Spain places husband of Ebola nurse in quarantine

October 2014SPAIN Spain’s Health Minister Ana Mato walks past members of the media as she leaves a news conference on the first reported incident of Ebola transmission outside Africa, in Madrid, Spain, Monday, Oct. 6, 2014. A Spanish nurse who treated a missionary for the disease at a Madrid hospital tested positive for the virus, Mato said Monday. The female nurse was part of the medical team that treated a 69-year-old Spanish priest who died in a hospital last month after being flown back from Sierra Leone, where he was posted. Spain has placed in quarantine the husband of a Spanish nurse who has tested positive for the Ebola virus in the first known transmission outside West Africa. Public Health Director Mercedes Vinuesa told Parliament on Tuesday that authorities were drawing up a list of other people who may have had contact with the nurse so that they can be monitored. The nurse had helped treat a Spanish priest who died Sept. 25 in a Madrid hospital designated for treating Ebola patients. He had been flown home from Sierra Leone. She was hospitalized in Madrid on Monday. Vinuesa said Spain had several therapies available and had begun applying them Monday, but gave no further details. The nurse, whose name has not been released, was said to be in stable condition. –ABC News
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7 Responses to Spain places husband of Ebola nurse in quarantine

  1. Dennis E. says:

    I stick foot in mouth, but I see a temporary world wide travel ban coming soon and a economic downfall from this.


  2. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    Yeah, not good. This is several western countries. UK has had patients, Spain, the US – not sure about France. It’s precisely where the Muslims want it.


  3. Shepherd says:

    They are LYING TO US! The nurse was wearing a safety suit and STILL GOT IT!


  4. Nick says:

    Yall repeated the same thing twice on the same article. 😢


  5. Janice says:

    OK.  Did no one learn from the Dallas mistakes?  This “abundance of caution” crap is getting old.  Quick.

    When will CDC/WHO & governments admit that transmission of aerosol Ebola virus is occurring?  Who will be the first to boldly reveal this.

    *ANYONE attending to suspected Ebola victims needs hazmat suits, portable oxygen respirator  packs & eye shields/goggles.   Are officials not comprehending the facts “on the ground”?

    Now there’s a Spanish court order to euthanize the FIRST Ebola nurse’s dog.  Why? This dog did not provide direct, hands on care to it’s  owner.  Did the owner pet him. Did the dog “comfort” the nurse by snuggling next to her?   She only had a fever…no other physical symptoms. What’s next?   Spain can’t explain how their nurses contracted Ebola.

    The public is ahead of official pronouncements.  We are reading & processing the plethora of alternative Ebola info on line.  We are plugged into “updates”.  The public will not be fooled/placated.  Especially when healthcare employees here & in Europe tell what’s really happening in these facilities & in the dysfunctional Ebola response pipeline.


  6. stevenj says:

    Of course they’re lying to us – It’s now airborne, as easily spread as the common cold – Ask why they would lie? 1. Incompetence at every level of government. 2. Their incompetence would be revealed quickly once they have to admit that it’s airborne, even though they repeatedly say it isn’t. They are ensuring that it goes pandemic on a global scale…


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