U.S. quietly preparing for Ebola outbreak: CDC issues Ebola guidelines for U.S. funeral homes – how to dispose of bodies

September 2014ROSWELL, GACBS46 News has confirmed the Centers for Disease Control has issued guidelines to U.S. funeral homes on how to handle the remains of Ebola patients. If the outbreak of the potentially deadly virus is in West Africa, why are funeral homes in America being given guidelines? The three-page list of recommendations include instructing funeral workers to wear protective equipment when dealing with the remains since Ebola can be transmitted in postmortem care. It also instructs to avoid autopsies and embalming. Alysia English is Executive Director of the Georgia Funeral Directors Association, the oldest and largest funeral association in Georgia. Georgia is comprised of 700 funeral homes and 2,000 funeral directors. CBS46 asked English if Georgians should be alarmed by these guidelines. “Absolutely not. In fact, if they weren’t hearing about it, they should be a whole lot more concerned,” said English. She said Georgia has one of the country’s most thorough public health plans. That includes detailed planning for all hazards such as floods and the flu. “If you were in the middle of a flood or gas leak, that’s not the time to figure out how to turn it off. You want to know all of that in advance. This is no different,” said English. –CBS46
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11 Responses to U.S. quietly preparing for Ebola outbreak: CDC issues Ebola guidelines for U.S. funeral homes – how to dispose of bodies

  1. Judy Clarke says:

    I total and unequivocally disagree. Funeral homes (which are public places and employees who deal with the public) should not be doing the funerals of Ebola patients. Body incinerators should be attached to the places where these people are cared for and they should be burned within the confines of the care facility. If that takes Dollars, then so be it, we are dealing with a short term killer. By taking diseased bodies to a funeral home, there are too many points at which this disease can be spread, e.g. funeral car, funeral home, undertakers and each facility for carrying the body, etc. They must, without and discounting NONE, not even for religious reasons, ALL BODIES must be cremated. Photos and sampling done, then burned, so that the virus is destroyed with the body and all the drapes and clothing that patient was in contact with.


  2. joanofark06 says:

    While thousands of our medical personnel are sent far away to another country, of course america will need lots of coffins. Makes sense to me.

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  3. Dennis E. says:

    Not enough caskets.
    Will have to cremate which should be mandatory. Sounds indifferent, best way to kill virus.
    Don’t think so.
    Other variables will be involved,,, such as civil unrest, family murders/suicides.
    Get ready…….


  4. Jack Carson says:

    So they have a plan on how to deal with it. … They also have a published plan on what to do in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse (Seriously, it’s on the CDC website). Would you rather that they had NO plan at all thereby failing in their duty to protect the American public (and actually EARN their outrageous salaries)? Sorry but this article is pure fear mongering in search of advertising dollars unless they also publish a story about the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.


  5. Human hybrid says:

    Well ! indeed, MMMmmm Patient on ebola? Fema coffins? Martial law? Executive actions? Is there a piece missing here. Let us praise the US and their accurate predictions. Talk about planning. They have the best in the world. So dont be caught being a separatist or oath keeper. We are the NWO and here to stay. U will see


  6. Jacquie says:

    Alvin, isn’t it better, cleaner to cremate bodies rather than just bury them in caskets. It seems like a lot of virus exposure. Remember the pics after Katrina? Of caskets that had come to the surface of the cemetery after the floods? I suspect the virus remains for awhile after the body is buried?
    It seems a high risk potential. What do u think?


  7. ddavern4 says:

    Washington Post just published a confirmation of the first Ebola case in Texas by the CDC. They know the individual arrived a week ago. Interesting the timing of the annuncements lately.


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