the concept of the dead lying in the streetes, dying in the streets, and yet this can happen, and more than likely will. There was too little done, too late, and this is the Big One! At least 1/3 of the population Dead……absolutely horrific, and yet, it Is happening and Will happen. I know, I’m the harbringer of good news here. It may not be good news, but it’s the truth. Start preparing, if you aren’t already, and get ready ’cause this Is happening.


  12. Frankly dear... says:

    Running scared will not keep none of them any safer certainly opens all people including their families, some will have to put their lives on the line for their children’s futures. Need help I’ll sign up better than dying and done nothing.


  13. I don’t want any friend, relative or patient of mine having anything to do with public us medicine right now. It is obvious beyond ignoring just exactly what is going on. Medical people, we are being duped, exploited and used to assassinate the world and we don’t even get BONUS packages!
    Seriously, no one could believe any of this that has the brains of a canoli. Protect your own and let oby clean up his own mess with the un and globalists.
    Brits who go and get sick don’t go home Barry sotero, but ALL America sees your actions.


  14. Uh….that girl that said 1/3 dead? The goal appears to be 2/3rd dead. The United states has made ready for 200 million dead. That’s 66% not 33%. You can bet that’s the magic ratio or other countries in it that did off theirs get mad for a sicker – which I would believe? Except look at the US…and be very afraid I guess? Two thirds tho ~


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