Long Valley Caldera rattled by more than 1059 earthquakes in latest seismic swarm

Long Valley Caldera EQ Swarm 2014
September 2014CALIFORNIA – The Long Valley Caldera is experiencing a large seismic swarm. As magma moves through the earth, it displaces and fractures rock along the way. This movement causes earthquakes that can be recorded with seismometers at the surface of the earth. Seismic monitoring is the most used technique for volcano surveillance. Volcanic earthquakes often provide the initial sign of volcanic unrest. Their signals differ from typical, tectonic, earthquakes because they tend to be found at depths shallower than 10 km, are small in magnitude (< 3), occur in swarms, and are restricted to the area beneath a volcano. Harmonic tremor, or volcanic tremor, is the name for the continuous, rhythmic seismic energy associated with underground magma movement. At Long Valley Caldera, there are currently 61 seismometers that make up the seismic network used to determine earthquake location and energy of movement with time.
The first instrument was installed in 1974 and additional instruments were added throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Between 2000 and 2003, the seismic network was updated to include additional, more modern instruments. More than 200 more earthquakes have erupted in the area in a 24 hour period. Additionally, some earthquakes were now reported at shallower depths. Rodger Wilson, who is following this area for tens of years, hasn’t seen this activity since the 1990′s! We have the impression however that the frequency of the earthquakes has seriously declined the last couple of hours. The seismicity at Mammoth Lakes California has even increased compared to this morning. Below all earthquake epicenters during the last 24 hours. Depth of the hypocenters still at +10 km. Earthquake swarms are a regular phenomenon at Long Valley but nobody knows where the magma will move next. We will have to wait and see if this latest swarm indicates a massive movement of magma and might be an early-warning sign that Long Valley might be moving towards an eruption. The last eruption at the volcano is said to have occurred about 50,000 years ago and the volcano is thought to be long over-due for another eruption but it doesn’t mean this recent seismic activity will lead to such an event. “This is one of the largest earthquake swarms we’ve seen in the past decade or so,” said David Shelly, a USGS research seismologist who has been studying the volcanic system near Mammoth Lakes. “We’ll be tracking it closely. At this point, we don’t know if it would continue to die down, or if there’d be another stage to this swarm,” Shelly said. “This is certainly an interesting scientific opportunity to better understand the processes that are driving this activity.”ER, USGS, TEP

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20 Responses to Long Valley Caldera rattled by more than 1059 earthquakes in latest seismic swarm

  1. twclark66 says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Major happenings in seismic swarm activity!


  2. cford1331 says:

    optional Matt so I’m going to say okay hello I want to respond to this thank youright there is an arrow it goes to the right

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  3. gman4721 says:

    I have been speaking out for years that the Mono Lake area is what I have been “seeing” erupting, massively erupting. If this swarm is near there this may be the time. For years everyone has had a fixation on Yellowstone and i have telling people about Long Valley as well as the caldera in New Mexico. Yes, Yellowstone , at the moment, looks like the main candidate to explode soon but keep an eye on Mono Lakes.

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    • Dennis E. says:

      Keep us informed please


    • L.Edwards says:

      Is there a chance that the Mono Lakes could be connected to Yellowstone?
      Yellowstone’s caldera is huuuuuuge!

      What kills me is that people keep saying “if” Yellowstone erupts and “I’m safe if I leave America.” It’s not if, it’s when. And the whole world won’t be safe when Yellowstone erupts.

      People talk of easing the pressure, but drilling a hole into it. It will likely erupt thanks to the opening.


  4. Lulu says:

    I think that Mother Yellowstone is sending some of her kids out to play. I don’t mean to be flippant in saying this, but the magma in this huge region is connected. It is bound to stray – in my humble opinion…


  5. stevenj says:

    The “experts” now claim that it’s water intrusion from springs not mag probably ma, causing the swarm… Take all that you hear from these “experts” with a grain of salt – They probably know what is going on, but are keeping things quiet so as not to cause panic. After all, once a catastrophe happens, everyone will be scrambling to survive…


  6. yves says:

    Wy do you think they burn the west cost forrest to mouve lots of people from there… Now how abouht a nucleer black flag from isis on the east coast

    just a reflection

    love all



  7. Yellow Bird says:

    here’s an update giving the ‘official word’
    “…The earthquakes MAY have been triggered by water pressure from area hot springs shifting through the ground surface, stressing tectonic plates. Scientists … are closely watching the earthquake swarm, but don’t believe it’s connected to any magmatic activity….”

    so far all the shaking has been little stuff. but a little later in the article is this interesting reference to the last period of heavy shaking there:
    “…In the 1980s, the area was hit with a swarm of multiple 6.0-magnitude temblors, but they were overshadowed by the Mount St. Helens eruption in Washington…”

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  8. L.Edwards says:

    The forces of nature and the universe don’t run on human reasoning and mechanisms.

    We control nothing.


  9. Matthew Hall says:

    Whats funny is that scientists say that the mono\inyo craters are not part of the volcanic complex but if you look on google earth you will see that Long valley caldera is in the center as well as a whole ring of mountains surrounding them. Those swarms of Quakes could of been the magma chambers joining in to one single chamber it wouldn’t exactly mean it would erupt but it would double or triple the size of the volcano itself so who knows that could explain the swarms of Quakes but what to really worry about is instead of the usual tectonic quakes wait until it becomes harmonic in nature and in thus heres the difference between the 2. Tectonic means that the Quake will be short or long depending on the magnitude. But Harmonic Quakes go on until the volcano goes off so the magma is moving to the surface and when you get harmonic tremors you know there’s going to be an eruption but you dont know how long it will erupt OR how big it will be.


  10. Matthew Hall says:

    So who knows maybe that is happened at the Siberian traps. It could have been like Yellowstone caldera before but with volcanoes of similar size close by preceded by quakes joining said grouping of magma chambers shook up into 1 massive chamber which would eventually erupted creating the Siberian traps. Scientifically volcanoes are still an unknown in there own right . we study them try to learn from them and yet they still surprise us for instance st Helen’s erupted horizontally instead of vertically so the joining of magma chambers may not be out of the field so it could potentially happen no matter how improbable it may seem .The science is more than likely there we just do not see from above ground.


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