Overflowing treatment centers, means entire families are now becoming infected

September 2014 MONROVIA, Liberia — The family of the sick man, who had endured Ebola’s telltale symptoms for six days, took him by taxi to treatment centers here in the capital twice, only to be turned back at the gate each time for lack of beds. He died at home, his arms thrashing violently and blood spewing out his mouth, in front of his sons. “We had to carry him home two times because they could do nothing for us,” said Eric Gweah, 25, as a team of body collectors came to retrieve the corpse of his father, Ofori Gweah, 62. “The only thing the government can do is come for bodies. They are killing us.” So many Ebola victims are dying at home because of the severe shortage of treatment centers here in Monrovia, Liberia’s capital that they are infecting family members, neighbors and others in a ballooning circle of contagion. Only 18 percent of Ebola patients in Liberia are being cared for in hospitals or other settings that reduce the risk of transmission by isolating them from the rest of the population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Unless that rate reaches 70 percent, the center predicted this week, Ebola cases will keep soaring.
In its worst-case estimate, Liberia and Sierra Leone, two of the three West African nations hit hardest by the outbreak, could face 1.4 million infections by Jan. 20 — more than 10 percent of their combined populations of about 10.3 million. In the coming weeks, the United States military will try to overhaul the fight against Ebola in Liberia, home to 1,580 of the 2,800 Ebola deaths so far recorded in West Africa. The 3,000-strong American mission will not treat patients, but will build as many as 17 treatment centers, with a total of 1,700 beds, and try to train 500 health workers a week. But building the centers is expected to take weeks and it is unclear who will run them, especially since the disease has decimated Liberia’s already weak health care system and the fear of Ebola has long kept many international aid workers away. “I’ve worked in many crises for more than 20 years, and it’s the first time I can see a situation that nobody wants to come,” said Jean-Pierre Veyrenche, who is heading the World Health Organization’s efforts to build treatment centers here. “There’s plenty of money, so that’s not the issue. People are afraid to come — that’s it,” he added.
With treatment beds overflowing, the government is often left to simply pick up the bodies of the dead. As its six teams of body collectors crisscross this capital of 1.5 million people, navigating cratered streets left over from the 14-year civil war that ended in 2003, they encounter a city that is likely to remain at the mercy of Ebola for weeks, perhaps months. Every day, each team retrieves a half-dozen to a couple of dozen bodies, delivering them to a crematorium at the end of the day. The body collectors who came to pick up Mr. Gweah had descended to the compound where he lived four times in the past four weeks, down a steep cliff to a riverside area called Rockspring Valley. Each week, they had picked up a body that passed on the Ebola virus to the next person, and now Mr. Gweah’s was the fifth body. The crowd, seething beneath a sky of low clouds, erupted in anger. “If the government can’t work it out, let them give it up,” said Marvin Gweah, 28, another son. “Let the international community handle this.” Five body collectors in full protective suits clambered up the cliff in the rain, carrying his father’s body in a black plastic bag, resting to readjust their grip, and steadying themselves on the slippery path. Eric Gweah, his face twisted in anguish, led the way, shrieking “Papa!” and throwing his hands up in the air, nearly losing his footing. – NY Times
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8 Responses to Overflowing treatment centers, means entire families are now becoming infected

  1. DePopulation says:

    Our HEAVENLY FATHER which art in HEAVEN and who is also the “JUST JUDGE” over this world and over the unseen ETERNAL WORLD, our prayer is that you OH LORD OF SPIRITS will RECOMPENSE that nation and/or peoples who have released these diseases upon this INNOCENT and OPPRESSED nation. Give THAT WICKED NATION DOUBLE what they have released on this earth for they, IN ALL THEIR CRAFTINESS, have said NONE SEETH ME. Let them SIT in SILENCE in the DUST in DARKNESS FOREVER. AMEN.


    • De Waen Luc says:

      i liked the mony python version better


    • katnea says:

      You are so spot on correct Yellow Bird! I really couldn’t have said it better myself!


