‘I’ve never seen this amount of bodies before’ – livestock incinerator imported from Europe to cremate corpses

September 2014 AFRICA Like every other volunteer who serves with Médecins Sans Frontières, Stefan Liljegren joined up to help the sick and destitute. In 15 years with the agency, he has been everywhere from Afghanistan and Kosovo through to South Sudan and East Timor, the hard and often dangerous work compensated for by the knowledge that he is saving lives. His latest mission, in Ebola-hit Liberia, offers rather less job satisfaction. As field coordinator of MSF’s new 160-bed Ebola treatment centre in the capital, Monrovia, one of his tasks is to decide which of the sick people who arrive outside the clinic’s gates should get treatment. Such is the scale of the outbreak that for every 20-30 new patients the clinic admits each day, the same number are often turned away – despite the likelihood that they will go home and infect their relatives. “This is by far the most difficult challenge that I have ever faced,” the 44-year-old Swede told The Telegraph during a brief break from his work in the sweltering humidity of Liberia’s monsoon season. “Every day I have been faced with impossible choices, and decisions that are inhuman to make.
Having to tell someone that they can’t come in when they are screaming and begging to do so is an indescribable feeling, especially when you know they may go back to families who might well then get sick themselves.” Outside the clinic an hour earlier, a grisly scene demonstrated Mr. Liljegren’s point. Resting face down in the mud was the body of Dauda Konneh, 42. He had been lying there dead since daybreak. “He was vomiting a lot and had symptoms like Ebola, so we put him in a pick-up truck and took him here for treatment,” said one young man outside. “When we got here last night, he was still alive, but the clinic would not accept him. He died at dawn today.” When The Telegraph mentions this to Mr. Liljegren, he nods. Having dead or dying patients outside the clinic overnight is “a regular occurrence,” he says. The reason being that once night falls, the hospital does not admit anyone: handling Ebola patients requires extreme care at the best of times, and it would be dangerous to do so in the dark.
The task of removing Mr. Konneh’s body falls to Stephen Rowden, a British MSF volunteer from Danbury, Essex, who leads a team in charge of the safe removal of corpses, which are sprayed with chlorine-based disinfectant first. “When I started it was maybe a body every two days, now it is daily and sometimes up to five a day,” said Mr. Rowden, 55. “I have never seen this amount of bodies before. It sounds callous, but you just have to switch off emotionally.” No amount of “switching off”, though, spares the MSF staff from the wider scale of the fatalities around them. The clinic, one of three now operating in Monrovia, has seen 350 deaths in the last month alone. Since all infected bodies have to be burned, the casualties have exceeded the ability of Monrovia’s local crematorium to cope. MSF has had to import an incinerator from Europe – normally used for livestock – to assist. For an aid agency that prides itself on triumphing in even the most difficult operating circumstances, it is a depressing reminder of how far there is to go. –Telegraph

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7 Responses to ‘I’ve never seen this amount of bodies before’ – livestock incinerator imported from Europe to cremate corpses

  1. Dennis E. says:

    I stand corrected if i am mistaken, but in some cultures in ancient times it was typical to burn the dead body of the deceased. In the now, I know Christians who are horrified to think that their bodies could be cremated at their death, perhaps forgetting that at the resurrection they will get a glorified body and you have to take into account the people who drowned in the sea and sharks and such ate them. How about people who’ve been eaten by animals?
    Fire purifies and will kill the disease. I, as you, do not want to know of or see a loved one placed into an incinerator and my heart goes out to these people because this could come to the USA.
    But, it is the best solution as to handling the dead in this manner.

    What did you say Alvin? A possible Human Extinction Event?


