Another UN staff tests positive for Ebola – U.S. to install quarantine stations in 5 airports

October 2014HEALTHThe UN Secretary-General’s spokesperson, Stephane DuJarric, on Wednesday, confirmed that an international member of staff who works for UN Mission in Liberia, UNMIL, tested positive for Ebola Virus Disease, EVD. Mr. DuJarric confirmed this while briefing UN Correspondents on Wednesday in New York. He said “this is the second case of Ebola in the mission. “An earlier probable case resulted in the death of a staff member on September 25. “The Mission has, therefore, taken all the necessary measures to prevent possible further transmission within or outside the mission. “In line with World Health Organization (WHO) protocols, the UNMIL Medical team has conducted immediate and robust contact tracing to ensure that all the people that came in contact with staff members if they were symptomatic are assessed and such staff quarantined. “All UNMIL staff considered at risk have been isolated and ambulances and other locations decontaminated,” he told reporters. The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the Head of UNMIL, Karin Landgren, had announced early on Wednesday that an international staff member tested positive for Ebola. WHO said that the total number of cases in the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa now stood at 7,178, with 3,338 reported deaths. Liberia alone recorded 2,210 deaths from Ebola as at Oct. 4, the government said. –Premium Times
Quarantine stations at 5 US airports: One person has come to the United States and come down with Ebola here. Authorities want to keep it that way. To that end, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Wednesday beefed-up measures at five of America’s biggest, busiest airports aimed at preventing the deadly virus’ further spread. While talk about preventing Ebola’s spread abounds everywhere from coffee shops to TV news, this intervention won’t affect a lot of people. It applies only to about 150 people a day, by CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden’s estimate, arriving in the United States after having recently traveled from Ebolva-ravaged West African nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. These travelers will get special treatment, including having their temperature taken and answering questions about whether they’ve been exposed to anyone with Ebola. The idea is to stop anyone with warning signs from getting past the airport gates, and into the U.S. public, before they can possibly spread the virus any further. But, Frieden cautioned, this isn’t some sort of magic solution.
U.S. officials will likely discover some people have fevers or have had contacts with Ebola sufferers, only to find out they don’t have the virus. Someone can still unknowingly come to the United States and show no signs of it, since it can take up to 21 days for someone to feel sick. Plus, there are more ways than ever for people to cross communities, cross borders, cross oceans and spread a virus like Ebola. “We are stepping up protection for people, (and) we will continuously look at ways that we can increase the safety of Americans,” Frieden told reporters. “(But) whatever we do can’t get the risk to zero here in the interconnected world that we live in today.” –WTSP
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13 Responses to Another UN staff tests positive for Ebola – U.S. to install quarantine stations in 5 airports

  1. yairasparkle says:

    Seriously, why are flights for average people in & OUT of the infected countries in Africa not being stopped?!? Why are citizens who offer no medical support being allowed to get on planes & fly to goodness-knows-where?!? Regardless of whether they are “showing symptoms” or NOT, there should be no exit from these countries. Ebola is out of control in those areas and it shouldn’t be carried across oceans!! Ridiculous.


    • Markjs says:

      Don’t want to sound curt, but if you think about it, banning flights doesn’t even make sense. Why? Because most people from W. Africa can just take another flight to a different country, then fly to the US. If they are infected, that Increases the number of people that can get infected by proximity (whatever- cough,…etc). For example Mr. Duncan flew first to Belgium, then to England, then to Dallas.


  2. George says:

    Dr. Frieden’s estimates, that this intervention only applies to 150 people/day. I’m sorry but I can’t get “my thinking” around this way of thinking. Should a traveler show no fever before boarding but after exiting the aircraft, is the damage not already done, with the possibility of just one infecting all their fellow travelers or just one or two. May God save us!


  3. Also, looking this map of current world outbreaks of one sort or another is extremely shocking


  4. I’m just posting this information to retain a record of it. I had seen someone questioning whether Ebola could be transmitted by mosquitoes and this is what I wrote in response and what I found on the WHO website regarding Ebola and mosquitoes. Some hemorrhagic fevers can be be carried by mosquitoes, but according to WHO, Ebola is not one of them.

    “Viruses that cause haemorrhagic fevers are transmitted by mosquitoes (dengue, yellow fever, RVF), ticks (CCHF), rodents (Hantavirus, Lassa) or bats (Ebola, Marburg).” So as far as has been stated, Ebola is not transmitted by mosquitoes.

    However, at this point, I don’t exactly trust any of these agencies to tell us the truth. The only reason I would slightly more trust the WHO is because they seem recently to have contradicted the CDC regarding the aerosolized transmission of Ebola, saying that in fact Ebola can be easily transmitted by coughs, sneezes and infected surfaces.

    But just as these German doctors have found that Ebola can in fact be contagious and spread without any apparent symptoms being present, there is a lot about Ebola, and in particular, this strain, that we haven’t been told or which hasn’t yet been discovered. So I suppose Ebola could possibly, conceivably be spread by mosquitoes. But I’m more worried about the coughs, sneezes and contaminated surfaces modes of transmission at present.
    Especially because Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have found that Ebola droplets can travel much farther than previously believed.

    What was it that reporter or politician guy on the hot mic said? We’re screwed? Yea, we are. Did you see the report that 800 calls per day from people afraid they have Ebola have been coming into the CDC? 800 calls per day! And that’s the pre-panic volume. Wow. We are screwed.


  5. Rose G. says:

    Little bit slow. This should have been done the moment they had an outbreak in Africa. It took the US this long to realize something is wrong. Get real people! How many are now affected in the US and letting in immigrants from the borders too.


  6. niebo says:

    “To that end, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Wednesday beefed-up measures at five of America’s biggest, busiest airports aimed at preventing the deadly virus’ further spread.”

    Aw, you guys at the CDC are doin’ such a good job, posting quarantine stations in 5 airports . . . even though the US has 162 international airports, any of which might accept a flight from West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, South Africa, Spain, or, you know, any “wherever else” that Ebola might be (which means that this story is just propaganda):


  7. bj grace says:

    So you question people. Who says they will be honest???


  8. Yellow Bird says:

    sometimes Honesty far outweighs Vested Interests….
    How often?


  9. Sarah says:

    Good luck. That is how it happened in the first place, Ebola number 1 lying about not having sick contacts. Secondly, those who do not feel well will take an antipyretic to knowingly or not knowingly evade the screen. It won’t work. But nice token. And I think that most people are smart enough to see through this.


  10. lophatt says:

    For those willing to die for political correctness, go ahead, just don’t take me and mine with you. If they were radioactive, would they let them fly? The number of people willing to roll the dice on this is astonishing. It speaks volumes about how well they’ve been programmed.


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