    • katnea says:

      Wow DePopulation, I must tell you that I found your prayer of intention very disconcerting to say the least! Did you make that prayer up yourself? I’m asking you this because even though I believe a day of reckoning is in order for the people who’ve created this heinous death plague, I also believe that the justice system is best left to God to sort out. (shrug) But seriously though, I really don’t understand *why* you would ever ask God to double the suffering deaths of innocent victims simply because they happen to live in the same location as the virus creators?! = /

      Indeed I truly believe that your voice of reason has flown out the window *if* I understood your request correctly?! Yeah they say to be careful of what you wish and/or pray for… therefore you may just want to rethink how best to word your prayer again? I mean you don’t even know which nation(s) the virus creators are all from? I have a hunch that the so-called virus creators are from numerous global nations myself?! And so therefore, if ya think about it… in essences you are pretty much requesting God to give a nation full of innocent and guilty people double of whatever misery they released! Yeah, talk about a potential backfire request? Doh!

      On the other hand I am sincerely glad that you shared your intense feelings of anger, fear, frustrations, grief, and betrayal, etc. as well. Indeed thanks to you ….. I now have a fairly good idea just how the fear/hate pandemonium mind-set will play out! Truly if one allows their emotional response of fear, hate, and revenge to go unchecked?! Well all I can say is “Good-Luck” because that person is now treading on extremely dangerous thin spiritual ice as far as I’m concerned. The odds of becoming a vassal of negative poison before the person actually dies from the virus is a distinct possibility! Yeah for me no spiritual death is worth my personal hatred revenge intentions… especially when it impacts innocent lives! Its bad mojo all the way around as far as I’m concerned.

      Yeah, this is going to end up being one *&^$ of a soul endurance test after this virus really gets rolling worldwide! Hmmm, even if a person believes in the reincarnation theory… I would suspect that the blow back for really nasty negative behavior will probably knock the person back to ground zero…. if not worse? I dunno pond scum perhaps? (hah) And if you believe in the Christian theory… you will pretty much doom yourself if you cant stay on top of your desires of wanting to strangle someone either! (shrug) Wow now that I think about it, even the test of sharing food will easily tax ones limits severely! Yeah, its going to get really ugly no matter how you slice it! I just hope I don’t cave over a scrap of Chicken meat, or even a Sunflower seed! (sheesh)

      Oh and I tell ya one thing, should my Chihuahuas or I catch this virus… I’m not going to allow any of us to suffer! Period! I will use a gun if I cant get my hands on Morphine! Oh and in NO way do I believe God will send me to hell for it either! Yeah, that’s right… I simply wont even let my dogs suffer! I may eat them after I humanely kill them…. but hey they wont suffer! Hey now… you never know what you will do if you are starving…eh?!
      A Chihuahua Shish- Kabob might actually sound pretty good if I’m clawing my eyeballs out due to feeling the pain of starvation? (bleh)

      Lastly, if you haven’t already, I really do feel that now may be a really good time to stock up on survival supplies…eh? The way I see it there is no need to suffer physically while you are waiting around to die from the virus? (shrug) Oh and btw– have you guys all heard about the recent Georgia Guide stones addition at all? Yeah baby…. here we go! Ding!


      Okay, nuff said for now… I’m going to go fix myself an Alka Seltzer while I ponder all the implications surrounding the latest message of doom that was recently applied to Georgia Guide stones. Hmmm guess no one will get to watch the ending of the Games of Thrones TV series either? This blows but it is what it is…eh?

      (Oh and btw – don’t send me any flame comments about how I’m not grasping the seriousness of what humanity is currently going through either. I promise you that I do understand the gravity of the situation! And being a nurse myself, I am very well aware of the physical and mental suffering people are enduring right now! (sigh) But what can I say….I’m the type of person that if I don’t occasionally add in a lil off beat humor now and then…. my stress level builds up and I’m no good to be around. = /


  2. X23 says:

    This is a truly truly heartbreaking situation . Please pray for them .


  3. Yellow Bird says:

    the expression of grief and hopelessness on that poor man… this too is the face of ebola! not “just’ the horrible suffering of those who are dying, the survivors are also victims of this plague, just as much!


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