Reports claim Spain may have a second case of Ebola

October 2014 MADRID – A second case of Ebola may have been detected in Madrid on Tuesday, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health told El Mundo newspaper. Like the first victim announced on Monday, the second victim was part of a medical team treating two now deceased victims of Ebola: a Spanish priest, Miguel Pajares, and missionary Manuel García Viejo. Media reports said the second victim is in isolation at Hospital Carlos III, along with the first medical worker and her husband. The European Union sent a letter Monday to the Spanish health minister to inquire as to how the first medical worker contracted the deadly disease, said media reports. –Market Watch
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9 Responses to Reports claim Spain may have a second case of Ebola

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Any speculation when this will explode world wide and out of control.


    • We won’t see an explosion initially. We’ll see more and more outbreaks of cases popping up here in and there across the globe. That will be the beginning and the numbers will seep up from there as containment from too many simultaneous cases will make management nigh impossible.

      Of course, the other side of this, is who is going to pay for all these hospital bills patients run up in isolation and treatment? This is the most expensive type of hospital treatment care and heavy case loads – will lead to financial Armageddon.


  2. Sven Limburg says:

    A more detailed article you’ll find at:

    “Spanish nurse’s Ebola infection blamed on substandard equipment”


  3. Shepherd says:

    The nurse was wearing a safety suit!!!
    AND SHE STILL GOT IT! They are indeed LYING TO US!


  4. Sussan says:

    EBOLA IN FLORIDA 100%. 15 Year old girl hospitalized at Brandon Hospital in Brandon, FL with it.


  5. George says:

    I thought everyone was to ware respirators. The masks won’t stop Ebola if airborne, which it more than likely is.


  6. Yellow Bird says:

    new official word, all suspected cases Negative- title says 2 cases but article speaks of several others in Canary Islands. Only the original Nurse is acknowleged to have ebola:


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