Walking Dead: mass panic in Nimba County as dead Ebola patients ‘come back to life’

September 2014LIBERIA, Africa – Fear and panic is spreading in Nimba County, an African community where dead Ebola patients have reportedly “resurrected” and roams around among the living. The victims were allegedly women in their 40s and 60s who was thought to have died from the virus in Liberia’s Nimba County. According to the local paper The New Dawn, the pair of “walking dead” is believed to be amongst the living. The report said Dorris Quote, and Ma Kabeh who who said to be in her 60s, both from Hope Village Community and the Catholic Community in Ganta, were about to be buried when they “rose from the dead.” Witnesses claimed Ma Kabeh had stayed indoors for about two nights without receiving medication or taking any food before her reported death. When residents gathered to prepare the burial of the dead women, they were shocked to see the dead rise. Aside from the mass panic, many have wondered whether Kebeh had survived the virus after all, if the presumption of her death turned out to be false.
Since the Ebola outbreak in Nimba County, this was the first time that dead patients had allegedly come back from the dead. The town has previously reported strange incidents relating to Ebola. One report claimed a native doctor could cure Ebola but died from the virus last week. According to reports, the virus has killed about 2,800 people in West Africa with 5,800 cases. The Ebola virus has no known cure, although efforts are underway to develop an effective vaccine to it from spreading. The World Health Organization has predicted that more people could die from the virus as it currently has a 70 percent mortality rate. The total number of infected people would reach hundreds of thousands in the next four months if the virus cannot be controlled. Previous reports have said the Centres for Disease Control projected that there could be 1.4 million people infected with Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia by the end of January. –IB Times
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26 Responses to Walking Dead: mass panic in Nimba County as dead Ebola patients ‘come back to life’

  1. Ric says:


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  2. nanoduck says:

    Maybe some of them actually died and came back to life, which does happen fairly often (look up NDE’s or Near Death Experiences). Or they were just so sick that they barely registered life signs.

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  3. Bone Idle says:

    I just went back to a August 27 Extinction Protocol Ebola thread. The estimated infection total on that report was 2600. Now September 27 and the new estimated infection total is 5800. More than double. Interestingly the death toll ratio has gone up more than the infection rate.


      • NCognito says:

        Well, if you were a conspiracy junkie, you might begin to believe this was a plot set by The Illuminati. Remember the right wing agenda is to reduce the world population by more than half. Many believe that these new virus’s and such are all man made and deliberately released into 3rd World Countries with the soul purpose of killing.

        It could also be that the people who put out the report are simply projecting what they believe will be the actual death rate. Here again, if you really want to stretch, you could say the officials making the reports are member of Illuminati and giving you that info, so when it happens or they make it happen, you’re not surprised.

        Regardless of what you believe, it is interesting that they would tell us the death rate is higher than the infection rate.


  4. Judy Clarke says:

    All the more reason to burn these bodies. Stop burying them, the disease will continue to live for thousands of years, BURN THE BODIES. Then no walking dead or Zombies will walk the earth.

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    • Yellow Bird says:

      judy, these women are not zombies. they were so ill as to be MISTAKEN for dead, but have survived and now in beginning stages of recovery.
      having such low life signs as to be thought dead is not uncommon, outside of hospital wards with monitors. in the US and across parts of europe, what we call “Wakes” were once typically held prior to burials… hoping the “dead” might yet reawaken (from a comatose state). because occasionally some do.


      • Judy Clarke says:

        Your missing the point – They should be cremated once declared dead. Any virus has the means of coming back to life again centuries later, so burn the bodies. ITS A NO BRAINER. But apparently DUH- they are still burying them. VERY BAD move.

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    • Dennis E. says:

      Also, in past history, people have been buried, even here in the USA that were not dead, but as posted in a reply, barely registered life signs. Also, I saw on The Discovery Channel several years ago that in some places in the past, they would put a bell of or some sort of sounding device for someone to come and get them. Graves have been opened with evidence of attempts to get out etched on the inside lid by the fingertips.


    • mina says:

      would you burn your son Judy??


      • Judy Clarke says:

        Mina asked me if I would burn my own son. ABSOLUTELY, if he was diseased and was declared dead, it is stupidity not to. Burying a body that has had an incurable virus is absolutely irresponsible in the first degree. Cremation is the only way to prevent other’s in the centuries to come from re-igniting the disease all over again. THEy MUST BE CREMATED.


  5. A Colonel in the CIA I interviewed in 2012 and with whom I researched about zombies told me that the US had developed a zombie-type virus to be used in Africa that would resurrect the dead. This is exactly what is happening. Unreal! I got this in audio, maybe I will publish it sometime.

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  6. Michael123 says:

    I am disappointed of the salacious “zombie” reference and that graphic. I come to this site because it deals in facts more than attempts to over sensationalize and amp up emotions like most others do.


  7. niebo says:

    OK, dudes, I may be confoozed, but it seems to me that the most relevant question is, have these ladies continued to live (as “zombies”) or were they so ill that they did, in fact, die? (Again?) Put another way . . . are they confirmed “walking dead” (actual corpses with no heartbeat, no respiration, but with awkward, staggering, stumbling fits of ambulation), confirmed “zombies” (the same but with a confirmed lack of cerebral function, thus truly mindless, clumsy undead), or are they JUST confirmed survivors of a dreadful illness? And, oh, yeah, how could I forget . . . have they (either of them, as individuals, or together as a, er, “mob”) attacked, killed, and eaten anybody else since they rose from the dead?

    Just sayin’.


  8. suez62 says:

    Oh, please…such silliness!


  9. MG says:

    What’s happening after these women come back? If they’re not craving brains and attacking others, chances are, they just had extremely low life signs.

    Real zombies eat brains…


  10. Travis L. Lepley says:

    Is what people are saying true or is this a lie????


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