Liberia’s new 150-bed treatment center overwhelmed with 206 infected patients after first week – sick turned away

September 2014 AFRICA – Clutching a tattered plastic bag of spare clothing, 12-year-old runaway Princess Sheriff trudges back through the heavy steel gates of the Ebola treatment unit. A man in a biohazard suit sprays her bag with disinfectant, then turns the nozzle onto the car that brought her. The girl, thin and weak, had escaped from the unit on Tuesday, walking for two hours through the city streets to her home after somehow persuading the guards that she had recovered. But she was still sick, and two days later her father took her back. “I’ve been worrying about her for four days,” said her father, Mohammed Sheriff, an auto mechanic. “I can’t eat.” Princess is one of 72 children in Liberia’s newest Ebola treatment centre. Less than a week after opening, the 150-bed unit is already overwhelmed with 206 patients, and more are arriving each day. Some lie huddled on the dusty ground outside the gates until they are carried in, while a steady stream of ambulances, sirens blaring, bring more patients. “We’re trying to squeeze in as many as possible,” said Atai Omoruto, the overworked Ugandan doctor in charge of the centre.
 “We’re still getting so many patients, every day. We’re using the corridors. Whatever space is available, we’re putting camp beds there.” As she spoke, trucks arrived with piles of donated mattresses from a local microfinance organization and a load of wooden bed frames from a Liberian carpenters’ union. But the new treatment unit, on Bushrod Island near the city’s seaport, is making barely a dent in an ever-growing disaster that has already killed more than 3,000 people in five West African countries. Monrovia has roughly 500 treatment beds, but Liberia as a whole needs thousands and they have been slow to arrive. When the Island treatment unit opened last Sunday, it immediately received more than 100 seriously ill patients who had been waiting in a holding centre in the city. Since then, nearly 50 of its patients have died. Others, like Princess Sheriff, have run away from the unit, despite its high walls and razor wire. Security guards may have left the gate unattended during heavy rains this week, allowing patients to slip away, Dr. Omoruto said. “Many patients don’t want to be here,” she said in an interview. “It’s scary to be here. It’s scary to see so very many sick people, so many people dying. It’s scary for my staff too.”
While the United States has pledged to build 17 new Ebola treatment centers of 100 beds each, primarily in Liberia, it will take months for all of the centers to be completed. In the meantime, the number of Ebola cases in Liberia is soaring exponentially, doubling every 21 days. Many other countries are not doing enough to help, Dr. Omoruto said. “It’s like they are on another planet.” The overcrowding of the new treatment unit is a sign that Liberians have stopped denying the Ebola epidemic and are beginning to seek help at an earlier stage in their illness, Liberian officials say. –The Globe and the Mail
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6 Responses to Liberia’s new 150-bed treatment center overwhelmed with 206 infected patients after first week – sick turned away

  1. Scarlett says:

    I’ve never seen a more tragic image, than that of the little child looking at her sick, perhaps dying mother. What will happen to the child I wonder, if the mother dies. I wonder too if the little child will become sick and die hershelf. It’s overwhelming.


  2. Yellow Bird says:

    oh i agree, my feelings exactly


  3. Christa says:

    We can only pray that God would be merciful and that His kingdom would great expand through this plague. Many people have to be considering their end when facing something like this. Pray they will turn to the only savior and deliverer.


  4. Yellow Bird says:

    while the disaster is ballooning exponentially in Liberia, and very very bad still for Guinea & Sierra Leone…
    at least here is a glimmer of hopeful news from DRCongo:
    “…The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has recorded no new cases of the Ebola virus in the past 12 days, a local official said on Tuesday…”

    i so hope this is true!

    (note: article does not offer an illness/fatality count. they have been very quiet since initial reports)


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