65: At least 31 people feared dead after Japan’s Ontake volcano erupts without warning

September 2014 JAPAN Thirty-one people were presumed dead on Sunday near the peak of a Japanese volcano that erupted unexpectedly a day earlier while it was packed with hikers out to admire autumn foliage, sending a huge cloud of ash and rock tumbling down its slopes. Police said the 31 people were found in “cardiopulmonary” arrest but declined to confirm their deaths pending a formal examination, as per Japanese custom. An official in the area said rescue efforts had been called off due to rising levels of toxic gas near the peak, as well as approaching nightfall. Hundreds of people, including children, were stranded on the mountain, a popular hiking site, after it erupted without warning on Saturday, sending ash pouring down the slope for more than 3 km (2 miles.) Most made their way down later on Saturday but about 40 spent the night near the 3,067 meter (10,062 feet) peak. Some wrapped themselves in blankets and huddled in the basement of buildings. “The roof on the mountain lodge was destroyed by falling rock, so we had to take refuge below the building,” one told NHK national television. “That’s how bad it was.” More than 40 people were injured, several with broken bones.
Earlier, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency had said authorities were trying to confirm the whereabouts of 45 people. It was not clear whether those 45 included the 31 people found in cardiopulmonary arrest. The volcano was still erupting on Sunday, pouring smoke and ash hundreds of metres into the sky. Ash was found on cars as far as 80 km (50 miles) away. Volcanoes erupt periodically in Japan, one of the world’s most seismically active nations, but there have been no fatalities since 1991, when 43 people died in a pyroclastic flow, a superheated current of gas and rock, at Mount Unzen in southwestern Japan. Ontake, Japan’s second-highest volcano 200 km (125 miles) west of Tokyo, last erupted seven years ago. Its last major eruption was in 1979. Satoshi Saito, a 52-year-old hiker who climbed Ontake on Saturday and descended less than an hour before the eruption, said the weather was good and the mountain, known for its fall foliage, was crowded with people carrying cameras.
“There were no earthquakes or strange smells on the mountain when I was there,” Saito, who usually climbs Ontake several times a year, told Reuters. He also said there were no warnings of possible eruptions posted on the trail. “But a man who runs a hotel near the mountain told me that the number of small earthquakes had risen these past two months, and everyone thought it was weird,” Saito said. –Reuters
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7 Responses to 65: At least 31 people feared dead after Japan’s Ontake volcano erupts without warning

  1. Yellow Bird says:

    brief 9/26 Reykjavik update on Holuhraun/Bardarbunga eruptions…
    “…’s been almost a month since the Holuhraun eruption started, and there doesn’t seem to be any indication of it stopping soon. Meanwhile, the Bárðarbunga caldera continues to subside, which means that it must still be feeding magma to the Holuhraun eruptive fissure. The surrounding area is still closed to the public… due to high concentrations of poison gas…”
    article includes some possible prognostics to watch for


  2. Yellow Bird says:

    most recent Japan Times update on Mt Ontake event…
    “…Mount Ontake, a volcano straddling Nagano and Gifu prefectures, erupted on Saturday, spewing ash and small rocks into the air, killing a female hiker, leaving at least 16 people unconscious and 30 others seriously injured, and stranding more than 40 on the mountain (overnight)… At one point, more than 250 hikers had been stranded on the mountain… But some 200 managed to descend by Saturday evening… The remainder were forced to spend the night on the mountain until rescue work resumed Sunday morning…”

    so currently 1 known fatality, 46 other casualties, whereabouts of 40 more still unknown.


  3. Bone Idle says:

    Japan has a very conservative code when it comes to announcing any disastrous news. The authorities will not actually announce fatalities until after the police department has certified death. Unconscious trekkers is code for deceased trekkers. It’s being reported that up to 30 or more hikers have perished seemingly succumbed to lack of oxygen – their deaths haven’t been publicized as yet.


    • The post has been updated – it was slow in coming. Death toll could still rise. Those who survived are among the luckiest people on the planet. Almost no one in history has ever survived a volcanic eruption with people camped out on a volcanic summit at the time of the blast. These ensuing earthchanges will happen in rapid succession. They will be encompassing, extremely dramatic, and will be mercurial or unpredictable. No one should be hiking on the summit of an active volcano now, no matter if park rangers or geologists tell you it’s safe.


  4. Ellen E says:

    This event had been predicted in September 21


    “dream yesterday, I saw. Only paper that was written large I [Ontakesan eruption] came out in a dream.”


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