Carcasses float on flooded roads, town in Kashmir faces epidemic outbreak

September 2014KASHMIR – An epidemic threat is looming large over flood hit Srinagar with thousands of carcasses of livestock lying dead in the streets of the summer capital. In Army’s largest dairy farm at Bemina on the Srinagar-Baramulla highway, bodies of hundreds of Jersy cows and buffaloes are lying unattended for the past eight days after the flood hit the city. The farm opposite to the Army’s cantonment, Toto Ground, is spread over hundreds of kanals of land in the middle of residential area. Doctors termed the situation as “very threatening” saying if the dead animals were not removed and buried along with decomposing agents, the situation could lead to an epidemic outbreak. “This situation is a breeding ground for deadly diseases like cholera, hepatitis and typhoid,” said a known doctor at SMHS hospital. A young boy who identified himself as Saifullah Gulzar of Al-Shakir colony, Bemina said there were 370 cows and buffaloes in the Army run farm. He said the farm got submerged on Sunday (September 7). “The main gate of the farm was closed which led to the death of the animals. Only seven cows could be saved while they were being washed away by floods,” said Gulzar. While most of the carcasses have got stuck in the mud and flood water in the farm, many of them which were washed away by the flood were lying on the roadside, on the Srinagar-Baramulla highway.
With water level receding and sun shining bright, hundreds of dogs and vultures are preying on these carcasses. The whole area stinks and people moving on the road by foot or in vehicles cover their mouths to avoid the stinking smell. “It is becoming very dangerous day-by-day to return to our homes due to this stink and there are chances of deadly diseases taking places due to these unattended carcasses,” said another local Shabir Ahmad. “Some of the families which had returned went back due to the epidemic threat in the area. We are not allowing our children to enter this entire area.” In posh Raj Bagh area which is one of the areas worst hit by floods, carcasses of dogs were floating on the flood water. Groups of crows and other carnivore birds were feeding on these dead dogs at many places along the Jawahar Nagar-Raj Bagh road. “If you move into the interiors of Rajbagh, you will find scores of dead dogs floating around.
They have become a source of disease,” said Hashim Ahmad, member of a volunteer group from Ikhrajpora, carrying rescue and relief operations in the inundated Raj Bagh and Jawahar Nagar. The situation is equally worse in Lasjan on the Srinagar outskirts which remained completely submerged for many days as the area is located on the Jhelum River embankment. A foul smell is emanating from the locality as people walking along the bund cover their mouth. “First the flood ravaged us and now the government has abandoned us. The entire area has become a death trap,” said a local Mubashir Hussain. The bodies of dead animals like dogs and cows and poultry birds were floating on inundated roads at many places in the city on Monday including Hyderpora-Tengpora road, Iqbal Park-LD road. Another senior doctor said the government should remove the carcasses from the roads at the war-footing and bury them as soon as possible. “They can be even burnt also,” the doctor said. None of the ministers or government officials concerned could be reached at for their comment over the situation due to poor telecommunication network in Kashmir. –Greater Kashmir
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13 Responses to Carcasses float on flooded roads, town in Kashmir faces epidemic outbreak

  1. Judy Clarke says:

    This is a NO BRAINER, pull together, work as a team and either burn or bury the carcasses ASAP to prevent disease. Walking round with a hanky over your face wont get things done. They need to roll up the their sleeves and do it. The more involved, the quicker it will get done.


    • Nkosazana says:

      Easier said than done Judy. Everything is wet and won’t burn. It is hard enough to bury a dog let alone hundreds of cattle by hand. If government doesn’t bring in outside resources…they lay rotting. We will see soon enough when it is ebola bodies laying in our streets.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Judy Clarke says:

        Its all very well saying how wet everything is. Im sure they have earth moving equipment there, dig trenches and push the dead cattle in, this doesnt have to be manual, but if it has to be manual, then it has to be done NOW, wet or not. Disease is spread by leaving them on top of the earth. They cant sit there in a ‘woes me’ state and wait like helpless children, they have to get up and just do it. Rain or not.


