Oxford study predicts 15 more countries are at risk of Ebola exposure

September 2014 AFRICA – Until this year’s epidemic, Ebola did not exist in West Africa. Now with more than 1,800 people dead from the virus, mostly in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, scientists still don’t fully understand how Ebola arrived from Central Africa, where outbreaks of this strain of the virus had occurred in the past. A new model by Oxford University, which is published in the journal ELife, takes a look at the most likely explanation — that Ebola’s animal reservoir, fruit bats, could spread the disease in the animal kingdom and to humans through the dense forest that spans 22 countries. Several species of fruit bats are suspected — though not confirmed — to carry Ebola without showing symptoms. Unlike humans and other animals who are likely to die from an Ebola infection, bats can carry the disease and infect other bats and animals, such as monkeys and rodents through migratory activities. Bats along with other animals, such as monkeys, are also one form of “bush meat” consumed in some African countries where there have been reports of Ebola outbreaks. And though consuming cooked bush meat is unlikely to spread the virus, hunting or preparing raw meat for consumption increases the likelihood that an infection might occur.
According to the Oxford model, in addition to the seven countries who have reported Ebola outbreaks in this epidemic and in past outbreaks since the disease was identified 1976, 15 other countries are at risk. There are five known species of Ebola, and the one currently causing the West African outbreak, Zaire, is the most virulent. The other species, Sudan, Taï Forest and Bundibugyo, have caused contained outbreaks in Ivory Coast, Sudan, and Uganda in the past. And the Reston species has not caused any known outbreaks, according to the World Health Organization. According to the Oxford prediction, these countries are at risk of animal-to-human transmission of Ebola by virtue of their geography: Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Angola, Togo, United Republic of Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Burundi, Equatorial Guinea, Madagascar and Malawi. –Washington Post
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5 Responses to Oxford study predicts 15 more countries are at risk of Ebola exposure

  1. Ironically…… All the “scare” factors are public opinion…vision that becomes reality. Facts are still a unanimous attribute. Which can easily change with “1” contridictory conclusion. Absence is a virtue. As well as patience. Still absence of record cannot occur without preliminary recorded presence.


  2. Timberwalk says:

    So kill all the animals to save a species that will die? We are to die once. Same type of “lack of wisdom decision) to “dump the radiated/cesium polluted water back into the ocean as “it is like putting a drop into a swimming pool”. Really? Has anyone seen that 98 percent of oyster beds are dead or deformed and the matriarchs of the Orcas are dying in BC? Does anyone realize that we are NOT the only species here on earth. And that our behaviors (sin – greed, coveting …etc.. ) affects everything? God breathed HIS breath into all living things. Are we to respect the Creator? YES!!! Is there a plan? YES!


    • katnea says:

      Timberwalk – Did I miss something here? I don’t believe that this article mentioned anything about killing ‘all’ the animals, or even to exterminate all the suspect “Fruit Bat’s” either? I mean I get it! I too am feeling deep anger, grief, despair, and ongoing frustration, over the destruction of Earth! But hey, even so I still would use a lil caution while filling in the answers to the so-called lines….eh? (smiles) For even if it does end up that the Fruit bats are carriers of this virus, it also doesn’t mean that the Fruit bat is the ONLY means to spread this virus either….right? BTW- Below is my take on what I believe they were trying to tell us? = )

      1) Fruit bats can and do travel long distances, ( even country to country!) and that means that they can easily spread viruses/diseases worldwide. Bats eat fruit and then defecate the seeds and/or small chunks of fruit which has now become infected with diseases, and/or viruses. Other animals then become infected simply by eating the bat droppings, or by grooming themselves after walking on the infected droppings.

      2) While its true that cooking the meat of the Fruit bat, (or any infected animal) will kill the virus, its also true that the odds of becoming infected will still take place due to improper handling of the meat before they cook it! People within that area do not know that they need to protect their skin/eyes when preparing the infected meat, and nor do they have access to gloves, protective clothing, and eye gear anyway.

      3) Look up —> Bats Without_Borders_Long-Distance_Movements_and_Implications_for_Disease_Risk_Management for more info. ; )

      Lastly, I feel that the forces who are truly in control are fully aware of what they are doing to humankind, as well as the planet. And btw- the people in control have nothing to do with Government … for it goes way beyond them! Some people feel the Illuminati are behind the task of thinning out the herd? Well whomever it is…. they’ve actually posted their intentions a while ago via the Georgia guide stones! So yeah, once the virus gets rolling worldwide, I believe they will simply go underground until the virus finishes the job it was created for. (shrug)


  3. Yellow Bird says:

    came across this today…

    i couldnt find any realistic reason given, for such a drastic measure coming seemingly out of the blue….
    coincidentally, however: S/S is the northeastern neighbor to DRC- “Ebola first emerged in humans in 1976 in simultaneous outbreaks in Nzara in Sudan (now South Sudan) and Yambuku in Zaire (now DRC)” (http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/281948.php)- the current DRC outbreak began in Equateur county in the northwestern corner of DRC which is not terribly far from S/S border…

    info’s a little slim yet to be drawing any major conclusions…. but could be a clue to begin watching for reports &/or rumors


  4. Yellow Bird says:

    oh… and the given deadline is… 3 weeks away


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