    • niebo says:

      Hey Dennis, other than “And the sea gave up the dead which were in it. . .” (Rev. 20:13)(by what means I don’t have clue, I admit), I agree with you 100 percent (and this is, of course, my opinion, influenced by the Bible but otherwise without links to an external source): the LORD God of Heaven, Who scattered the stars across the sky, Who laid the foundations of the earth (Isaiah 51), Who gives us light from the vacuum of space, Who gives us water from the air, Who gives us crops from the dirt (and seeds/legumes/rhizomes, of course), Who is present at the beginning and at the very end (Isaiah 48:12), Who can cause stones to cry out in praise . . . the LORD does not need our flesh to create an everlasting body.

      2 Peter 3:12; Isaiah 66:15; Isaiah 30:30; Malachi 4:1; Jeremiah 49:2; Ezekiel 15:7;
      REVELATION 8:5: ALL speak of FIRE on the earth; perhaps it comes to cleanse on numerous levels. . . .


  2. Silverstreek says:

    Wow! I think back to different chapters I’ve read in the Bible that foretold of events like this through prophecy. As with anything about the written Word. These prophecies are not meant to scare, but are a warning for those who believe to wake up.

    Many believe there is nothing new with where the world is headed? But yet to others, the world around us seems to have gone crazy, and we’re stuck right in the middle. We read about and witness through mass media the tale of a newer pure evil living in the Middle East. A group called ISIS, whose members devour life as if it was worth nothing. And ISIS is just the tip of the iceberg with all of the other violence going on around the globe.

    We are witnessing a growing body count a half a world away due to a terrible virus called Ebola. While we sit at home safe in our belief this virus won’t come knocking on our door. I think we’re fooling ourselves if we really believe we’re somehow un-touchable?

    With all of this going on we now see signs in the Heavens in the form of what is known as a Tetrad of Blood Moons. A series of four different times (happens twice 2014, and twice in 2015) in which a full moon is turned to blood red. Again, some will say there is nothing to this……. All it is, is what is known in the scientific world as a Lunar Eclipse.

    But, for those who believe in the Power of the living God. This Tetrad has happened only eight times since the Crucifixion of Christ on the Cross. And we will witness them on the exact FEAST DAYS of Yahweh (God). We should understand, with each of the past Tetrads. Major history concerning Israel go hand in hand.

    How does all of this fit together? Luke 21:10-11 fits like a glove!
    People will fight each other, Nations will fight each other, there will be great earthquakes (Fukushima Japan just had another quake). There will be epidemics and famines in various places, and there will be fearful sights and great signs in the Heavens.

    May God Bless everyone keeping us all safe and alert,


    • De Waen Luc says:

      you can always find something that “fits” in common storys like bible or koran…..in the end, they were written by greedy man, who surched for power….its just a storybook..That promotes slavery…domination…religion is the source of real evil


      • Silverstreek says:

        I have found putting my faith in mankind to solve the issues we humans face does not work! Think about the rising number of Earthquakes, Volcanos, Disease, Hunger, Wars, and Terrorism just to name a few small inconvenient facts. With Ebola at center stage taking the lives of many young and good people, this shows the dark world in which we reside is in trouble. This reaffirms mankind has no idea of how to fix anything! We just react. Sure, America will throw money and the Military at these and many more problems. But it won’t stop the next catastrophe from happening……..

        I’ll keep believing in the Messiah for answers to my troubles, and for my Salvation. For I am proud to say I’m a believer in Jesus Christ.


    • yves says:

      Your so right they (NWO ) ave to reduce the world population from 7 to 1.5 billion
      remenber all fema camp, all the plastic coffin, the ciment grave from the navy and the land that they lease for the us in south amerique, there is something real bad comming our way.
      sry, but it was all prepare this way and its start happening now
      War,desise,civil unrest,natural desaster, its all part of the recipe .

      wy not trying to love each other ( give peace a chance)
      god bless you all

      sadly Yves


  3. Yellow Bird says:

    oh gosh… “The clinic, one of three now operating in Monrovia, has seen 350 deaths in the last month alone.” says far, far more about the scale of this plague than all the skewed official numbers and spun political press statements.
    i am glad Monrovia has begun cremations! but, it really underscores the sheer desperation…


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