Philippines: ‘restive’ Mayon Volcano put on alert level 3

Mayon Volcano
September 2014MANILA, Philippines – Mayon Volcano in the province of Albay was placed on “Alert Level 3” on Monday evening, September 15, after showing signs of “relatively high unrest,” the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) said. In a bulletin issued at 10:00 pm, PHIVOLCS observed 39 rockfall events from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm on September 15, symptoms of the build-up of magma at the summit dome. At least 32 low frequency volcanic earthquakes were also recorded, indicating magma intrusion or volcanic gas activity. PHIVOLCS-DOST raised the alert status of Mayon Volcano from Alert Level 2 to Alert Level 3 which is equivalent to a “Critical Alert” in the agency’s 5-level alert system. This means that the volcano is exhibiting relatively high unrest, magma is at the crater, and that an eruption is possible within weeks.
Phivolcs previously raised Alert Level 2 for Mayon, an active volcano located in the southern part of Luzon Island, on August 15. The agency called for the strict enforcement of the 6-kilometer radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) around the volcano and the 7-kilometer Extended Danger Zone (EDZ) on the southeasern flank. At 11:00 pm on Monday, Albay Governor Joey Salceda and the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office ordered the forced evacuation of all settlers inside the PDZ. The provincial government has also ordered other contingency plans to proceed, including the evacuation of the 10,000 families in the 6-8-kilometer Extended Danger Zone. –Rappler
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1 Response to Philippines: ‘restive’ Mayon Volcano put on alert level 3

  1. Yellow Bird says:

    here’s a few more…

    Kilauea (Pahoa, HI “…began emitting lava June 22…” Currently monitoring only

    Tavurvur (Rabaul Papua New Guinea) Erupted last month 18km ash cloud. Monitoring

    Slamet (Banyumas, Central Java) “…erupted several times between the hours of 6 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Wednesday, spewing ash and lava high into the air. …” Alert Level 3

    Mayon (Philippines) UPDATE Erupting lava & boulders. 24000 evacuated. Alert Level Critical

    Paektu (North Korea) “…showing signs of life…” **Foreign Scientists invited to study** (what isnt being said here?)


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