Safeguarding the borders: 71 people from hard-hit Ebola countries illegally entered U.S. this year

October 2014US MEXICAN BORDER With a number of prominent conservative politicians raising fears that the Ebola outbreak could spread to the U.S. via the country’s porous borders with Mexico and Canada, Customs and Border Protection and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sought to reassure a worried public that they are doing everything they can to monitor people entering the U.S. – whether legally or illegally – for the virus. “CBP and the CDC have closely coordinated to develop policies, procedures, and protocols to identify travelers that are known by U.S. public health officials to have a communicable disease and to handle in a manner that minimizes risk to the public,” Jennifer Evanitsky, a spokeswoman for the CBP told Fox News Latino in an emailed statement. The CBP’s statement comes after Republican senator and prospective GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul raised fears that infected individuals could enter the country through the U.S.-Mexico border, stoking more concern in states like Texas where Thomas Eric Duncan became the first American to bring the virus to the country.
The “border is not only a danger for national security purposes, it is also a danger for a worldwide pandemic should it occur,” Paul told talk show host Glenn Beck. A CBP report published online earlier this week on broke down where undocumented immigrants are coming from and, between January and July of this year, at least 71 people reportedly arrived from the three West African nations hit with the current Ebola outbreak. Republican Rep. Phil Gingrey of Georgia wrote to the head of the CDC last month about his fears that undocumented immigrants are carrying “swine flu, dengue fever, Ebola virus and tuberculosis” into the U.S. “As the unaccompanied children continue to be transported to shelters around the country on commercial airlines and other forms of transportation, I have serious concerns that the diseases carried by these children may begin to spread too rapidly to control,” he wrote. While the CBP did not mention in its statement how it plans to monitor undocumented immigrants for the virus, the agency did say that it has been on the watch for anyone showing overt signs of the illness and all officers have been trained on how to identify a prospective Ebola patient.
“When a traveler or alien is identified with a possible communicable disease or identified from information that is received from the CDC, CBP personnel will take the appropriate safety measures by donning personal protective equipment, to include gloves and surgical masks, which are readily available for use in the course of their duties,” Evanitsky said. “The traveler would be isolated from the traveling public while the CDC and local public health authorities conduct an evaluation.” New fears that the Ebola outbreak could spread in the U.S. arose after Duncan became the first person to show symptoms of the virus inside the U.S. Duncan left for the U.S. on Sept. 19 to visit family and became sick a few days after he arrived. He is currently in isolation at a hospital in Dallas, Texas, and is listed as being in serious but stable condition. Days before he left Liberia, Duncan had helped carry to a taxi a pregnant woman who later died of Ebola, according to neighbors. Her illness at the time was believed to be pregnancy-related. The disease is believed to have sickened more than 7,100 people in West Africa and killed more than 3,300, according to the World Health Organization.
Despite the worries that travelers will carry the virus across the globe, a spokesman for the United Nations secretary-general has warned that air travel to and from the West African countries affected by the Ebola virus should continue despite the first reported case in the United States. Stephane Dujarric told reporters Thursday that “it’s very important not to isolate these countries” as it would worsen their political and economic situations. He says aid groups need access to the region. –Fox News Latin0
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5 Responses to Safeguarding the borders: 71 people from hard-hit Ebola countries illegally entered U.S. this year

  1. Yellow Bird says:

    always trust Fox News for fair and unbiased journalism…


  2. Judy Clarke says:

    Sorry People, but the border controls have been too late coming, the airlines have been too greedy to put themselves out by stopping flights to Africa as a whole, and because USA wont stop flights entering and leaving, there is NOTHING SURER – IT WILL SPREAD WORLD WIDE. One of the worst things we are all doing – is bringing our people home, who have either got the disease or been exposed to it. If there truly isnt a vaccine for it (which we know there is) Expect it to knock out a third of the human race.
    For intelligent people this epidemic with potential of becoming a pandemic, has been handled absolutely shockingly. Each country should be presently putting together, right now, medical camps to house large numbers dotted all over Australia, because when it comes here, and it will, we have no where to put them. Public hospitals are out of the question and then you need to look for staff that are prepared to die for the job.
    For true quarantine, the staff cannot return home each shift, they have to remain there. Each ambulance, plane and car that transports Ebola Patients, they should be fumigated entirely, Ebola patients MUST be incinerated without exception, not one of them should be buried, and NO ONE should be brought back to their respective countries when they are suspected of being infected.
    Who is handling this? Sometimes you have to go over board in the beginning to get a handle on the situation. Being an RN, I know the implications of the way virus’ spread and this is a mutating virus, so its changing all the time. so if its not handled from the outset correctly (which this has NOT) and confined, then expect the worst.


  3. James allen Stamulis says:

    We the people will not forget it is the Obama administration that refuses to secure the border and also created ISIS so before we all die from their evil we will rain hell upon them as well! So help us God!


  4. Roger says:

    Like I said in the start of all this, Close the flights and get that #%$ Border secure!!! Get ready people, its here in the USA, time to lock and load……..


  5. TexasRedNeck says:

    It is here and it is going to spread like wildfire. What do you think all of those millions of black plastic coffins are for that our government has been storing ? They knew about this years ago, the NWO planned it.


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