Ebola: ‘attack patients with napalm to defeat virus’ rails pro-life U.S. politician

October 2014AFRICAPatients affected by Ebola should be killed to defeat the deadly virus, a pro-life American politician has said. The remarks of Todd Kincannon, former executive director of the Republican Party in South Carolina, sparked outrage as the World Health Organization warned at least 7,000 people in West Africa have contracted the disease. Kincannon made the comment on Twitter, where he also asked “Why do creepy viruses always come from Africa? HIV, Marburg, Ebola, West Nile? There’s just no other way with Ebola. We need to be napalming villages from the air right now. He then suggested he would kill with “zero hesitation” the cameramen and health workers who returned from West Africa and who might have contracted the disease. Kincannon also invited health workers to refuse to treat Ebola patients: If I was a hospital employee, I would flatly refuse to work on Ebola cases. Hospital employees should do that en masse. Dozens of people reacted with outrage to his comments, with some calling him insensitive. “Todd Kincannon is to a mind what Ebola is to a body & should be quarantined the same way,” wrote Caroline on Twitter. –IB Times
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21 Responses to Ebola: ‘attack patients with napalm to defeat virus’ rails pro-life U.S. politician

  1. niebo says:

    “Pro-Life”? Since when?


  2. Leon Cane says:

    Ugh! While I’m an agnostic; I’ve seen many christians and other people of faith, pitch in to help with this ebola crisis. This guy is a moron! 😦

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  3. Judy Clarke says:

    They come from Africa because the men there like screwing animals, and raping women and children, so when USA did their germ warfare trials that produced these diseases, they dumped it in Africa. However Hep B back in the 1980s, was offered free to the gay/homosexual population in an effort to kill them off, because hidden in the Hep B vaccine was the virus HIV Aids. Now Ebola – but dont you believe for one second USA doesn’t have the antidote. They made the ante-dote at the same time they created this mutating Ebola virus and STILL THEY KEEP burying the bodies. Please take note: THESE BODIES MUST BE BURNED.
    Im going to clarify why I recommend cremation over burial – BECAUSE in the case of earthquakes, land/mud slide, floods etc, and over eons of time, when archeologist dig up these bodies stricken with Ebola, guess what happens? The disease starts all over again, because the dumb dumbs of today are stupid enough to bury instead of cremate.


    • Debbie says:

      Okay not long ago our son witnessed a man screwing a dog,here in the united states so what comes around goes around. Please do not believe that humans from different countries are all stupid! We all as humans, and are generally at different points in our lives. L
      ets just say stupid!


  4. Ian says:

    According to his twisted logic I then suppose he’d be okay to have himself and his whole family totally obliterated “with zero hesitation”, if they were ever to be infected by Ebola? I’d really love to hear his response to THAT!

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  5. Rose says:

    Read Deuteronomy 28:15-68 with the blessings and curses upon the people. God protects his children who are true to Him, but curses those who are disobedient to who He is. The plagues will continue and there will be more to come. The blood moon represents anger and a sign from God.


  6. jean says:

    Definite veil dropping material here – time we saw the psychopathy behind certain ideologies!


    • Yellow Bird says:

      this man’s twisted thinking does not represent Christ nor those who follow HIM. that would be like saying some raging hatemonger who invokes Ghandi must therefore represent Ghandi and all of Pacifism.

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      • jean says:

        By ‘ideology’ I wasn’t referring strictly to pro-life, but rather the political ideology it’s bundled up in!


  7. Dennis E. says:

    This person has a serious mental problem in my opinion………

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  8. jim says:

    Bomb everything that always seems to be our answer to something that scares us or something we have created and turned loose on the world that way we always have a reason to wage war

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  9. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    This is why I HATE ALL politicians…I have a Vietnam war vet friend who says it best.. The ONLY good politician is a DEAD ONE!!!!…..A couple of weeks ago I was going to write a reply to one of these blogs by asking how long it would take until some politician declared that the only way to kill the virus would be to NUKE the entire epidemic region..well, I was close, anyway…[sigh]…

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  10. jim says:

    soon the only way to kill it will be to nuke the world right on schedule


  11. Where you get a bigger stack of patients than you can treat one solution might be cryogenic, another is euthanasia, but a more traditional approach with success by village witchdoctors in a previous outbreak was simple isolation. You deliver food until either you have a recovered person or a dead body. As the disease is 50% lethal you get half the people back alive. What therefore might work out is to have hygienically maintained isolation cells, and you simply feed living patients using non returnable disposable containers. and return survivors after a time to the community. At the worst poor people will be faking Ebola to get the free feed, and if they don’t then you have made the isolation undesirable which means infected patients will want to escape. Remember the disease will burn itself out in half the victims, it won’t spread and you won’t kill medical staff and this is an affordable way to cope right now.


  12. Silverstreek says:

    I would have expected a comment like this coming from the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or one of the many other bloodthirsty dictators throughout history. But It sickens me a so called Pro Life politician from this country is calling for the murder of innocent people. Who’s only sin in this terrible story is they got sick from an infected loved one, friend, or acquaintance who had Ebola!


    • Get him to say what he thinks of Russian MIRV 10 MISSILES the Bulava can be surface launched and they have an SLBM one missile can depopulate most countries five would leave no Americans for this you need fully capable close-in interception, deep shelter including underground cities, and colonies on other planets, and drop shafts for last minute dropping 7km to Morlock life. RUSSIA IS BUILDING FOR FIRST STRIKE. Get scared get active. Protest won’t save you deep civil defence and planned survival can.


    • Yellow Bird says:

      i am pretty sure he is only hanging out the “pro-life” shingle to gather votes from the masses of folks who dont take the time to actually investigate beyond key words and talking points
      “reel ’em in boys”…


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