TEP Radio – Special Report: Ebola, the next global crisis

Luke 21:25 “And upon Earth – a distress of nations with perplexity (Greek aporeo) refers to “one who goes through the whole list of possible ways, and finds no way out.” Strong’s Concordance on the Bible.
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21 Responses to TEP Radio – Special Report: Ebola, the next global crisis

  1. great good work thank you love always john xxxxxxxxx


  2. John says:

    Alvin, I am listening to your YouTube video. You are brilliant. You speak like you are a scientist.
    I am impressed with your knowledge and speaking ability. Excellent work.


  3. Frankie says:

    Just finished listening OMGoodness!! My donation made, all I can do is pay attention and continue preserving my 70yr old barn. Thanks for having recording to keep up with the real news of today.


  4. John says:

    Alvin, have you researched the possibility of using high doses of intravenous vitamin C to cure an ebola infection. Intravenous vitamin C has been able to cure all other viral infections, so it is theorized that it can also handle the ebola infection.


  5. Sealed says:

    Great program! I sincerely hope and pray that the ones in “high places” are talking about all these things in such detail.


  6. skywalker says:

    vitamin c seems like a good idea , it can cure many ailments that have no official cure, also bioresonance device ” devita ap ” made in Germany by deta elis company from russia , also has a program for ebola virus and offers a cure.


  7. Hello, did you see this video regarding the new announcement from the US Army? Apparently Ebola, like influenzas, becomes more airborne, more easily transmissible/more contagious in cold, winter weather. So one of the reasons more people in Africa haven’t died is because the virus is less hardy in warm climates. Therefore those of us who live in regions where there are autumn and winter seasons stand to be facing an onset of Ebola infections as common as regular flu.

    It’s very frustrating to me that the CDC, WHO and most other experts continue to insist that Ebola is not at all airborne. Saliva is a bodily fluid. When people cough and sneeze on other people, and those saliva droplets are ejected into the air, people in proximity to the sick person can inhale a droplet, thus infecting them. I don’t know why everyone continues to deny this.

    So now that the US Army ‘s Center for Aerobiological Sciences has admitted that with the arrival of winter weather, Ebola’s impact will be drastically magnified, I think every other specializing government agency should now admit to the same. Of course we don’t want the US population, or much of the rest of the world’s population, to panic, but we do have a moral obligation to give humanity the opportunity to obtain at least the minimum amount of protective gear prior to any Ebola epidemic or pandemic in their region.

    These are the matters I would like to hear discussed on your excellent show as soon as possible. I truly do look forward to every episode of this broadcast, but I need for listeners to be informed that droplet transmission is a legitimate mode of Ebola infection. Denying people access to the stark reality of Ebola’s soon-to-be increasing volatility is simply unfair.


  8. yvonne says:

    Is there tests to confirm this virus, that don’t take days weeks years for results yet.



    Hello Alvin , you are doing a wonderful job please keep it up , could i bring to your attention that regarding becoming airborne why is no one looking at flies for disease spreading ?

    The flies spread other diseases , this is well known , so why when walking over an ebola victims skin they will pick up sweat (bodily fluids) or infected excrement or vomit ( they absolutely love that stuff and go straight for it ) that they could not land on another person and deposit the ebola virus from their feet directly onto their skin ?

    Makes sense to me and will explain why a protective suited person can catch ebola as when they remove the suit they are smelly and sweaty – a perfect target for the local flies and the potential victim wouldnt notice a fly landing on them – because flies in Africa are everywhere arn’t they – thats how ebola can become airbourne and a fully suited person can catch it . ..


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