President Obama: Ebola a U.S. ‘national security priority’ – top security advisors summoned to White House

September 2014 – WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama on Friday called the Ebola outbreak in West Africa a “national security priority” for the United States and said it must rise to the same level of urgency for the rest of the world. The world’s lack of preparedness for outbreaks like Ebola is “unacceptable,” Obama declared at a Global Health Security Agenda Summit at the White House. Obama said nations must address disease outbreaks and other biological dangers “as the security threats that they are” and not just as humanitarian and economic concerns. The president faulted the international response in crises such as this one, describing it as typically too little, too late scrambling. Such delayed, hit-or-miss efforts result in greater spread of disease and lives lost, he said. Ebola has already killed 3,091people this year in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, with projections that the death toll could reach the hundreds of thousands. “It is our moral obligation and it is in our national self-interest” to help those countries, Obama said. His 20-minute address to an audience representing more than four dozen countries covered themes the president has voiced repeatedly in the past 10 days, including a major ramp-up, involving 3,000 troops, of the American response to the Ebola’s spread.
On Thursday at the United Nations, he cautioned that the U.S. effort would need significant, sustained support from many countries. Friday’s discussions at the White House were part of the fourth meeting this year of the Global Health Security Agenda, which was launched in February – well before Ebola erupted in West Africa – with the goal of safeguarding the world from infectious disease threats. Participants included ministers and senior officials from countries on every continent and from international organizations. The meeting was also attended by Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell and Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and National Security Adviser Susan Rice. The presence of Hagel and Rice highlighted just how much Ebola has moved beyond the usual circles of a health emergency – and what future emergencies could hold. “Today the danger is Ebola,” noted Rice. “Tomorrow it could be another flu outbreak or a terrorist armed with a biological weapon.”-Politico
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8 Responses to President Obama: Ebola a U.S. ‘national security priority’ – top security advisors summoned to White House

  1. nanoduck says:

    What a nightmare. Sending 3,000 of our troops to the hot zone, where they can get infected themselves and carry it back to the states…what a brilliant idea. NOT!


  2. Dennis E. says:

    But the smirk on his face is that I am glad it is coming here. Not sincere…….

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  3. Ahem, there is another virus currently infecting 34,000,000 people and causing 1,700,000 deaths per year, and rising. The CDC, instead of taking drastic measures to reign in this disease, posts pages telling the infected how they can feel good about themselves and live relatively peaceful with it. It is HIV-AIDS, and it is way beyond epidemic proportion.

    The Ebola disease has only caused 1/1000 of the deaths that AIDS does, and they are sending in 3000 military personnel? Even if Ebola infected and killed 1.7 million people in a year, why the military response with Ebola and not AIDS? Why is the government encouraging the behaviors that help spread AIDS, but want to send the military in to stop the behaviors that allow for the spread of Ebola?


  4. niebo says:

    Dennis E, George, Phyllis, ‘Duck . . . please bear in mind that “they” have secured underground bunkers, fully stocked with food, water, coffee, tea, orange juice, soda pop, antibacterial soap, anti-radiation saltwater showers, clean towels, clean socks, diesel fuel, generators, movie theaters, machine guns, rocket launchers, etc. The US government is the ultimate domestic prepper, which is kinda funny considering that the media (and certain gov’t officials) often portrays “preppers” as crazies and kooks and paranoid freaks for preparing to survive, oh, (let’s see, just for kicks), nuclear confrontation, economic desolation, biological contamination . . . and other “-ations” where the (fully prepared for everything) government may do/not do things that get the rest of us killed.

    So, maybe this meeting was just that: “Hey, guys . . . pack your bags. . . .”


  5. suez62 says:

    #1 I think the Ebola thing is made up! #2 If it is true, it was lab made and man given by injections. #3 Why doesn’t obimbo go over there instead of sending our troops? We sure could do without him….


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