      • Debra LeGere says:

        Trying to reply to Judy – really? How you think one could drive earth moving machinery around through this disaster, dig trenches and bury animals is beyond belief. I’m speechless.


      • Daniel says:

        Judy, if you dig just a few inches into the soil, it’s going to just be a puddle of water. The soil is saturated. BTW, it’s not exactly easy for several hundred thousand homeless people without food or shelter or medicine to wield imaginary pick-axes to dig thousands of holes in puddles of water.


  2. Ines says:

    Judy, I agree. I guess they are “waiting” for help. There are thousands of hot spots on this planet right now in dior straits and we as the people have to just do it ourselves, it’s time to wake up people, nobody is going to save us, we need to do this ourselves.


  3. Yellow Bird says:

    i am afraid the First Horseman has bent his bow and let fly another Arrow…


  4. lindeelou says:

    Judy…. getting hyper emotional over this means you re only thinking ‘projection’.

    It blows my mind how most mostly point out that it’s ‘their’ problem. We are ‘ONE’ right??! THIS IS OUR PROBLEM… plus OUR species is responsible.

    As it is said… when we are pre-occupied, we are not occupied.


  5. Yellow Bird says:

    kashmir update…

    “Death toll climbs to 280, amidst fears it could be higher”… “Worst floods on record for this region”

    no reports of Cholera or other water-borne plague diseases just yet


  6. Yellow Bird says:

    here’s another update from yesterday:

    “At a government hospital high on the hills of Srinagar near the sprawling homes of the chief minister and health minister, doctors have set up a makeshift pediatric clinic. Patients trickle in, some having walked three hours from central Srinagar. The children have chest infections, gastroenteritis and dysentery….
    Cholera cases have not been reported in great numbers, but the one hospital in Srinagar that can test for the disease is inaccessible to those mired in floodwaters or cut off from roads because of protests against the government’s delayed response to the floods.
    “In the second phase, we are expecting it,” said Rauf Rashid Kaul, an assistant professor of community health at the Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences in Srinagar.
    Even as the floodwaters begin to recede, a new crisis is looming. Doctors anticipate droves of patients when the roads clear up…Ms. Hamid, the anesthetist, sitting in the doctor’s lounge at Ahmed Hospital, said the government would be hard-pressed to respond to patients’ needs in the coming days.
    “And for patients with complicated cases — God help them,” she said.”


  7. Yellow Bird says:

    “…Even after 16 days, more than two lakh (200,000) people in Srinagar continue to remain out of their homes as their colonies are still submerged. Lal Chowk, the main square and commercial hub of the capital city looks deserted and life, which used to be brisk and busy in September remains paralysed. Helplessness is writ large on the faces of people who fear outbreak of diseases like cholera, typhoid and Hepatitis. Food items, medicines and other essential commodities are scarce and costly. Cell phone companies have still not been able to restore their services, internet facility remains disrupted and almost all the banks are not able to function normally for want of this facility.
    “A number of villages in South Kashmir’s Kulgam, Shopian, Pulwama and Anantnag districts, have been totally washed away, while vast tracts of land under fruit, paddy and other crops have been denuded. The floods, hail storm, heavy rains and untimely cold wave have destroyed the standing crops on a very large scale. In some areas, farmers have suffered 100 per cent losses and wait for relief…”
    “…Two weeks after the disaster, tens of thousands of people remain stranded on the second and third floors of their homes. Human bodies and dead livestock float the murky waters, spreading disease. And 2 million people are in need of clean water, according to Oxfam India…”


  8. Vigyanayak says:

    Guess we should be aware, there’s another flooding situation in Jammu & Kashmir in 6 months, which requires to be tracked.. Alerts are raised.. Met department is predicting heavy rainfall, for 2 more days.. We happen to be in Delhi, and somehow clouds pass from us while flying to J&K and rain is pouring heavily as this message is being typed..


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